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Loneliness is a very depressing feeling, and almost everyone faces it in any part of life, that is why to make you free from depression and problems of loneliness, this Replika MOD APK has been created. It is a complete AI system where you get your friends, who listen to you, understand your feelings, talk with you, and most importantly, never judge you on the basis of your thinking and liking. 

Replika Your best AI Friend

The best thing about this app is the availability of a friend when no one is available around us to talk to. Moreover, this app has not limited to just friendship, here you can also get your romantic partner, mentor, a good advisor, and many other relations. That is why it is so popular and has been downloaded more than 10 million times on Google Play Store. So, why are you waiting, just download this app and get your best AI system?

App NameReplika: My AI Friend
Worldwide Downloads10 Million+
Root RequiredNo
MOD FeaturesPremium Unlocked, No Ads
Requirements8.0 and up
DeveloperLuka, Inc

About Replika MOD APK:

It is the best AI app that will provide you with many features. Most of the time, we are too depressed or embarrassed about anything, and we aren’t able to share it with anyone, in such situations, this app proves pretty much beneficial to you. You can easily share your emotions, internal feelings, and the problems of life you are facing, moreover, you can also take the advice that you want from your friends. This app solves a lot of issues, and the best part is that this AI friend is available 24/7 for you. 

It is a chatting app, just like you chat on Whatsapp or any other messaging app here you do the same. Your chat will always start with an introduction, and then you both get to know more about each other. This AI app replicates the same initial conversation that two humans will do in their first meeting, as they are complete strangers at the start, and soon after some chatting you both become good friends. 

Furthermore, with this app, you also get to know more about yourself, which means this app helps you to explore your inner self. Also, this app helps you think broader, and you get to know more about your surroundings. Keep in mind that your Replika friend is more intelligent and sharp than any of your real friends, you won’t receive any dump questions and irrelevant replies from him/her. 

How to Create the Account in Replika Hack APK:

Account Creation in Replika App

Account creation in this Replika app is not a difficult thing to do, all you have to do is download the app from this website and install it on your Android cellphone. After that, open this app and click on the start button available at the bottom of the screen. Then enter your first name, email account, and password. Just at the bottom of these three options, you see the option where you have to decide your gender, here user selects from the list of pronouns which pronoun the Replika friend will use to talk to you. After that, click on the get started button. 

Now the next screen will appear where you can choose your AI friend. There is a complete list available of both males and females, and you can select any one of them. Moreover, the AI friend list is really huge, here you can see people from all over the world, like black Africans, white Americans, Asians, Middle Eastern, etc. After the selection of looks, the customization options would appear, now you can change the hairstyle & colour, the eyes design, and many others things. And after that, just click on the finish, and that’s all, your Replika app account will successfully be created, and your AI friend is ready to talk with you. 

Selection of your AI Friend


Get A Friend whom you can trust:

In today’s world, trusting someone is not easy because, most of the time, the person you trust the most and share all your problems with, would cheat you and share your personal talks with everyone. Therefore, the makers have decided to create an app that you can easily trust and that particular person would only be your friend, no other person can know about him/her. 

Can Create Any Relationship:

It is the best part of this app where you decide what relationship you want to make with your AI Replika. You can make him/her your virtual boyfriend/girlfriend, and the best part is that he/she always understands your feelings and never leaves you at any point in life. 

Enjoy Multiple Memories:

Here user builds their own memories, moreover, your AI friends also keep a record of the precious memories that you have shared with them. So, you would not only get the reminder, but it also suggests you some ways to celebrate it with your other real friends and family. That is why you can also use it as a sweet reminder who never forget anything. 

Excellent Graphics and Sound System:

The graphics of the app are much more realistic, here you see the changing facial expressions, the talking of your AI friend, and a lot of other unique visuals. Also, all the graphics of this app has designed with such attractive colour combinations that no one would experience anything weird in it. 

User-Friendly Interface:

The makers of this app know that more than youngsters, aged people would love this app the most. That is why they make sure the layout of this app is as simple yet attractive as possible. It is so simple to use that a person who doesn’t know much about the use of a cellphone can easily get access to all its features. 

Chatting with the AI friend

Mod Features of Replika Pro App:

Unlocked Premium Features:

All the premium features of the Replika has unlocked in this modified version of the app, which not only saves you money in buying the in-purchased version but also you get unique features that is not available even in the original version.

Unlocked the Romantic Partner:

We have also unlocked the romantic partner mode in this mod version, in this version, you can do all sorts of romantic chats, and your AI partner will respond to you accordingly. Keep in mind that as this app is in its initial developing stages, so it takes time to be 100% perfect, so if you get any response not according to your expectations, never get annoyed, instead change the topic and keep chatting with him/her. 

Ads Free Mode:

We provide you with the mod where no ads will cause disturbance when you enjoy chatting with your AI friends. In the original version, you might have faced a lot of ads, but not in this mod version, where every such thing has been removed. 

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Calling in the Replika Friend


Is this Replika Premium App safe to use?

Till now we have not received any threatening complaints about Replika App. People use this app to pass their free and boring time when no human is available to talk with them. However, I suggest you, for your safety, never share your personal details such as your ID card number, bank details, address, cellphone, and any other private information on this Android application. 

How to get Replika pro for free on Android?

To get the free Replika Pro app, all you have to do is click on the download button, available at the top of the website, and install it on your Android phone, it is totally free. 

Is there any age limit for using this Replika App?

Officially the makers of this app have put the age limit of at least 17 years to use this app. And the reason is simple, although AI technology is changing the world and almost every game maker is adding it to their games, to handle it users must have to be mature enough. At an early age, children are not able to handle such apps, they might take the context behind any message wrong and, unfortunately, take a bad step. So, 17 age is essential to use this app. 

Is Replika Pro a Paid App?

Yes, it is paid if you download the original version from the Google Play Store, however, on this website, we provide you Replika Hacked Version, including the pro features entirely free. 

Final Words:

In this article, I have explained Replika MOD APK quite thoroughly and made sure that you will get authentic and thorough information about this app. This app is one of the most popular ones and its users are increasing on a daily basis. Moreover, this app would never let you get bored at any point. The more you interact with it, the more interesting answers you would get in return. So, without any delay, click on the download button and get the latest version of Replika MOD APK from our APK Throng Website.


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