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SimCity Buildit Mod Apk

SimCity Buildit MOD APK belongs to the simulation genre game where players build the whole city according to their own desires. As most people know, simulation games are those where real-life events depict visually. That is why these games are so close to your life, and people like them the most. Moreover, this game contains a lot of features, intriguing graphics, and, most importantly, a soothing soundtrack where players can listen to the chirping of birds and light music in the background that gives a more attractive look to the whole game. 

Basic Information:

App NameSimCity Buildit MOD APK
Size148 MB
Requirements4.1 and up
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Money/Simoleons

About SimCity Buildit MOD APK:

The layout of the game is pretty much simple, when you start playing the game the first time, it inquires about your age, and once you confirm it, the game will start loading. After that, the girl name Eva, your city advisor, will appear on the screen and will provide all the essential information via notifications. 

Game Image

All the notifications that would pop up on the screen are pretty much important because they will guide you to the correct part of playing the game. Moreover, If you are stuck at any place, leave the screen for a while, stop touching it, and the suggested hand will appear that will guide you on what and how to perform the next task. One important thing to remember here is that to increase the city population and earn more rewards, you also have to build new houses, so try to build as fast as you can. 

In the SimCity Buildit game, players perform the role of the mayor of the city, who has full authority over all the decisions. Keep in mind that every decision you take would cause positive or negative consequences, so be conscious all the time to make sure the citizens of the city would be happy and your megalopolis would start growing each day.

Features of the game:

Build your Dream City:

Players are allowed to design the city in any attentive way they like and for this, you got almost all sorts of builds that are available in any real city, such as supply stores, farmer’s markets, furniture stores, gardening supplies buildings, and for food, you can build donut shop, fast food restaurant, and others. Also, the best feature is that almost all the buildings are interconnected, you can’t ignore any one of these because the people present in the city demands the items that make every single building important. 

Customize your city

Enjoy Offline:

Yes, you read it right, this game is available offline, which makes it quite popular among people because you can enjoy it anywhere, anytime, and on any Android phone as it is completely restriction-free. Until now, it has been downloaded more than 100M+ times on the Google play store, from this figure you can estimate its popularity among people. 

Solve Multiple Challenges:

Solve the problems of the citizens

Just like in real life, you also have to solve multiple problems in your city as well such as the issue of traffic that you have to solve by constructing more roads, bridges, and highways and the issue of pollution, which you can solve by air filter plants. Moreover, for the safety of the citizens and to bring permanent peace to the city, you have to construct the police stations as well. 

Build Resilient Infrastructure:

In SimCity Buildit Hack APK for Android, you have to make sure the citizens of the city can easily get access to basic amenities such as hospitals, waste management systems, parks, fire safety, and others. Therefore, for this, you have to build a robust Infrastructure of water, health, internet, transportation, and education. 

A Perfect game for Children:

As this is a reality-based game, players get to know about so many things here, that is why I have mentioned it is a perfect game for children. Parents can educate their children about how things work in the big cities, the importance of law and order, and multiple other sorts of things. 

Imitate the Real Word Cities:

Unlock Historic Landmarks

This game allows you to create cities according to the design of real-world cities such as New York, London, Paris, Tokyo, and others. And to provide a realistic look to it here you get all the world’s landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty, Sydney Opera House, the Great Pyramid of Giza, and many others. So, unlock them to add beauty to your city. 

Save Your City From Attacks:

As a mayor of the city, you have to build strong defenses for city’s safety from monsters and other mayors’ attacks. There is a clan war feature available in the SimCity Buildit MOD APK game where you can attack the cities of other mayors, but for this, first, you have to build strong strategies, and in this regard, club chat options help you a lot. 

The club chat option is really huge, here you can take advice from pro players of the SimCity Buildit game, moreover, the players available here can also provide you the items of your need. These wars are pretty much important to increase the league rank and get valuable rewards in return. You can also take part in weekly challenges as well to these challenges are also quite enjoyable. 

Build Futuristic City:

build the city of your dreams

Almost everywhere in the world, governments are discussing the construction of huge futuristic cities where everything will be automated. And from the security perspective, people don’t have to worry about it, their belongings and life would be safe and these cities would be free from thieves and other criminals. Therefore, for players’ enjoyment, this game offers you the feature of building such cities. Furthermore, you can also decide the rules and all other features that would provide in these cities. Isn’t this game interesting enough? 

Make Trade of Resources:

Trading is a wonderful feature of SimCity Buildit MOD APK, as everybody knows that we can unlock the items and do the construction, but at the same time there are multiple times doesn’t available in the shop menu, and to get those, you either have to attack the other cities or make the trade of resources. And in my opinion, trading is the best option because at the early stages players don’t have enough resources to attack other cities, and if they do so the result is only failure. 

Availability of Multiple new Currencies:

To your surprise, this game contains a lot of different currencies and each one would use at someplace. Here I have briefly explained to you all of these. 

  • Simoleons: It is the basic currency of the game, which is used to unlock new buildings, upgrade resources, and also used for trading of materials. 
  • Simcash: There are multiple premium buildings available in this game that would only unlock with Simcash, so this currency is also pretty much useful. 
  • Golden Keys: It is the most hardly get currency, and the only way you grab this one is via passing the disaster challenges. 
  • Platinum Keys: If you want to get these keys you have to go through Mayor’s Contest. These are also pretty much important because there are multiple builds that require these keys to unlock. 
  • NeoSimoleons: Once players reach level 30, they will automatically get these keys. Apart from that, there is no other way of getting them. 
  • War Simoleons: As shown in the name, after winning the war, you can easily get this currency, and the interesting part is that this currency would also use to unlock other war-related items.

Mod Features of SimCity Buildit:

Unlimited Money/Simoleons:

No one can deny the fact that money is essential for the prosperity of the city, and it doesn’t matter whether the city is a real or a virtual gaming one. Therefore, for players’ ease, we provide you with the hack version of the SimCity Buildit game where unlimited money cheat is included. So, all you have to do is just install it into your Android phone and enjoy the mod. 

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Tips and Tricks:

These are some important points to understand the game in the correct way.

  1. Crafting the building material is a big part of running the city because, just like in real life, you have to do construction to meet the demands of residents, and it has another benefit as well, by doing this, you would earn more money and valuable rewards for free. 
  2. On the right side of the screen, you will see the list of all the materials such as roads, houses, other buildings icons, etc. Remember that just unlocking the building is not enough here, you have provided other raw materials as well, so it will be full construct.
  3. Always try to place the residential zone area just next to the road because you have to connect the whole area here, and it can only be possible via roads. So, the near the residential area will be, the better results you would get.
  4. On the top left corner of the screen, you can also get to know the population of the city. 
  5. After the placement of the houses and other buildings, immediately shift your attention towards unlocking the coal power plant because, without the power, there is scary darkness at night.
  6. Also, keep in mind the capacity of the power plant, this information you can get by clicking on the plant. If the demand is higher than the capacity, then upgrade the current plant and also unlock more for safety. 
  7. Never forget to add the mayor’s club to socialize and get more information about this game. 
  8. A higher population helps you to collect more taxes, which also levels up the game faster, therefore, adding more parks and beaches to your city. It is the best strategy to attract more people to your city.

Final Words:

Download the game SimCity Buildit MOD APK and enjoy the best cracked version where you get the unlimited money cheat totally free. Those who love to do management work and want to build cities according to their own rules would definitely love this game. Moreover, in this article, I have explained all the information about this game quite thoroughly, but still, if you face any issues, mention them in the comment section, our team will respond to you as soon as possible.


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