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Super City MOD APK is an action fighting game where players got places filled with superheroes, and our main aim here is to put a stronghold on every corner of the supercity. Here players can explore new places, customize the characters, and do many other things. This game is a complete package of enjoyment, exploration, fight, and adventure, which makes anyone attracted to it. 

We all know that the presence of superheroes makes any game one of the children’s favorites and one where you got an entire city of superheroes, forcing them to stick to it. It is one of the major reasons for this game’s immense popularity nowadays. However, try other games as well, such as Dynamons World MOD APK, I am sure you would also love this one. 

About Super City MOD APK:

Unlike many other games where you can only select the heroes to fight against the villages, here players are even allowed to select the villains, however, it is entirely on your won on which side you want to be a part of. The best 2D graphics, interesting yet diverse gameplay, and simple arcade-style fights would definitely make you a fan of this game. 

If you have played the original version, I am sure you have faced many restrictions such as blocking the options of changing location, adding characters, and many others. However, in this mod version, this problem has completely solved. You won’t face any limitations in it; everything has unlocked and is free to play. 

game image

Controls’ Information:

On the main screen, you got six controls options and if you don’t know what their usage is, read this section carefully. It is essential to understand their usage because incomplete information makes the level nearly impossible to win; they all have their own importance. 

  1. A: The icon written A on it is the attack option, from this option, you can easily kick the other person. It will also help you to stand the protagonist after any deadly fall.  
  2. B: The icon written B on it is the sign of defense. It is an important one that helps you block the opponent’s attack. 
  3. G: G icon is used to grapple the opponent. Remember that you can’t use both B and G options simultaneously. However, if you select any one of them, the other option is automatically available by pressing A and your selected one together.
    Example: If you select the G option. The benefit of the B option is available by pressing A+G together.  
  4. R: This icon would help to run, and by double-tapping, you can even jump and fly the protagonist. 
  5. P: To pick up any item from the floor or to throw it, this icon will use. It will help you a lot to collect the weapons and other things. 
  6. R+P: This combination is used to set fire to different things. 
  7. T: To interact with multiple things, this option will use. 
  8. S: To use the superpower of the heroes this option is used. Every hero has its own unique power such as spiderman throwing the web. 


Complete Modification of Controls:

Super City MOD APK has a user-friendly interface, players can easily customize the controls according to their desire. For this, all you have to do is go to the options menu and then touch on the Controls option, available at the bottom of the screen. Here you can change the size, priority, and other things easily. I personally prefer grappling priority, but you can select block one. 

Complete Heroes’ Customization Available:

Best adventrue game

It is one of the most thrilling and attractive features where you can change the looks of every hero at your own desire. Go to the room and then move towards the wardrobe, just after that a complete menu of customization will appear. From there you can change the headwear, face, body, hands and all other things.

Although most of the items from the menu and other features are entirely free of cost available in this game, to get more customizable things in the original version available on the play store demands money. But no need to worry at all, we provide you the modified version of Super City MOD APK where you can get the hacks of paid items entirely free of cost. 

Unlocked all Items:

As it is the modified version of the original game, so just like Among Us MOD APK, here you get almost everything available in the purchased version, such as premium items, advanced customizable things, more powerful moves, editor options, and many others totally free. Apart from that we also provide you the unlimited energy hack so, during the fight, no opponent would be able to kill you. 

Unlocked all the Weapons:

Weapons not only help you to win the fight but also boost your interest in the game. That is the reason we provide you the hack of unlimited weapons, so from now on, all you have to do is pick up the deadly weapons and kill the opponents in no time. It will also save plenty of your precocious time, you can swiftly go through every level.

Tips and Tricks:

Before writing these points, I played this Super City game by myself and did proper research to provide valuable and authentic information. Therefore, read all these points thoroughly and try to remember them. I am 100% sure it will help you in the long run. 

  1. By eating and sleeping you can easily restore the health of the protagonists.
  2. Identification of enemies is one of the most important steps that decide the final results of the game. Because hitting the wrong person would make the win far more difficult for you because it will start chasing and kicking you till the end of the game. Also, keep in mind that it is far easier to fight with one enemy than a group of people who can easily knock you out. So, never ever start the fight with the wrong person.  
  3. Weapons are also an important thing to carry, they will help you to overcome any emergency situations. 
  4. I suggest you learn the basics of the controls before attacking anyone. Because at the beginning of the game all the superpowers of the heroes are blocked and only good moves would help them survive. 
  5. The strategy I follow the most is that once you attack the enemy never stand at that place, instead of keeping yourself away from it, and when it came near you again do the attack, standing at one place makes things easy for the opponent. 
  6. Remember that high power is important if you want to lift and throw things. So, select the editor option and go to the hero’s profile, from where you can easily increase the power to 110%. 
Super City Mod


Is Super City MOD APK is available offline?

Although it is an online game, you can also enjoy the fights and some other features without an internet connection.

Does the MOD APK file is safe for my Android phone?

Yes, 100%. We have checked the APK file to make sure that our user won’t face any risky things in it.

Final Words:

Super City Hack APK provides you with hundreds of heroes, villains, and other characters on one platform. Here you can kick, throw, and even set things on fire and can do any sort of crazy or deadly thing. So, hurry up, go click on the download button to get the free cheat version of the Super City game. 

In this article, I have explained all the features of the game and also suggest some authentic tips and tricks that would help you to play this game in a professional manner. However, if you feel any important part of the game is being missed in this article please mention it in the comment section, we would definitely add and update the article.


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