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super mario run mod apk

Many people are already familiar with Super Mario Run MOD APK, where a cute little protagonist named Mario runs to collect coins. Here he will dodge multiple dangerous situations and also kill the enemies on his way to the end. This game was first released in video players, and after the advent of cell phones, its android version was released.

Although the main theme of the game is the same as the previous ones, here you got more extra features such as the availability of multiple characters, more attractive buildings, and different unique modes to play. This game belongs to the action genre and has been downloaded more than 1 million times since its release.

It contains excellent bright attractive graphics, exciting gameplay, and many other features I have explained in this article. So, read it thoroughly and also share your experience with us. Apart from this one, try other popular games, such as Beach Buggy Racing MOD APK.

About Super Mario Run MOD APK:

When first time you log into the game, some basic instructions would appear. I suggest you read all of them so get more about it. After that, you have to allow the basic security check and enter your name, so next time your name will be mentioned in every pop-up notification, also in the letters that Princess Peach has written for you. 

Here the main storyline of the game is about Princess Peach, who is kidnapped by Bowser, the evil man. Keep in mind that you can control the jumping Mario in this game, but he would run automatically at his own speed. Also, you don’t have to worry about the small obstacles and mini enemies. Mario will automatically dodge them. 

If you want to learn more about the controls, check out tips and tricks in the album. Also, never forget to explore the game’s menu options, which make you aware of the new updates and features. 

super mario run Game Image

Unique Modes to Enjoy:

World Tour:

It is the basic mode of the game where you rescue the princess. In this mode, you have to pass 24 exciting courses, including castles, airships, ghost houses and many more. In your mission to reach the Bowser’s castle, you would get colourful coins, multiple stars, and many other items that help you unlock a new unique world. Also, after the princess’s successful rescue, a new world name, “World Star”, would automatically open.

Remix 10:

Remix 10 mode players would participate in 10 pretty much consecutive short courses. And the main mission to pass all the courses is only to find Princess Daisy, who is unfortunately lost here. Keep in mind that players need Rally Tickets to participate in this mode in the original version. However, in this mod version, there is no such restriction. 

Toad Rally:

We can also describe this mode as a challenge mode. Here players are allowed to invite their friends or any other player worldwide to compete against them. Also, the best part of this mode is that each time players participate in it, a new challenge emerges. Apart from that, the reason to participate in it is only to call the cheering Toads to make your kingdom happy and prosperous. For this, players have to pass it and collect enough coins to make the cheering Toads happy. 

Kingdom Builder:

The players would get 100+ items to design their own unique kingdom in this mode. Keep in mind that the number of buildings and other items depends on the player performance of previous mods. The higher number of toads they manage to get through the toad rally, the more number of things players would get in this mode. Remember that all four of these mods would unlock one after the other and depend on the previous mode’s results. So, it is better you should get a higher number of colourful coins and fulfil all the missions, which would describe at the start of every mission, to get better results. 


Unlocked Everything:

All the features of the in-purchased app have been unlocked in this version. Along with that, you also won’t face any sort of restriction in accessing any game feature. Everything has available for the players’ enjoyment from the very first level. So, download the mod version without wasting the hard-earned money and make yourself entertained with it.

All Worlds and Top Characters Unlocked:

All Characters Unlocked

In the original version, players have to pass a certain level and also have to accumulate the resources to unlock all the worlds of the game, or the second option is spending the money to get the paid features. However, in this mod version, you don’t have to do this, we have already unlocked the top 6 worlds along with the best characters in it. Also, we have tested the APK file and haven’t found any issue in it; all the controls and everything works pretty much smoothly. 

Unlimited Coins:

The more game money anyone has, the higher the chances of boosting up the game faster. Money usage is everywhere, and we need to unlock the buildings for kingdom design, get the premium level decoration items, and many other things. That is why to create ease for all of you, just like Coin Master MOD APK, we provide you with the unlimited money cheat. So, you can get any of your favorite items without worrying about anything. 

Tips and Tricks:

  1. We experience that our character left essential items behind in most places, and we can’t go back to collect them. So, in such situations, use the bubble trick. A bubble icon is available on the top of the screen, just tap it, and in no time, a bubble engulfs Mario and takes him to the last place. So, you can easily collect left-behind coins and other essential items. 
  2. Doing the trick moves is also pretty much vital. In some areas, you got a bunch of coins together. And by jumping and walking, you might be able to collect some of them, but to accumulate all the coins, you have to learn the trick moves such as hopping, Skipping, Long Jumps and others. Also, believe me, these tricks are not difficult to perform, all you have to do is put your stronghold on the controls of the game and press the combination of buttons, and after some little practice, you will be able to do all the tricks. 
  3. Never forget to play with the other characters as well. Although this game is famous only because of Mario’s character, as mentioned in the name also. But other characters can also provide you multiple advantages which might not be possible for Mario’s character alone. Here every new character has unique capabilities, and the recent update which unlocks new levels makes the presence of every character essential for winning. 
  4. Also, play the game with calmness, not take all the steps in a hurry, there is enough time available in the game to pass any particular level. So, before taking any further steps in any problematic situation, first think a while and then move ahead. 
  5. Never forget to use Red Pause Blocks to pause the screen in case of any problematic situation. 


How to get the Super Mario Run full game for free?

Just click on the download button available at the top of the screen, and you will get the MOD APK version of the game without paying any money. 

How to get a rainbow bridge in Super Mario Run MOD APK?

Getting a rainbow bridge is pretty much important because it unlocks a whole new world. You have to get 20 of every toad available in the game for this. These toads are of different colours, purple, Green, Blue, Yellow and others. Once you manage all of these, go to the Shop menu where you got the Rainbow Bridge in the available item list. 

Can we play the Mario Run game offline?

No, you can’t. With the internet connection, no one would be able to play any game’s feature. 

Final Words:

Super Mario Run MOD APK is one of the simplest yet most attractive games to play. Here you got a bunch of features that make you addicted to it. In the original version, players can only play all the modes after purchasing the paid version, but this will not happen in the case of the mod version. Here we have unlocked all the features of an in-purchase version without charging any money. Also, in this article, I have explained all the information so you won’t find any issues in the understanding of the game.



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