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Rise of Kingdoms Mod Apk

Rise of Kingdoms MOD APK is a strategy genre game where you can fight wars, do exploration, accumulate resources to get prosperity, and even build an alliance. We can safely say that this game is the perfect blend of everything you can even think of in any strategy game. Here players start with a small city with very minimal buildings in it and head towards building a mega kingdom.

About Rise of Kingdoms MOD APK:

As the game shows the time of pre-civilization, that later evolves into a civilized one, at that time no law exist. If one kingdom wants peace their is a high chance the other kings mistake the peace for cowardness and try to seize the kingdom. That’s is the reason for the safety of your own people you must always be ready for war. Here you got colorful attractive graphics that are quite similar to Kingdom Rush MOD APK, which is also a strategy genre game.

To get prosperity you have two options in Rise of Kingdoms MOD APK, one is to build your own resources and the second is to confiscate them from others. However, according to me, using both tactics shoulder to shoulder is the best option. Even if you avoid confiscation of other’s resources, someone would do it with your ones. You can also find resources through exploration, here you manually select any area and send a scout into it. Every exploration provides you rewards or technology items by finding caves and tribal villages.


Multiple Buildings:

For the future of your people, you have to build resources to feed them, and for their protection, you have to arrange big armies and also train them. Therefore, for your ease, I am going to explain some of the most important buildings.

farm Image


Farms are used to cultivate food for the population. You can harvest multiple sorts of vegetables and fruits here. As the game moves on you have to build more and more farms to fulfill the need of the people and also upgrade them.

Game image of Store House


Storehouse is also an essential building to save your resources from the plight and plunder in Rise of Kingdoms MOD APK. As I described earlier enemies are everywhere so it is essential to save same your valuable resources.

Goldmine image of rise of kingdoms MOD APK


Goldmine is an utmost important resource of the Rise of Kingdome MOD APK game. Always try to place it at the center of your city accompanied by a proper defense mechanism.

 Legendaries and Troops:

To handle huge armies and troops in war is commanders’ work. Rise of Kingdoms allows you a bunch of unique talented commanders and troops that you would get confused by choosing but don’t worry I am going to explain some of the best ones here. So, that would sure help you to play batter.

Commander Image of rise of kingdoms MOD APK


He is a ferocious and powerful ruler that would help you to unite the armies and people altogether. The base power of Charlemagne is 1200.

seondeok Image of rise of kingdoms mod apk


The nickname of Seondeok is Queen of Silla. She is the first women monarch. The base power of Seondeok is also 1200.

Horseman Image of rise of kingdoms mod apk


Horseman helps you both in attacks and for the defense of the city. He is the fastest in troops and belongs to the stone age.

Multiple Resources:

In Rise of Kingdoms MOD APK players have an immense quantity of resources such as gems, troops, speed-ups, and multiple other things but you can access them by paying money to the makers or by playing to collect enough resources to unlock one by one, which is pretty time-consuming. But, no need to worry at all. I am providing you with the best-modified version of this game, free of cost. You can get unlimited gems, money, and resources that definitely save you valuable money and precious time.

Tips and Tricks for Rise of Kingdoms MOD APK:

Are you looking to become a pro in Rise of Kingdome game then read the points down below. I will almost every utmost important thing here for your ease. 

  1. The best practice is to upgrade the city hall accompanied by defenses and other buildings. 
  2. The reason for upgrading the city hall first is because of this you got more and more troops and more towards bronze age from the stone age.
  3. After doing that your next focus must be on upgrading the city walls for a strong defense and for this take the start from upgrading the doors. 
  4. Also, must join an alliance. That would help you in up-gradation, teach new strategies, and many other things. Although many of them required your application and after thoroughly watching your game allowed you to become a part of them. But some of them are easy to join.
  5. Avoid using the teleportation thing. It is used to place you in between the alliance folks’ kingdoms.
  6. Also, every time you upgrade the City Hall you got more buildings. Try to upgrade them also to increase your level in the game. 
  7. For beginners, it is a pro tip. Always focus on a small number of legendary commanders because the more you upgrade them the more sculptures they required. And for beginners, it is hard to manage. 
  8. Also, if you want a fast start then speed-ups are best for you. Use them for faster up-gradation of your city halls and defenses but avoid them when you reach a higher level. But that time speed-ups consume a big portion of your resources.


Yes. This game is one of the best strategy games. Although many describe this game as an imitation of the Clash of Clans. But that’s not true, it has its own unique features and gameplay.

It is released in 2018 by Lilith Games. And since then it has been downloaded more than 1 million times on Android phones.


Rise of Kingdoms MOD APK is the best of its kind due to the availability of a bunch of unique features, timely updates, and multiple suggestions that increase your enjoyment and interest in it. Its eye-catchy graphics, relaxing music, and interesting gameplay provide you with a look of an animated movie. I am damn sure you would love this game, don’t forget to share your experience with us, and for more such free games and apps like YouTube Pink APK, visit our website.



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