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If you want to become a champion of Ninja Realm, then try Shadow Fight 4 MOD APK, where you got the opportunity to fight against the powerful evils, get the most unique distinct weapons, participate in the 2 players’ PvP arenas, and many other features that you haven’t experience in any other games of its kind. 

It has one of the most played and attractive games on the internet due to its realistic graphics, which is designed in such as manager that provides the user with an astonishing yet interesting experience. Also, try other role-playing games as well such as the most famous one Harvest Town MOD APK.

About Shadow Fight 4 MOD APK:

The game starts with a complete fictional storyline, which has narrated by the Shadow Lord. Once there was a gate of shadow existed which no one knows how and why destroyed. And due to this, multiple shadows which had kept behind it was released into a new world and made it their new home. 

Shadow fights game has multiple versions, but it is the most updated and advanced version of this game, here to win, our hero must have to learn new techniques and make himself invincible. And to achieve this you have to help him. Never forget to update the heroes and unlock new weapons for them. 

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The best feature of the game is the introduction guide at the beginning, so you can easily learn and understand the working of all the controls. To attack with the weapon, use the icon having fist on it, to kick the opponent use the foot icon, and in case you have to make the force attack for maximum damage, hold the fist icon a while and then leave. 

There are four major types of attacks which you can do in the game and that are Upper Attack, Low Attack, Spinning Attack, and Special attack. The one who understand them all, become a pro player. However, if you find them hard to understand then the easy trick is that players make all these attacks by pressing the combination of movement icon and fist icon. 

Move the cursor to the upper side and immediately press the fist icon, your players perform the upper attack, and just like that move the hero forward and press the fist icon to perform the Spinning attack, etc. I suggest you never skip the basic guide section of the game if you install the game for the first time. 

Features of the Game:

Hundreds of Characters to Play:

multiple charactors to enjoy

There are hundreds of characters are available to enjoy the game. However, I suggest you never follow the instruction of anyone regarding the selection of the hero. Must play with all of them and pick the one that provides you excellent results because every character has its own unique powers and defense mechanism. 

To understand the working mechanism of the player, go to the “Hero Library” and click on any character and then select the “How to Play” section and then click on the training option. In this way, you can try every character available in Shadow Fight 4 MOD APK and get the best out of them.  

Apart from that, doing practice on all the characters has multiple other benefits as well, you get to know the pros and cons of all the characters. So, in the future, you can easily dodge any of their attacks and target their weak points to make sure you win. 

PvP Tournaments:

Best role playing game image

There are multiple tournaments, and fight passes are available in the game. So, apart from playing with the AI players, you can invite your friends into the game and start a private match with them. So, we can say that this game provides us the opportunity to enjoy ourselves with friends, which increases our enjoyment even more.

Features of Shadow Fight 4 MOD APK:

Everyone faces a lot of restrictions in the original version, sometimes, they demand money to unlock new features, which makes it pretty much hard for most of the players because not everybody wants to spend their money. 

For those, this mod feature is perfect, here we are providing you multiple features free of cost, such as unlimited money, all weapons unlock, block irrelevant ads like multiple others. Also, we have removed all the restrictions in the game, so you would easily enjoy everything in it. 

Tips and Tricks:

These tips will help you to stay ahead in the game. I have done complete research, and after that, I come up with these points. So, read them carefully and try to implement all of them for better results. 

  1. Understanding the proper movement is the key to success in it. You must have to know the usage of all the controls of the game. On your right bottom side of the screen, you got four different icons that has used to punch, kick, throw off the fire, and other stuff. While moving the hero back and forth joystick icon is present on the bottom left side of the screen. 
  2. Also, the best way to learn the tactics of the fight is from the opponent. Apart from just fighting and dodging the attacks, keep a close eye on the movement of the enemies. I am damn sure you would learn a lot from them. 
  3. If you are a complete newbie and it’s your first fight, then use the shield icon available at the bottom horizontal side, it will freeze the opponent at one place so you can easily learn the basics of the control, and once you have done with this click on attack mode and the actual fight will start. 
  4. While attacking, never stand at one place and make the attack, instead keep moving from one place to other and try to throw the opponent as much as you can.
  5. Balancing a good team is also an important aspect of winning in Shadow Fight Arena MOD APK. Some characters have strong defensive power but weak attacking, and others are just the opposite of them. Therefore, select the team having mixed powers, never make the team of the same qualities.

Final Words:

Shadow Fight 4 MOD APK is one of the most attractive games to play, and with this mod version, I am damn sure your journey would become more interesting and more user-friendly. Also, in this article, I have explained all the details quite thoroughly plus tips and tricks for beginners so you won’t face any problems with it. Read it completely, and in case you feel anything is being missed, mention it in the comment section. Also, try other games as well such as Tank Hero MOD APK.

Download Shadow Fight 4 MOD APK – Unlimited Money/Gems



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