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Zombie Catchers Mod Apk

Zombie Catchers MOD APK is an action genre game where players explore different areas to catch the zombies, build the business of zombie shakes & juices, and enjoy multiple other fun features. Furthermore, here you also have to unlock the deadly weapons and upgrade your characters to make sure you can catch the zombie in one go. 

About Zombie Catchers MOD APK:

You might have played multiple other zombie genre games where you experience deadly graphics and wild lethal creatures, however, in Zombie Catchers MOD APK, such things aren’t present. The makers of the Zombie Catchers game have designed it in such a fun-loving way that no one has ever thought that catching the zombies is as funny. All the characters are cartoonish ones, so you won’t face the blood stains and such other horrified graphics in this game. 

Chase and hunt the zombies


The gameplay of the Zombie Catchers game is totally opposite of the other zombie games, such as Zombie Hunter MOD APK, where you have to stop the other zombies from attacking you, but in this game, you have to explore the area in search of zombies to catch them. Moreover, here players run behind the zombies, and they always run from you. 

Also, playing this Zombie Catchers is pretty much easy, on the main screen, you will get all the icons. Just at the bottom right corner of the screen, you will get the hit icon in purple color, just click on it to attack the zombies, and just next to it, you see the weapons changing icon. These two are the main icons that are mostly used while playing. 

Zombie Catchers Game Image


Multiple Gadgets to Enjoy:

There is no scarcity of gadgets in the Zombie Catchers, here you enjoy different weapons such as Tesla Guns, Tranquilizer Gun, Net Guns, etc. Moreover, there are traps, jetpacks, and nets are also available, which help you to seize the zombies in no time. I suggest you never forget to upgrade each and every weapon to get excellent results. 

Build Your Own Business:

Zombie Juice Business

Every zombie you catch in it would use to run your zombie juice business. Here you see a complete setup of machines, where different pump pressers are placed. And each pressor presses the zombies and gets the juice out of them. The whole Zombie Catchers games revolves around this juice business, players need zombies to grab the juice and for this they have to catch them from all over the world. That is why I am saying it is the unique gameplay that is quite hard to find in any other game. 

Mod Features of Zombie Catcher Game:

All Levels Unlocked:

It is the best part of the game that it consists of different territories. Here you see beaches, deserts, and multiple other locations to grab the zombies. Also, all the locations are designed in such a way that it increases the excitement of the game even more. However, if you have ever played the original version of the Zombie Catchers game, you must know that you can only enjoy the next level after completing the existing one. But not now, in this mod version, every level is unlocked, so you can easily skip to any one of your favorites without facing any restrictions.

upgrade your weapons

All Weapons Unlocked:

There are a lot of weapons, and other items are available that would use to grab the zombies, however, it is also a reality that all these weapons require money to unlock, and some of them are premium ones that can only available after your passing the certain challenges that is why for your ease we have unlocked all these weapons, so you can enjoy them to your fullest.

Unlimited Money Hack:

Money hack is really important because, with this hack, you won’t have to wait for the accumulation of money to get your favorite items and also in the upgrades. With this hack, you can level up the game instantly after the installation of the game. So, enjoy this hack and experience the joy of premium items. 

Tips and Tricks:

Here I have mentioned some tips and tricks of the Zombie Catchers Game, which help you to play the game in the fastest manner and avoid the most common mistakes. 

  1. Among all the weapons, the ones that provide you excellent results are Tranquilizer Gun because it disables the zombies for a while, so you can easily capture them. But also keep in mind that there is a limit if using this gun. 
  2. Every time you attack the zombie, he will place a shield to dodge your attack, so attack them wisely. Remember that, most of the time, two zombies run in front of you, so attack the one having no shield first and for other use other gadgets like bombs, traps, etc. It is the best strategy to win.
  3. Never forget to explore the setting and other options of the game, so you would get to know more about it. 
  4. Here zombies are pretty much smart, so you have to keep yourself one step ahead. Sometimes they hide in the bushes or under the water, so use the human brain as bait, and move a little away from that place, and when they appear again immediately attack them. 
  5. At the start of every new level, the equipment tab appears, select the gadgets wisely. As per my suggestion, always keep the zombie trap with you. 
  6. Also, on the top of the screen, you see the number of zombies has to catch on any certain level. 
  7. Apart from the zombies, catching the bats also provide you free coins, so try to hit them as well. 
  8. You might face a little bit of difficulty in attacking the zombies at the start of the game, but believe me, once you are familiar with the controls, it will become pretty much easy. 


How to defeat Boss Zombie in Zombie Catchers Game?

I know that catching the boss zombie is not an easy task because every player has a certain time frame while the boss zombie is riding on the pig that keeps running and jumping. However, no need to worry, here I suggest a way where you can easily catch him. 

All you have to do is closely watch the movement of the zombie, and attack him just after he lands on the floor after the jump. Also, contrary to other zombies that you can easily grab with one hit, here you have to attack him four times, after that you would win.

How to play Zombie Catchers MOD APK on PC?

Emulators like Bluestack can help you to play any Android game on a PC.

Final Words:

Zombie Catchers MOD APK is a game where humans run after the zombies without being afraid of them. The gameplay is quite interesting, and this game has a lot of features that keep you entertained always. Also, in this article, I have explained all the important features of the game along with the tips and tricks which help a lot of newbies. So, enjoy and never forget to visit this ApkThrong website for more modified games and apps.  


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