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If you are a space exploration lover, then this Spaceflight Simulator MOD APK is going to provide you with the best experience of the Universe. This game is completely free from limitations, so players can go anywhere they want. Here you can create advance level rockets, decide their names and even throw them into any place at any time you want.

With the presence of realistic planets, 3D graphics to get a closer look at the universe, mechanics of orbital force, and many other scientific things that will not only entertain you but also provide you with valuable knowledge. Also, players can get information about the parts of rockets and their working. These are the reasons which make this game one of the children’s plus their parent’s favorite. 

About Spaceflight Simulator MOD APK:

Creativity and intelligence are the two parameters that most game makers ignore and provide us with automated gameplay where we do the same task all the time, but this is not happening in the Spaceflight Simulator MOD APK game. Here you are the one who decides what to do next. There are no limitations or bounty walls exist, so players can land and play at any area of the described game universe. 

We can also describe this Spaceflight Simulator MOD APK game as an educational app that helps the students to understand the accurate parameters of physics such as orbital velocity and how its works, projectile motions, and many other things that are the basic part of the education system. According to Oxford University research, children can forget what they read or listen but they would never forget what they saw. 

How to Build a Rocket?

Spaceflight Simulator Mod Apk

Building a rocket might not be a piece of cake in real life, but, in this game, you can easily do that by just following the steps I have mentioned below:

  1. Keep in mind that here I am mentioning all the essential things. if you left any one of the steps either the engine will not be on or it will not work according to your desire. 
  2. First, go to the menu shop and select a robust engine aka Hawk Engine. Although you can add multiple engines to a single rocket, for a newbie one engine is enough. 
  3. After that, for carrying the liquid fuel & oxygen, select the fuel tack. Pick the one which has at least 9 tons of fuel carrying capacity. There is a complete variety in fuel tanks such as two engine biggest fuel tank, higher power fuel tank and other. 
  4. Now add the separator that will help you to detach the fuel tank after it reaches a certain height. 
  5. Once all the steps have been done, now it’s time to add the command module. The shape of the module is like a capsule, and without it, no one would be able to control the rocket. 
  6. After that put the parachute and then the nose cone at the top for better aerodynamics. 
  7. Now your rocket is ready to launch.


Presence of Planets and their Moon:

To provide a realistic look the creators make sure the presence of celestial objects in it such as Mercury, Venus, Mars, Earth along with their moons. As this is the modified version so you have the authority to explore every part of the game universe without any restriction. 

Spaceflight Simulator Full Version Unlocked:

In the modified version we provide the latest free version of the game where you got unlimited fuel cheat, unlocking of all the premium rocket parts, and many other things. Here you can easily explore the Phobos and Deimos, Mars’ Moon, which in the original version you can only reach after passing a certain level. 

Realistic Graphics:

Everything presence in this game has been designed in full detailing, you can see the presence of weight and power rating at the top right side of the screen. Also, the real physics terms, rocket parts names, realistic planets system, Zoom in & out, and multiple other features make it one of the most authentic educational games to play. 

100% Safe & Secure Game:

If you are conserved about your online privacy and security of your information then no need to worry at all. The makers of the game make sure that the valuable data of the public would never fall into the wrong hands. Also, just like Pokemon Quest MOD APK, our team has passed the version through multiple anti-malware software but didn’t get any problematic thing. So, you can count on us. 

Tips & Tricks:

We understand that playing a new game is really very exciting and if at that time someone provides valuable information regarding that particular game that will increase your joys and excitement to the next level. Therefore, here I am presenting you some of the most authentic and 100% workable tips and tricks, along with the suggestions that will help you play the game more accurately yet swiftly. 

  1. Understand the basics of manufacturing the build tool for rockets, the stronger your build tool, the faster rocket leaves the gravity. 
  2. Although controls of the game work pretty much smoothly, docking might become difficult for you. But no need to worry at all, I have a trick for you. You can make the docking process easy by creating a circular orbit same as the other objects, and gradually expanding it. In this way, you will get a similar speed to the other docking objects and can easily complete the task. 
  3. Always start with the basic mode where the main task is building the rockets and understanding their parts and after the move towards the space station mode. 
  4. Never forget to build the fuel stations near the moon and earth that will help you in the next levels. Most of the players lose only because of not consider the fuel issue seriously. 
  5. Understanding the basics of landing is essential here because, while landing, the speed of the rocket will automatically increase. The safe speed limit is under 100m/s, so make sure to keep it under the safe speed zone. 
  6. Also, when the rockets are near the orbits of planets, reduce the power to 70% so it will never go up, this step will also help you in the landing process. 

Final Words:

Enjoy the best simulation genre game with outstanding graphics and multiple realistic features that would definitely make you feel relaxed and kill your boring time. Contrary to the original version of Spaceflight Simulator MOD APK where players have limited access to everything, we provide you this modified version where you can get the hack of features unlocked. Also, try other games as well such as Mortal Kombat MOD APK.



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