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Z Shelter Survival MOD APK depicts the post-apocalypse era where a deadly army of zombie creatures has attacked. If you have ever played a Zombie game then I am sure you can easily understand this one as well and with the presence of more advanced graphics, this Zombie game is going to be so much fun for you. 
As a player, in this game, you have only one thing to do and that is to survive as long as you can, and that can only be possible by killing the zombies without mercy. Because those people are already dead there is no way to resurrect them. So, killing is the only way to get rid of these deadly creatures.

Basic Information:

Game NameZ Shelter Survival
Size431 MB
Requirements4.4 and up
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money, Weapons, Material
DeveloperJoy Blitz Game

About Z Shelter Survival MOD APK:

Keep in mind that playing this game is not easy at all, you have to go through a lot of perils to save yourself and other humans available in your area. The game will start when our protagonist is lying on the brink of an ocean and a dog wakes him up. At this place, you will get a guidebook that a survivor has left behind. 

In this book, you get to know all the essential information about this game and along with that the information about the resources’ location. I suggest you read the whole book, never skip it. Moreover, you will get the details of different items and skills as well, such as food crafting, clothing, and weapons, all these items are essential in this game.

The makers have created this game pretty close to reality. As you know that at the time of survival, all your friends will also become your enemy, so you also have to save yourself from other players as well. Or the second option is to play in teams, make a partner and survive together, this feature is also available in this updated version of Z Shelter Survival. 

Understanding the game is pretty easy, if you don’t know where to go next just follow the arrow signs, that appear in yellow color on the screen, and you will reach the final destination. And to move the protagonist you can use the joystick icon available at the left corner of the screen. And to hit the enemies or seize the items the icons are available at the right bottom corner of the screen. 

Follow the Arrows


Find Shelter:

To save yourself from the attack you need a safe place and for this shelter, a feature is available in the game. Just click on the map icon, available just at the left side of the screen and then click on “Go to Anderson Shelter”, Anderson is the person who has successfully rescued himself out of danger and left behind all the items for other survivors. 

Presence of Survival Supply:

Just like the daily rewards section in many other games, the survival supply section works in the same way. On a daily basis, you get an item free from here and all you have to do is log in daily and claim it. In this section, you can get powerful weapons, money, bandages, and other luxury rewards totally free. 

Craft Different Items:

On your way to different places, you get a lot of different boxes. All these contain multiple items that will help you on your journey. Most of the time you get the raw material like wood and stones, collect them all, and craft them to build survival tools. You are also able to craft multiple weapons as well, that will save you from hordes of zombies. 

Easy to Craft Items

Having a Pet:

Many of us have pets in our house and we love them, that is the reason the makers have added the pet feature to this game. Here you will get a dog, who will follow you on all your journey. And the best thing is that you will also get to know his mood as well with the emoji at the top of the head. Try to keep him happy by providing food and a safe place. 

Easy to Get Puppies

Build Different Items for Survival:

Apart from the food and weapons you also have to craft the clothes and house as well, which will protect the protagonist from cold. Moreover, after building the house many other survivors will also try to enter your house, try to be kind to the others who won’t fight with you. Else many other survivors will start the fight to seize the house and other items you have in the inventory bag. So, be aware of the bad ones for your own safety. 

Repair and Upgrade different Items:

To stay long in the game you need useful information and that can only be possible if you have the radio, so the people from far areas will help you out. So, just after the start of the game try to fix the radio as soon as possible. Moreover, never forget to upgrade all the items you have, such as weapons, houses, and other survival equipment to get the maximum efficiency from them. 

Explore the Area:

Z Shelter Survival game has a wide area to explore, you can get vehicles and other items to visit far areas to collect resources. Moreover, another interesting feature of the game is that if unfortunately, the protagonist dies at any point, immediately restart the game and you are able to get all your precious resources. But keep in mind that you have to do all this within 10 minutes else you won’t be able to get any item. 

Menu Items:

There is no scarcity of items in this game, the more you explore, the more items you will get from here. Some of the useful items are Stone Axe, Wooden Bats, Stone Pickaxes, Cookers, Vegetable Fields, and some others. Also, closely analyze all the areas and collect the eatables as well, you will see tomatoes, charry, etc. 

Kill the Zombies

MOD Features:

Unlimited Materials:

Materials are used to build/craft different items in this game and that is why we have unlocked all the items for you in this hack version of the game. The items we have provided in this version are wood, food, some weapons, etc. I am sure all these will help you a lot while playing the game. 

Unlimited Coins:

Money is used to unlock already crafted items from the shop menu, and that is why we have included the money hack as well. Just like MISTPLAY MOD APK, you will get unlimited money in this updated version of Z Shelter Survival MOD APK, so you can easily design any item you like. 

Unlimited Weapons:

As this game is all about fight and survival that is why weapons are essential for that. You need them for your own safety but if you try the original version, getting the advanced level robust weapons are easy. So, try the hack and you will be able to get every sort of deadly weapon easily. 

Gather More Resources


How much do we have to pay to get this MOD version of Z Shelter Survival?

ZERO. Yes to read it right, we are not charging any penny for the MOD version, all these are totally free. Just download it from our site and you will be able to get all the MOD features. 

Is this the latest version of Z Shelter Survival Game?

Yes, it is. We keep updating all the MODs available on this site, so everyone would be able to get access to the latest version. Also, try other Action games as well, such as Bangbang Rabbit MOD APK.

Final Words:

Z Shelter Survival MOD APK is a pretty attractive game because of the presence of advanced graphics, excellent sound quality, and top of all the best features to enjoy. Moreover, a wide area to explore and craft numerous items makes this game unique and everyone’s favorite. I suggest you read the whole article to get to know everything about this game.

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