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world of tanks blitz mod apk

World of Tanks Blitz MOD APK is an action-adventure game and as you know such games provide the best opportunity to test the fighting and warfare skills because they are like powerlifting for your brain and it is a workout for your mind. As compared to slower games, action games increased the performance in visualization tests by 25 percent. Games such as this one would improve a wide variety of rivalry skills.

The World of Tanks Blitz mobile MMO action game was published by the Wargaming group to start your fire tank combat with your enemies. Join with your new friends that made via this platform or with your old friends in this tank battle anywhere from the world. So, develop your clan with your friends and attack on the battlefield to test your strategy and military skills.

Playing this game is just like fighting a war with a real tank. A diversity of tanks exists in the game that can survive even in hopeless wars. Each tank has its own distinctive characters and can confoundingly squeeze off a blast on enemies’ tanks. Specific signs have appeared only above vehicles of specific branches, for example when you see the reactive armor icon above the enemy tank keep in mind that it is ready to block damage.

battle, destroy and win

All About the World of Tanks Blitz MOD APK:

This streamed version of the original World of Tanks Blitz game is brimming with more advances and exciting features. In this version, you can play with ATGMs, you can win on Hellas, can win on Normandy, and even on Yukon. Anti-tank guided missiles or ATGMs are totally advanced as compared to normal missiles. They fly much slower, have a different trajectory and you can guide these missiles.

Tanks Information:

In this game, more powerful and dynamic tanks are introduced such as The Lorraine 40 tank which is really very fast, dangerous, and uncrushable. The powers of e75 ts which is a German tier viii heavy tank include the high rate of fire, awesome DPM, short aim time, and low dispersion. Skoda T 27 is a premium medium tank, very fast in speed, maneuverable, and may need just three seconds to win.

There is also include one of the best French heavy tanks, in this game, with tons of armor, name AMX M4 MLE. 54 which needs a gun with great penetration. Meet the t-44-85 soviet tier vii, a premium medium tank with a weight of 34 tons and a maximum speed of 52 kilometers per hour. This tank can move faster as compared to other tanks on the battlefield and can easily punish careless enemies.

Another e 25 tank has eight degrees of gun depression which makes it the best long-range snippers in the game and it has one of the best concealment values. Many other tanks in the game such as K-91, T-34-38 Rudy, T-57 Heavy, 0-47, T-34-85, and many Chinese tanks are specially designed to make commanders win this game.

Features of The World of Tanks Blitz MOD APK:

Game Image

The streamed version of The World Of Blitz MOD APK is brimming with many jaw-dropping features that will cajole you to download this version. The advanced features of this action game will make you addicted. A few features that this hacked APK endowed you are listed below:

Unlimited Gold:

You need currency in the form of gold to get different add ones. The little gold coins you can achieve if you play this game repeatedly but The World of Tanks Blitz Stream Mod will give you unlimited gold, just like Modern Strike Online MOD APK, to buy premium features such as more advanced tanks, missiles, and you can choose different places to fight by spending currency.

Play on Android:

The great feature of this game is that you can download and play it on your smartphone. The graphics will remain the same whether you play it on a gaming desktop, laptop, or mobile. 

Diversity of Tanks:

The World of Tanks Blitz Hack APK provides more enjoyment to players because it contains a wide variety of tanks and each tank has more exciting features than the tanks present in the original version of The World Of Tanks Blitz game. Tanks such as LT-432, T26E3 Eagle 7, SU-130PM, and many Swedish tanks such as Strv 74 have also introduced in this version. 

Play With Friends:

Develop your crew, unlock the premium category of tanks, and attack the battlefield to wipe out all the enemies. A great advantage of playing this game is that you can make new friends via this platform because playing games with intimate friends is always a very congenial experience. Even on Android phones, you can play this game with your friends.

Locate by Using Map:

Players can search for many different perfect places to fight their enemies and can locate different landscape designs with the help of a map. The use of maps is also very beneficial to track the research progress.

Sound and Graphics: 

Just like Grow Empire Rome MOD APK, the graphics and 3D animation of this game have so perfectly designed that it can easily attract any player. A diversity of places exist so that the commander can choose any favorite place to play. The music of running and attacking the tanks while playing this game is heart-stealing. 

Game Image

Rules For Victory:

I gonna show you some rules to increase your victory rate if it is not 100 percent because these rules are really helpful to you:

1- To win, you need to play with consistency, and make sure that your tanks are not running out of battery because this is the main factor that really affects your performance.

2- Always play in a team because allies are your everything. It is always better to join your allies in the tank of the same type and work together.

3- Do not hurry but fix an aim on the target peacefully and then make a precise shot because patience favors the victor.

4- Try to make a meaningful tactic and follow it. It will really help to win any level of The World of Tanks Blitz MOD APK.

5- Always take a look at a map while enemies and locate your enemies via this map. If you are a hunter then watch the map at least after every five seconds. It will help you to navigate the battlefield.

6- Try to wipe out all the enemies to increase your scoring points in the game.

Tips and Tricks:

The following tips and tricks will perfectly help you to become a real commander in this cheated version. These tips also help you to control your average damage rate:

1- The most significant tip to win is to survive on the battlefield as long as you can. The more you live in the field, the more you can damage your enemies.

2- The main difference between the skilled and non-skilled person is the way of using weapons as the skilled persona always uses the tank in which it can play its best in the battle.

3- Step up the game by occupying key positions to do as possible vandalization as you can.

4-Set your pattern on playing with fully equipped tanks for maximum efficiency. 

5- Always play with less dependent tanks, for example, the heaviest is-7 tank is not team dependent.

6- Learn the mechanics of this game and keep your HP as high as you can.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ):

For the first time downloading this modified version, The World Of Tanks Blitz Cheat APK may appear a little bit difficult for you to play, and definitely, you will have many questions in your mind that you want to answer. So, I gonna answered the most asked questions down below:

Is it safe for my device?

This game is totally safe and secure for the operating system of your device because downloading this game usually requires a very small storage space of your device as compared to other video games. It is safe for the device and for your mind too if you are greater than the age of 12 years.

Is The World of Tanks Blitz hacked version offline or online?

The original version and the modded version are both online because it is full of premium features. All you need is a PC or a mobile with an internet connection to enjoy yourself by fighting a real war.

What is the best and new feature of the streamed mod of this game in 2021?

Many new features are made in 2021 such as the Blitz Birthday, Blitz Cup, New Year Event, Halloween Events, and Titan Projects, Polish Tanks, Czech tanks, and Y-O-H tanks(USA). But according to me, the Blitz Birthday is the best-added feature in The World of Tanks Blitz Streamed Mod.

Customer Reviews:

Hey! I am NiePogromca from the U.K and I am really so grateful for adding more advanced features to this game. And also can not wait to play Japanese heavies in 9.0 or 9.1 and the one I have my eyes set on is the features of the Russian t- 34 tanks. I have fought more than 70 battles and the premium medium tanks such as t-44-85 soviet tier vii really help full to win on the battlefield against opponents.

Really nice updates as they did not take the whole damned morning to download like it normally does on the original version. I had really passed so much boring time of playing the original version but the latest version really increases the suspense to play more.


I genuinely explained all pros and cons of this game. If you have further questions on your mind then feel free to ask me in the comment section down below or on Instagram or on Facebook. I hope that you will like the free gold which is available in the gold hacked World of Tanks Blitz game, available on our website.



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