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War Robots Mod Apk

War Robots MOD APK is an action strategy game where players enjoy vehicle combats. It is one of the most played games, which has been downloaded more than 50 million times on the google play store since it’s released in 2014. And the reason is quite simple, contrary to the other action games where multiple characters are involved, here robots do that work, just like we see in the famous Transformer movie. 

The War Robots includes multiple features such as the availability of multiple robots & their customization, solo and multiplayer battles, multiple events, hundreds of unique styles of weapons, etc. Moreover, here you enjoy the best graphics and multiple places to explore, which increase your enjoyment and make you addicted to it. So, download this latest modified version and be ready to become the best fighter in the virtual gaming world. 

Information of War Robots MOD APK:

App NameWar Robots
Requirements5.0 and up
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Gold, Silver & Rockets
Size89 MB

About War Robots MOD APK:

Robot Image

The best thing about this game is the availability of a very simple yet attractive layout. To get information about any item, you have to go to the menu and touch that particular item, all the information will appear on the screen. Moreover, as is the latest version of the game, all the bugs and other such issues which cause lagging has been completely removed. Therefore, players would enjoy the undisputed gaming experience in War Robots Game. 


Enjoy The Presence of 50+ Robots:

As this game is all about robots, that is why the makers provide you with a variety of robots for the players in this game. Here robots are classified into three categories, Light, Medium, and Heavy. And another interesting thing is that almost every robot has its unique powers, attacking rate, health, and XP. Moreover, there are some robots are also existed in this game that can even fly and do long jumps, which provide you with an edge of watching the areal view of the whole area and can even attack the enemy robots without worrying about retaliation. 

I have been playing this game for the last 2 months and the robots which I consider the most powerful and attractive looking I have mentioned here. I suggest you must play with these, I am pretty much sure you would get excellent results with these best robots for war.

  • Leo: I select Leo Robot because of its defensive power, this robot can easily endure high opponent attacks. Moreover, it also has high power and attacking rate, which is why I have placed this one at the top of my list. 
Leo Robot
  • Griffin: If you want a higher-speed robot, then Griffin is a perfect choice. With this, you can attack and move behind the walls of buildings to cover quite swiftly. Moreover, it has another feature that is quite hard to find in most of the other robots, and that is higher jumps.
Griffin Robot
  • Stalker: When the first time players watch Stalker Robot, they consider it less powerful due to its tiny size but believe me, this robot is best to capture the beacon in the game. So, if your main purpose is acquiring the beacon, then must try this robot.
Stalker Robot

Customization of the Robots:

It is a wonderful feature of the game where you can design the robot on your own. In the workshop, which is available in War Robots MOD APK, you can easily get the spare parts, which are hundreds available and select the most attractive look for your robots. 

Availability of Multiple Maps:

Maps are defined as the location in the game. Currently, there are 12 maps available here, and more will definitely unlock in the next update of War Robots Cheat APK. The most played maps are Abyss, Canyon, Castle, Dead City, Moon, and Springfield. Moreover, all the maps have a different theme, here you see mountains, trees, wrecked buildings, and other such things, which makes this whole game everyone’s favourite. 

Multiple Weapons and Drone Missiles To Fight:

There is no scarcity of weapons and missiles in this game, here you got every deadly weapon that you have ever seen in robot war movies. Moreover, just like robots, every weapon also has its unique properties. You can easily differentiate the weapons on the basis of attacking range, damage power, max-range accuracy, and unload time. 

Here I have listed down the top two most powerful weapons. Whenever I use them in a fight, I always win. 

  • Arbalest: It is one of the longest-range weapons, with this weapon, you can attack the enemy as far as 1100 meters with 100% accuracy. Therefore, I suggest you must try it at least once.
Arbalest Weapon
  • Prisma: If you are looking for a weapon that provides you greatest magazine damage, then Prisma is a perfect choice. Moreover, this weapon also has 100% accuracy and 1100 meters of attacking range. 
 prisma weapon

Multiple Modes To Play:

War Robots Game offers you multiple modes to enjoy the game; in those modes, players are allowed to play in any way they like. Some of these modes are Domination, Beacon Rush, Team Deathmatch, Skirmish, and others. In these modes, you can enjoy the 6v6, 5v5, and even solo battles. I suggest you while playing as a team always try to stand in the middle of all the players to dodge the enemies attack. 

Mod Features of War Robots Game:

Availability of Free Boosters:

There are multiple types of boosters present in the game that would help you to knock out the opponent in no time, so you can swiftly acquire a place in a higher league. Here players would get defence, attacking, XP, and mobility boosters. However, as you all know, in the original version of the game, it takes quite a time to acquire all of them, but not in this mod version, where every booster is available free of cost for you. 

Unlimited Rockets Hack:

To make sure the win rockets are essential, you need them to annihilate the whole area in seconds that is why we provide you with the unlimited rocked hack. So, from now on, you won’t face any restrictions to reach a certain level to get the rocket. 

Unlimited Money, Gold & Silver:

The unlimited money and gold would create much ease for players in this War Robot game. With this hack, you can easily acquire almost everything in it. So, download this game and enjoy the best mod version of the game. 

War Robots Game Image

Tips and Tricks:

Read this section carefully because after thorough research, I have mentioned these points here. 

  1. Mostly new players leave the match in the middle after seeing they are not as good as the other players; never do that, instead, participate in the fight until your robot is completely destroyed or you win the fight. 
  2. At the start, mostly newbies face issues in the understanding of the controls and other features of the game, I suggest you play more and more to acquire experience, and after some time, you would be able to knock out any opponent quite easily. 
  3. There are multiple small and big objects placed in the arena where you fight with others, use those objects as bulwarks, they will save you from the enemies attacks.
  4. Directly engaged with the enemies doesn’t provide you fruitful results. Most of the time, the enemies are more powerful than your thought, so try to attack from its back or from a far distance.  
  5. Completing the daily tasks provide boosters and other free stuff, which help you to win the fight. However, first, you have to understand how to use them effectively.
  6. Never forget to use the sniper feature, which will help you to attack enemies quite easily. 
  7. Although you can play solo, I suggest you try to play with your teammates, it has multiple advantages, such as you get to know more strategies, plus at the end of every mission, you get a bunch of free prizes. 
  8. Always see the map before the start of the mission, it will provide you with complete information about the areas where the beacon is placed, the number of enemies, etc.
  9. Also, try to upgrade the robot as fast as possible and unlock more robust parts so you enjoy more deadly vehicle combats.


Can we play War Robots MOD APK without the Internet?

No, it is an online game, so the internet is essential for it. 

How to get free keys in the War Robots MOD APK Game?

To get free keys, all you have to do is download this MOD APK file into your Android phone, in which the Unlimited keys hack is included. 

How to download the War Robots on PC?

If you want to play the War Robots game on PC, then download any Elementor, through which you can easily enjoy the Android Apps on PC. 

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Final Words:

War Robots Hack APK For Android is one of the best robot fighting games where players enjoy multiple features, which in this article I have explained. So, read it completely and be ready to get the strongest robot to destroy the opponents in the battle. Also, if you face any issue in the downloading of this game or any other available on this website, never forget to mention it in the comment section. We will try our best to solve your issue immediately.


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