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Raft Survival Mod APK

If you are a lover of adventurous games, this Raft survival MOD APK Game is perfect for you. This game is a comprehensive blend of crafting, fighting, exploring, hunting, and much more. You would never feel bored with it. This is a survival genre game, wherefrom building habitat to arranging eatables on your own. Players also experience exploration of marine life in it. 

App Information:

App NameRaft survival MOD APK
Requirements5.0 and up
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Coins, Menu, Gold
Size104 MB

About Raft Survival MOD APK:

This game set off with a proper theme of a plane crash. And as a result, the protagonist landed alone on a rickety raft. From there, your voyage starts. I don’t know if there is an ending to this game. But as far as my experience, I haven’t witnessed it yet. However, every new up-gradation makes it more challenging and exciting. Players experience savage animal attacks, starvation, storm, thrust, and almost all calamities of a practical world. Developers try to give every detail to this Raft Survival Cheat version game.

Raft survival game inventory

Start with the quest for woods because this is a basic necessity for living. From creating a durable raft to sterilizing water and cooking food, the usage of wood is everywhere. The impressive feature of this raft survival game is that it teaches us the importance of our natural ecosystem and human evolution with time. So, start collecting flooding resources near the raft with the help of a hook. Players can get a variety of essential things like plastic, iron ore, and basic commodities from inundated barrels. 

As in this original Android version, there is no lifeline, so once you die, you would lose all the items in the inventory and have to start from the very beginning. Therefore, firstly strengthen the defence system, and once you are done with it, immediately move your attention towards food and water. Unlock a mini water filtration plant and a grill for cooking. Consume vegetables until you catch fish. Store as many resources as you can but consume as little as you can; a key to surviving here. 

raft Survival Shark Attack

Never chase any animal or bird to hunt for food. Wait until they approach you, be focused, and once they near you throw the arrow. Bird nest also helps you in this regard. The more you play the raft survival MOD APK the more interesting it becomes. Raft expands and becomes a full-fedge floating farmhouse. You grow grass for animals, harvest food, upgrade tools, and build a defense system that minimizes the damage in shark attacks. Shark constantly attacks the raft; if you want to dive for collecting items under the island, try to keep your raft as far as possible. Sharks always chase the raft, so you have some time to collect items.


Create Weapons To Survive:

Create Weapons To Survive

As it is a survival game so for the safety and the security of your belongings from the shark and other attacks you have to craft the weapons. Here through the crafting menu, you can design multiple items such as Metal Arrow, Basic Bow, Machete,  Net Launcher, Metal Spear, and others. Keep in mind that to get all of these items first you have to collect the raw material such as wood, metal ingots, Rope, feather, and multiple others. So, never left behind any items from the sea and other ships.

Do Exploration:

Exploration of the island is a feature that further develops an interest in it. Players got animals like goats, cows, and others for food. Also, every island has at least one treasure that players have to find. This feature totally moulds this game from fish hunting to treasure hunting. In the quest for treasures, you would experience a fight with bears or hogs. Keep in mind that different strategies are used for hunting various animals. Players witnessed slow, fast, and unexpected attacks from them.

Build a raft of your dreams

Mod Features:

  1. Unlimited Money
  2. Free unlimited Gold
  3. Availability of Mod Menu

Tips and tricks of Raft Survival MOD APK:

I have been playing this game since its release in 2018. Here I want to share some pro tips about Raft Survival MOD APK with you. Follow them and also give your review in the comment section, down below. I would love to know about your experience.

  1. If you are a beginner try to collect as must wood as it is possible to be. The more, the better. You can get wood from island trees or from floating barrels. Never use wood unless it is necessary. It is not essential here to build a big raft. A huge raft needs bigger engines and they need more biofuel. As a beginner, you would out of resources.
  2. In tools build wooden spears firstly for defence against shark attack followed by fishing rods and shark bait. Also, upgrade or rebuild tools after every defence.
  3. This is a game of strategy. As a beginner always craft items when necessary. If you are going to regain resources by destroying them you get only half of them. So, must be aware of it.
  4. Unnesesserly never dives into the water. Most probably the shark will attack you and you die.
  5. Only throw the hook when it’s in its full power and collect all the resources coming in the way of the hook. No need to throw the hook if the resources are near the raft just press “E” to grab them. 
  6. Must jump on other floating rafts, you stumbled upon in the sea, to collect resources. While jumping on islands is quite tricky. You have to build 2 to 3 stories of your raft to jump on an island. 
  7. Under the island, you got a plethora of resources such as sand, iron ore, and many more. But you should collect all resources within 30 sec to 1 minute before the shark attack. 
  8. There is an interesting feature of this game is sharks always follow the raft, not the player. So, if you want to plunge into the ocean to collect resources try to keep yourself away from the raft as much as you can.
  9. Try to automate everything you can. Like nets help you a lot to catch floating debris, no need to throw hooks to catch one after one. 
  10. To secure animals from sharks attacks build barricades across them and place them on the second floor


We provide you with unlimited coins. So, there would be no difficulty for you to unlock any item in the inventory.

Yes. Absolutely this latest modified version is very safe to use. We have analyzed it thoroughly. You wouldn’t find anything that cause trouble for you.

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Raft Survival MOD APK has a plethora of features that immensely excited players. And the modified version where you got almost every locked feature provides you with another good reason to play this game to your fullest. For your spare time, this game is nothing more than a gem.

Enjoy this game and share your reviews in the comment section. We would love to know your thoughts. Also, if you face any issue whether in the installation process or regarding how to overcome any difficulty you can also approach us for help. Our team is always available for you.

May you get what you desire.



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