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Playing video games can make your brain smarter because when you give attention to some very attractive thing, your brain became more efficient. As compared to normal video gamers, fighting video games’ players and also survival video games’ players are quicker at wits. Among the war survival games, This War of Mine MOD APK game is an enticement among teenage boys and girls because this game provides rampant entertainment while playing. 

This game has incredible features and an astonishing storyline which can easily make any video game lover completely engrossed in it. It has different exciting levels and each next level have more premium features than the previous one. After finishing one level you can also get experience points.

About This War of Mine MOD APK:

11-bit Studio had published this game in 2014 and since then no other game would able to replace its position. The game does not glorify war but instead focuses its impact on real people. Playing this game is a very emotional experience because in this game you have to find all those necessities of life which are at a very low level during the war such as food, medicine, and a place to live, and to find all these things is the mission of this game.

Playing this video game provides an experience of war seen from an entirely new world. For the very first time, you get a chance only in This War of Mine game that you do not play like an elite soldier; rather you play by becoming a part of a group of civilians trying to survive in the besieged city.

It is not just a game, it is a voyage of your conscience, sense of humanity, and emotions. As in real wars, intelligent, hardworking, and skilled individuals die, the same is the case in the game. You can easily experience your life in extreme circumstances of war by playing this game. If you like this game then also try Larva Heroes MOD APK, it also has the same realistic graphics and attractive gameplay. 

How to play?

This War of Mine MOD APK game has been divided into days that are further divided into two time zones, daytime and nighttime. In the daytime, you have to try your best to survive while working on the shelter and this includes consuming food, crafting, building stuff and other things that you gonna do if you are trying to survive. 

While, at night time, you have to do all the scavenging for supplies that you will need for the upcoming days like food, materials, and weapons. You have to spend the 14 hours of the daytime to spend on crafting and satisfying your survivor’s needs and they are commonly known as character states which include your hunger, mood, illness, tiredness, and wounds.

Let’s cover all the stages one by one.


There are six stages of hunger including well-fed, normal, hungry, starving, and extremely starving. The first two stages are fine and have no negative effect on survivors but the last two have very damaging effects on them such as a decrease in movement speed, sadness in the shelter, and even possible deaths.


There are five stages of mood including normal, slightly sick, sick, severely ill, and terminally ill. Killing, stealing, and refusal to help people can affect the mood of the survivor. The main casualty of sickness is temperature and the best way to control your temperature is by checking the thermometer if the temperature is getting too low and if it is building a simple heater or supplying it with fuel.

Tiredness and illness:

Tiredness is mostly the same as illness. Stages include normal, tired, very tired, exhausted, and extremely exhausted. The last stage basically stops all the motion and all action and it is very difficult to get into the stage in the first place.


When a survivor comes in contact with conflict, logically, your survivors will sometimes obtain wounds. This happens while scavenging or while defending the shelter and if you do get wounded, you can use the bandage but they are really hard to come by and are very expensive to buy. Therefore, the new players must avoid combat unless they are absolutely prepared for it. Keep in mind that the game also includes an autosave feature that will never turn off.

This War of Mine Mod

Tips & Tricks of This War of Mine Game:

This war of mine can be a very challenging game especially when you are first time playing it so these tips and tricks would really help you a lot to face the considerable challenges.

1- Sleep only when “very tired”.

2- Eat only when “extremely hungry”.

3- Do not use bandages on the “slightly injured”.

4- Look only at items you need as you need them.

5- Do not use lockpicks, trade them.

Graphics and Sound:

This War of Mine MOD APK is actually a jaw-dropping game to play due to its great music, great directing, and wonderful graphical style. The background song will definitely steal your heart. You can easily compare the Black and white colors of this game with the desperate days of the war.

Mod Features:

  • Unlocked all the characters. 


Does This War Of Mine game work without the internet?

No, it is an online game and an internet connection is essential here.

Does this game safe to download on Android and IOS phones?

Yes, 100% safe and completely secure. We have thoroughly checked it, therefore, you won’t find anything that in the coming future would harm your internet privacy.

Customer Reviews:

“Being at the age of 41, I have played hundreds of games but this game is the best so far. I have a strange undefinable relationship with it. When I look at my playtime on stream, I realized that I have been playing this game for ten hours and I noticed that this game is like a drug and we can not stop playing it.”

“Hey, I am steve from Singapore. I am actually being addicted to this game because playing this game actually feels like being in a war. After playing This war of mine MOD APK, I can easily estimate the difficulties and hardships of those civilians who were facing the problems of inadequate food, medicines, and shelter during the periods of war. Soldiers only want victory during the war but the common people face the problems of extreme violence. I have an obsession with this game due to its storyline and extraordinary graphics.”


I explicitly define every stage and almost every tip and trick to provide valuable information. And I am damn sure after reading this article of This War of Mine MOD APK game, which is a specifically designed version available on our website, you will definitely able to play this game easily yet professionally. If you have any further queries regarding the game or the downloading file, you are most welcome to drop your question in the comment box. For other simulation games like Summertime Saga MOD APK, explore our website.



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