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If you want to explore the spirit caves, hunt wild animals, craft weapons & armor for the fight, and build your own house, all these in one game then try this Westland Survival MOD APK. As shown in the name it is a survival genre game with various exciting features. 


Westland Survival MOD APK is not a very hard-to-play game. Just after starting users got to know about the town which is under attack and all the inhabitants are killed or being killed. So, it’s time to save yourself and the others left alive. So, the game starts with a brief introduction of controls and some chit-chat with a girl, along with you. 

The presence of the arrowhead shows you the correct path to follow. Also, the one utmost important thing to remember is never to forget to include the gun in the inventory. The reason for keeping the gun is that when you follow the arrowhead a lot of goons come into your way which you have to kill. 

The game is consisting of missions, and most probably the very first mission is “Wild West Gangs”, which I have explained in the upper paragraph. Apart from that, here some of the missions are very simple just to help the others by repairing their carts or getting them food. 

About Westland Survival MOD APK:

Westland Survival Game Image

Most of us find survival games pretty much interesting and if you are really getting bored with that Zombie genre then try this one, Westland Survival Game. It is also a survival genre with a totally unique theme. Here players explore the world, survive in the wild western forests, gather precious loot, and save theirs from robbers. 

As the game portrays a time of lawlessness and the world is full of haters, murderers, and smugglers. Therefore, players have no other option than to kill the other hostile people for their own survival. Our main character is a trader here, so if you have a lot of items you can sell them for money and upgrade the present items. 


Full Character Customization:

customize the Hero

Character Customization is a feature that increases the interest in the players of any game. That is why makers provide you with full authority to modify the character in any way you like. Users can change their hairstyle, face, and beard, and for clothes, you have to start the game first and then enter the clothes in the inventory. 

All the options provide the protagonist with a very decent look, perfectly according to the game theme. There are no funny or immature options present in it. Almost all the customization options somehow depict the American medieval time period style. 

Eye-catchy Graphics:

If you have ever seen Viking or Game of Thrones seasons, you can easily relate the graphics of this game from them. As we all know, from our history books, in ancient times people mostly rely on the jungle for food, housing, and water. Therefore, makes provides full attention to the detailing to provide you with that old-times look. Here players have to hunt the animals for food, build their own houses with wood, and do other necessary things for survival. 


To survive in the jungle weapons are a necessity, which helps to dodge wild animals and gang attacks, and the best way to get all of them is through crafting. Players built axes, wooden spears, pickaxes, and multiple other items with the help of raw materials such as wood, copper, charcoal, and empty jars, which are collected from the jungle. 

Diverse Game:

The one thing which makes the Westland Survival game unique from others is the diversity factor. Just like in real life here players have to arrange food items which include fish, berries, corn, carrots, and for living build the house. This is why I can say that this game is a complete package of enjoyment. 

Tips & Tricks:

In this section, I am writing some of the best tips & tricks so you can play the Westland Survival game properly, and can also avoid the mistakes that most of the newbie players in this game are doing. 

  1. There are free boxes present in the shop so never forget to claim them. Also, every now and then multiple offers appear on the menu, which contains premium-level items, by taking minimal game resources, if you find them feasible then take them.  
  2. In the game, if you are in the middle of the jungle and no one near you then prefer walking to running because it will save your energy for the bad time. 
  3. After using the crafted weapons always go to the menu for repair because once you lose them you wouldn’t be able to recover. 
  4. On the map whenever you saw any broken cart always go there because in such places you could get a lot of loot. 
  5. When you attack any buffalo for meat, a group of them instantly emergy to retaliate so the best strategy for saving yourself is by moving from one place to another and back. So, in this way, you would get food easily.  
  6. If the inventory gets full then leave the other resources for while, go to the house leave some of the items there, and come back to collect the left resources. 
  7. Before building the house never forget to clear the ground, pick all the branches and stones and start building the walls first. Also, keep in mind that never build huge rooms and long walls instead start with small ones and gradually expand them.
  8. How much small the item would be nothing is useless in this game. Pick everything coming your way such as rope, empty vessels, and other things. 


All the modified games are available free of cost for all of you, we never charge any amount for that. Also, explore our website for more survival games such as Raft Survival and Last Day On Earth.

Yes, absolutely 100% safe and secure. There is no harmful element present in Westland Survival – Be a Survivor in the Wild West game so you can download it without worrying about anything.

Yes, users can enjoy this game offline. Also, try Bluestck to enjoy the updated version on PC for a better experience of its vivid graphics.

Gather the precious Loot

Final Words:

Westland Survival MOD APK is a perfect game from all aspects. You haven’t seen any sort of software lagging or odd color combinations in it. The exciting and user-friendly gameplay with lots and lots of features definitely makes you a fan of it. In this article, I have explained all the necessary information and some tips & tricks, I hope that would help you a lot. However, If you will face any issue regarding the downloading of the file mention us in the comment section. 



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