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UNO Mod Apk

Playing games is always good for our health as they reduce stress and boost our intelligence. However, there are very few games available online that our elders can enjoy and the UNO MOD APK is the one.

If you are a gamer, you will totally disagree about the miss estimated concept of the bad influence of games on the mind. In fact, Card games and Chess are among those which increase your brain intelligence. And such games are always aspiring for all game lovers.

Maybe you have played this game before, but this modified version will give you many aesthetic features. And the rule here is that a minimum of two players are required to start the game, but it would be great fun if we enjoyed this game with ten players.

This game has a total of 112 cards which are of three types:

1- Number Cards

2- Wild Cards

3- Action Cards

Wild and Action cards are collectively called special cards, and after multiple rounds, the one who gets through all of them would acquire the winning spot.

UNO MOD APK Overview:

In this game, each player has at least seven cards. The major rule to play this game is that your card matches with the discard pile and there are three ways to go that. To match your card with a discard pile, you can compare colour, can match the number or any symbol.

Action Cards:

There are three types of action cards: Draw Two, Reverse and Skip.

1-  When a player plays a game via Draw Two card, the next player has two receive two cards from Draw Pile, and he also has to skip his turn.

2- If the game runs in a clockwise direction, it will shift towards an anticlockwise path whenever any player stumbled upon the reverse card, and the game continues.

3- Keep in mind that the next player will miss his turn when a player gets the skip card.

UNO mod apk image (

Wild Cards:

The wild card can be easily recognized as a card with a colourful circle. Playing via Wild Card, you can change the game’s colour, whether you have the playable card or not.

Another interesting rule is that if the next opposing player doubts that you have a playable card and you play via Wild Draw 4 Card, he can challenge you. If he was right, you have to obtain four cards from Discard Pile. But if he was wrong, he has to receive extra four cards, which means he will get a total of 6 cards from the discard pile, and his winning probability is lessened. This procedure makes the game even more interesting.

Extra Wild Cards:

Just to let you know that there are also some Extra Wild Cards here, including the Wild Blank Cards. They are not mandatory cards to include in your game as they are just replacement cards.

The benefit of Wild Blank Cards is that it will help you make your own house rules, which evolves this game into a more enjoyable one. Here is the important thing: the game’s ending is quite easy; even with an action card, you can do this thing. 


When we talk about how to score, the scoring of one card differs from the other. To let you know, each of the Number cards has a face value, with the Action Cards, players got 20 points, and with Wild Cards, players got 50 points.

Ways to decide the winner:

There are two ways to decide the winner of this game.


If you want to enjoy this game with only one round, then the player who completes its card first would be a winner. The remaining players will continue the game.


You can calculate the scores of each player after every round. Whenever a player completes 500 points, the game will stop, and obviously, the player who got the lowest score would be the loser.

Features of UNO MOD APK:

UNO mod apk Image

Unlimited Money:

To enjoy premium features and even more aesthetic graphics, you should have currency to buy different exciting and groovy items. The most common money in this card game is diamonds. Collecting diamonds to move towards upper intoxicated levels is time-consuming. But in this version, you can easily access unlimited diamonds free of cost.

Graphics and Sound:

Another gratifying feature of the game is its graphics and sound. Playing the game is like double enjoyment to delight in two things: playing games and listening to fascinating music. Moreover, the graphics of this game is more inspiring as the colour combination is confounding. I am damn sure the sound and graphics are so good that you would surely be stuck to the screen.

Make House Rules:

It has always been great fun to enjoy games with your family members. Best and friendly friends are also a top priority for this purpose. You can relish this game by making your own house games. This feature always encourages you to play repeatedly.


Yes. this game is totally free of cost and we never demand any money from our visitors. Feel free to play it at any time and with any type of PC.

Absolutely Not, it is totally safe and secure for any device. It is a very lightweight and device-friendly game because the features of this application are specifically designed for you and your mobile. So don’t worry and download it.

I understand shifting towards a new version is not always good but I am assuring you after downloading this mod apk file you wouldn’t face any issue at all. It has the best graphics, gameplay, and all other things which make this game a quite interesting one. If you really want to rejoice yourself with the latest version of this game then without wasting any other minute just click on the downlaod button.

Player Review about this game:

The game is really astonishing. I can safely say that this is the best game I have ever played. It is only due to its modified and unique version. Another marvellous feature of the game is captivating and interesting ADs. I always play a modified version of this game and share it with almost all my friends. The modified version gives gifts and other boosters. UNO deserves a five-star rating.

Final Words:

I made all my possible efforts to make sure that all your concepts would crystal clear about the UNO MOD APK. After reading such an overarching article by APK THRONG, you will be genuinely excited to download and enjoy playing it with your friends and family. Also, try other games as well such as Camp Pinewood MOD APK and Kick the Buddy MOD APK, both the games are really very good.

To get more information about this game then click here.


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