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Pokemon Go MOD APK is a game where you don’t have to sit for hours to play, on the contrary, this game encourages you to walk and do physical activity to make your life better. Mostly people are enjoying music while jogging but this game provides us the new pleasure of doing cardio. Isn’t it cool?

An astonishing thing here is after signing in every player got their own area map owing to the connection via google maps. That’s why this Pokemon Go MOD APK game would be different for everyone and at every new place. 

About Pokemon Go MOD APK:

Niantic Company has released the Pokemon Go game in 2016 and since then it has become a craze in youth. You can estimate its popularity by the feature that so far more than 1 billion times this game have been downloaded. And won the title of “The Best Mobile game” by Game Developers Choice Awards.

Here a number of distinguishing pokemon exist in the virtual world that seem like the real when you switch on the camera. And provides you the vibe of looking through the glass to the other side of the world which is impossible with the help of the human eye. Capturing pokemon is quite simple but finding is a bit difficult. Because we don’t know at which point the pokemon exists. 

Variety of Pokemon & Tournaments:


This game is not about capturing the simple pokemon that we have seen in films on the contrary here you came across multiple types of legendary, mythical, and many other categories of pokemon. All these pokemon are used to play PVP tournaments where you and your opponents use three pokemon each and at the end of the fight, the loser loses all their three pokemon.

While attacking tap your screen as fast as it is possible for you for fast attacks this is the only way to knock out your opponents. However, you can only win if you upgrade your fighting pokemon to a maximum upgraded level.

Features of Pokemon Go MOD APK: 

Full customization: 

As players are the ones who are going to catch the different creatures. Therefore looking good and presentable is also very important and this game perfectly fulfills those expectations. From head to toe players got full-fledged customization options here.

Here you can change your eye color, face, clothes, and even shoes. As it is not possible to buy multiple shoes practically therefore I fulfilled my dream here by selecting multiple different shoes and clothes. 

Fake GPS Availability:

As we know many of us don’t want to show their location and we respect their concern. Here we unlock a fake GPS location so, you can easily play without worrying about anything. 

Connection with Friends:

Pokemon Go is an online game that provides you an advantage to invite friends and even strangers to play this game with you, just like Sniper 3D MOD APK. This feature is a blessing for parents who are worried about their children who are not socializing and spending a long time on their mobile phones. 

Availability of Loading screen:

The loading screen feature is the one that appears on the screen if your camera is switched off. And there is no fixed limit to it. Because makers more commonly provide updates of this game where a more interesting loading screen is available. 

In all of them my favorite ones are Raid Battles, New year 2021, Go Snapshot. Try them and share your experience with your friends.

Some tips and tricks: 

If you are a beginner and don’t know how to play this game, don’t worry about it. Here I will explain all tips and tricks that would make you a pro of this game.

  1. Although this game has advantages that no one can deny, however, never lose focus on your surroundings while playing. And avoid playing during driving that would cause sware issues. 
  2. Preferable places outside of your house for playing Pokémon go MOD APK are park. However, choose an area where is no issue with the network connection. 
  3. It doesn’t matter whether you turn on your camera or not. Therefore, it depends only on your preference. 
  4. When you throw a ball to capture, you will experience the ball missing its target. That’s normal; just throw another ball or two, and you would get pokemon.
  5. A vital tip to throw the ball is just thrown after the animation of the pokemon. For Example, if the pokemon jumps, throw the ball just after he lands on the ground. That is the best time when your ball goes to the center in one shot. 
  6. You can invite five people in a lobby at a time, but keep in mind that you have to wait 20 seconds to request the next five people.
  7. Try to create a badge of 10 people with a particular name. So, next time you just have to type the badge name, and only this group will be invited. 
  8. Also, make your invite private, so no random person intrudes into your game. 
  9. If you are on a task to capture three or five pokemon with a single throw in a row to earn more XP, then I have a trick for you. When you see a pokemon turn off your internet and throw the ball and when you are successful immediately turn it on. Only one throw will count and you easily complete the task. 

Pokemon Go game is available in both free and in-purchase versions. However, for your ease, we provide this modified version where we unlock the features of the in-purchase version.

Yes. This version is absolutely safe to use. We understand that most people have reservations about the modified version but no need to worry I personally prefer the modified version over the original version because of multiple advanced features. This version would never cause any harm to your phone.


This game is more popular is adults owing to their childhood memories of the Pokemon go cartoon series. Also, there are multiple different creatures available to capture and the tournaments are the reasons that increase the interest in it. 

I have explained almost every utmost important point of Pokemon Go MOD APK in this article. If you still have a query then mention that in the comment section. Our team will help you as soon as it is possible to be. Also, never forget to try other exciting games as well such as Spaceflight Simulator MOD APK.



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