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Almost every Android and IOS user is familiar with the name of the WhatsApp communication app. With this app we can do unlimited free calling, sending text, pictures, short videos, and a bunch of other things. However, along with all these benefits, there are certain limitations also placed on it, and to overcome all of those issues a modified version of this app has been created by someone. Although there are multiple mod versions available on the internet, today, I am only focusing on WhatsApp Gold APK, which is completely free from any restrictions, and among all the mods, the highly popular one. 

It is a newly released application making rounds on the internet and especially popular among the youngsters. So, to make you aware of all its features and information that creates a buzz, I have written this article. Here I have discussed what WhatsApp Gold APK is, all its features, and a thorough comparison with the original version. 

Features Of WhatsApp Gold APK 2022 & 2023:

Makes you an Anonymous Person:

If, for any reason, you want to hide your identity, then WhatsApp Gold APK can do that for you. You can run advertisements or awareness campaigns for business without being known to anybody. Also, this modified version offers you end-to-end encryption, so you can make sure all your information is entirely safe and free from any sort of hacking. 

Free to Use:

Just like the original version of the app, the modified version is also entirely free to use, you don’t have to pay any amount for the additional features. Also, you won’t face any software lagging or any issues of speed, all the features run pretty much smoothly. So, try the new WhatsApp and share the experience with us. 

Sending more Data:

In the original version, you can only send a file size less than or equal to 16MB, which is almost equivalent to 30 images, at a time. I know it is pretty much annoying, but no need to worry at all. With this mod version, this issue has been resolved completely, now you can send even 1000 images and multiple videos of even larger than 700 MBs.

So, from now on, share all your data with your friends in just one go, no need to upload the file on other platforms like google drive and then share the link, WhatsApp Gold APK is pretty much enough for all your file-sharing related work. 

Can Create Duplicate WhatsApp:

This is a pretty much interesting feature, now almost every phone has two sim card placement options, so for this, everyone needs two WhatsApp, one for each number. This might not be possible for the original version, but with this mod version, you can easily create duplicate WhatsApp and run it simultaneously on the same phone. However, keep in mind that you won’t run the original version and the hacked version of WhatsApp on a single phone, first uninstall the original version and then download this file. 

Get the Information About the Other Person:

We receive calls and messages from unknown numbers on a daily basis. We don’t know who’s that person on the other side of the phone, and that is the reason we are mostly hesitant to pick up the calls, but not now, with this mod version, you get the name and other basic details of the unknown numbers. 

I know there are multiple other applications available on Google Play that provide such information, but when with one application you can get these features, then there is no need to install other apps, which also saves your storage space. 

Anti-Delete Option:

Most of the time sender deletes the messages before we read them, it happens with almost all of us, our friends and other person send us texts and then removed them, which increases the curiosity about what that message was and why he deleted it. And unfortunately, there is no other way of seeing them in the original version of WhatsApp.

However, with the help of this latest modified version of WhatsApp, you can read the deleted messages and watch the deleted images, videos and documents quite easily. Even it also shows you the deleted status of your friends. Therefore, we can say that it is another outstanding reason for downloading this app.


It is impossible for anybody to be available on the phone 24/7, but if you are running a business, your customers demand a quick reply. So, for this, you can use the auto-reply feature of this application. All you have to do is save a common message on this app, and whenever someone texts you, the app automatically sends that particular text. It is quite a handy feature, which saves plenty of your precious time by automating your work. 

Language Changing Option:

Although English is an international language and many in the world are familiar with it. However, it is also a reality that most Asians, Middle Eastern, and people of other continents are not comfortable with it. So, for them, we provide the language changing option in WhatsApp Gold APK. Here you change the language of the app, and even when something texts you in any language of the world, it automatically translates it to you. Isn’t it good enough? I am damn sure it is. 

There is a complete list of languages available, all you have to do is go to the settings menu then language, and here you get the complete list. So, now you can easily do chats and understand all the options of this app in your native language. 

Changing of Blue Tick and Other Icons:

In the original version, you see only two ticks after sending the message, which turns blue once the other person reads them. That is the build-in function that is impossible to change. However, in this version, you can do that quite easily. Here you can replace it with emoji or in any other sign, it is up to you. 

Unique Wallpapers & Themes:

Everyone loves to download unique wallpapers and themes for WhatsApp to provide an attractive look. However, in the original version, you have to install the themes and different wallpapers, which not only consume the storage space but also affect the processing speed of your phone, and for only one theme or wallpaper, you have to download the whole themes’ app for this and keep it in your phone. But I have good news for you, in this latest version of WhatsApp Gold APK, you got a huge variety of wallpapers, themes of different colors, numerous unique emojis, and a bunch of other things, which I am damn sure makes you a fan of this app. 

Longer Status Sharing Availability:

Nobody can share longer than a 30-sec video in status, and the same in the case of written status, which is limited to 50 words. However, this issue is completely solved in this version, where you can write more than 200 words of status and share longer videos. So, it is the best app for those who love to write and share their views and other information with their friends and family.  

Can Pin Multiple Chats:

Although there are hundreds of numbers always available in our content list, among them, very few are of our close friends and family numbers with whom we daily chat. And for this, we prefer to pin those contacts, which saves our time of scrolling and searching them from the huge contacts list. However, in the original version, we can only pin 3 chats, which is pretty much limited, but in WhatsApp Gold APK, this issue is entirely solved, here you can pin even 1000 chats. So, use this user-friendly feature without facing any limitations.


Does WhatsApp Gold APK is safe for download?

It is the most common question and almost pops up in everyone’s mind, as such application doesn’t available on Google Play Store or any other official platform. Therefore, people consider them a threatening app and create issues of privacy and security. 

But let me tell you one thing, on this website, we never upload any such object that harms our visitors in the long run because it will ruin our reputation. We have checked this app file and passed through multiple anti-virus software and didn’t find any issue, therefore, you can use it without any problem.

How to download WhatsApp Gold APK?

Downloading and installing the file is really very simple. All you have to do is click on the download button, and once it’s done, open it and click on the install button. Also, you neither have to change any setting of your phone nor even download any VPN, after the successful installation, just create the account and freely use the application.

Final Words:

Download WhatsApp Gold APK, the hack version of the original WhatsApp, which is pretty much the same as the original version but without any limitations. Here you can hide your identity, remove the blue tick status, and many other features which make the app more interesting and easy to use. I am damn sure once you use this app, you will never uninstall it.


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