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Swordigo MOD APK is an adventure genre game where players get to know about a completely new world along with an intriguing storyline. If you are a lover of fiction novels, then try this game once. Here you come to know about multiple characters with their complete story that makes this game everyone’s favorite. 

The main theme is to save the village and its inhabitants from corruptors, who at the very start of the game attack the master, and with the last note of his, the journey of our hero begins, there are multiple missions, and every mission unlock the door of a new place. Therefore, players enjoy new challenges, face more deadly enemies and most importantly, get unique weapons to play with.

It was first released in 2012, but its popularity doesn’t go down a little even a decade has passed. Every generation love to play this game because of the availability of hundreds of mission, 3D graphics, multiple characters to watch, and many other features that makes room in your heart for this game. I have been playing this game for more than 2 years, and now I have decided to share my experience of this game with all of you. 

About Swordigo MOD APK:

Swordigo MOD APK is one of the most diverse games with a complete map to play. Apart from sword fights, you would also get some magical spells in it, which help the hero to defeat the most deadly enemies in the game. 

The power of spells is provided by the master, who had died at the early stage of the game, but our hero’s spiritual connection with the master will remain alive till the end of the game. All the spells available in the game as their own advantages, so before using them must understand their working. 

Magic Bolt: This is the very first spell our hero would get. And it is the same as throwing the magic ball toward the enemies to kill them. It is unlimited available, but after once you use it, it takes a while to reproduce it again. 

Magic Bomb: As shown in the name, the magical bomb is used to destroy things. It is mostly used to clear the obstacles and open the closed paths, which is impossible with the sword or other spells. So, we can say that it is one of the most important spells, but use it wisely because it has a long countdown time.

Dragon Grasp: This is used to grapple the enemies who are either far from you or flying in the air. This might not affect the enemies much if we compare it with other spells. 


Simple yet Intriguing Layout:

Contrary to other games where you got multiple options on the main screen, which increases the complexity, here the layout is pretty much simple to understand. On the main screen, you got only four options Start, Achievement, Offers, and Credits. Where to play the game, only one option will use, and that is “Start”, just click on it, and fun will begin. Also, till now, I haven’t experienced any sort of issue with the layout or software of the game; everything is professionally designed in it. So, enjoy the game and explore every part of the new world in the quest for precious items.  

Unlimited Money/Gems:

Gems are essential for unlocking the weapons, getting the Health, upgrade the items of inventory like many other places. That’s is why, same as Nova Legacy MOD APK, we provide you unlimited Money/Gems hack. So, from now on you don’t have to wait to buy the spells and swords from the shop, just install the MOD APK file and unlock anything you like. 

Tips and Tricks:

All these tips and tricks I have mentioned below are my own findings. So, never skip this part, read it carefully. 

  1. Never skip the description and the chit-chat between the characters of the game because it is the only way you get to know all the information about the next mission. 
  2. Do visit the healer house in case of lower health; it is located in the Cairnwood Village, the main location of the game. 
  3. If you get lost at any place, never forget to see the map. It will show you the correct part to follow. 
  4. Always be aware of Bush Beetles, these look just like a normal plant, but when the protagonist comes near them, it appears from the ground and harms him a lot. The only way you get to know about it is whenever you come near any plant, swing the sword once. If the bush beetle appears means now, you have to throw the magic spell else move forward. Also, cutting the normal grass plant provide the gems as well. 
  5. Never waste the magic spell, use it in an emergency situation because its reproduction takes some time. 
  6. The best part of the game is that every now and then, you get to know all the information regarding the usage of controls, which makes it a pretty much user-friendly game. But also keep in mind that without the proper practice of the controls you won’t be able to get fruitful results. 
  7. At the very start, you got a brass sword, which is enough to handle enemies at the early stages but as the more powerful enemies coming on your way, it became pretty much challenging for you to handle them. That is why try your best to get the iron word as fast as possible. 

Final Words:

Swordigo MOD APK is one of those games that would never let you get bore with it. It has attractive graphics of day and night, exciting gameplay, and most important bunch of unique features. In this article, I have explained all the information of the game so you won’t find any issues while playing. Also, there are hundreds of other games are also available on our website such as Off the Road MOD APK, I am damn sure you would also love this one.



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