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Plants vs Zombies 2 MOD APK is a fighting game between zombies and natural plants. To protect the brain you have to build a strategy and take help from plants, never forget to provide them with plant food so they became more powerful and make the game an adventurous one. Here players got a bunch of different plants to fight against the horde of zombies. 

Apart from just winning and losing, this game teaches us the importance of our nature. I am 100% sure you all are familiar with the famous adage “Old Habits die Hard”. And in the time of Global Warming its better to teach our children about the importance of trees, through gaming, to inculcate the habit of plantation in them. 

A pen of a knowledgeable person is far more powerful than the sward of a warrior. By educating our children and making them aware of the current problems of Global warming issues we can easily divert our new generation towards a sustainable lifestyle. And in this regard games plays an important role, the theme of Plants vs Zombies 2 MOD APK revolves around such things. 

About Plants vs Zombies 2 MOD APK:

Plants vs Zombies 2 Mod Apk Image

In this game, players have to save their house from zombies, on the right side of the screen a horde of zombies is ready for attack, and just the opposite side, on your left, your house is present. I don’t think you find it difficult to understand because the game teaches you all the steps in the initial levels but on the next levels, you have to build your own strategy. 

Acting timely is essential for winning the game. Although here the only thing players have to do is drag the plant and drop it on the grassland, one wrong step would lead you towards failure. Also, never forget to use the shovel to remove the backward plants, this act would also increase the room for your plants. 

Here you can also challenge different players and participate in the arena against them. Also, with the help of this modified version no need to worry because we provide you with almost every essential thing in it, which I have explained in the feature section.

Mod Features Of The Game:

Hundreds of Plants Unlocked:

To increase your excitement and make this game easy for you, we provide a modified version of the game. Contrary to the original version here every plant is already unlocked, you won’t have to wait for it. Here you got a bunch of plants where everyone has its unique capabilities such as Peashooter, used for building a robust defence mechanism, and Wall-nut, used for building a wall between the plants and zombies where you are still allowed to attack through it but not the zombies, and many others. 

Unlimited Sun:

Just like money in other games, here sun is used to unlock the plants and other things. A minimum of 50 suns are required to unlock the level one Peashooter plant and the amount gradually increases as the level goes up. However, after this version, you won’t have to collect them because we provide you with the unlimited Sun hack. Also, try other games as well such as Archero MOD APK, I am pretty much sure you would love this one. 

Multiple Levels to Enjoy:

Here players got 300+ levels to enjoy the game and each level is further divided into 25 or 30 missions. Of all the levels, my favourite ones are Pirates Sea, Frostbite Caves, and Big Wave Beach. Although in this modified version you are allowed to skip any level and move to the next one, I suggest you never do that it will ruin your enjoyment. Also, after completing the level you would get multiple sorts of premium-level items in prizes. 

Tips and Tricks:

Plants vs Zombies 2 Mod Apk-APKTHRONG

Most newbies don’t know the exact method of playing the game; therefore, they make many mistakes. The best way of playing any game is by understanding the basics first and if any mistake happens, learn from it.  

  1. My first advice to all of you is that never go with the same strategy and plants in every battle. You have to change and level up them from time to time to get better results. 
  2. In every battle, you got some plant food that acts as a power booster. Use it entirely at that level, or else it won’t get it back.
  3. To get higher points try to kill every zombie as fast as you can. 
  4. While selecting the group of plants, before the start of the game, never forget to add the explosive ones, which would help to tackle the dire situations. Of the multiple explosive plants, the cheapest yet most effective one is potato mines. 
  5. Use the Hypno-shroom wisely. I suggest you use them on giant zombies, so after eating they will turn back and start attacking their own league, which in return increases your points. 
  6. Also, never place two same plants together instead make a team of plants and place the explosive once in front of them.
  7. Although with the presence of sunflower plants you are able to get more and more sun, in the game, never plane a bunch of them because they are neutral plants, and never attack the zombies. 
  8. It is far easier to collect as much sun as you can in the initial levels, but as the game moves on it became pretty much difficult for you. 
  9. After completing every new level new plants unlock, and imminently upgrade to obtain the maximum advantage from them in the next levels.
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How to Download the Plants vs Zombies 2 MOD APK Game?

If you are a new user of this game, first download the original version from the google play store and then uninstall it. After that, install the MOD APK file. In this way, you would get unlimited Money and other Hack. Keep in mind that all these steps are essential; else, you would get an error. 

How difficult to play the Plants vs Zombies 2 Game?

The difficulty of every level is different, to increase the excitement of the players, the makers create some quite tricky levels in it which you can easily assess through the difficulty bar present in the description of every level. However, as per my experience, this game is pretty much easy to play, where all you have to do is select the best powerful plants to fight with the zombies. 

Is the MOD APK file safe for download on Android and IOS phones?

Yes, totally safe. You can count on us, we never provide anything that will cause issues to your costly valuable cellphones. 

Is Plants vs Zombies 2 an offline game?

Yes, just like Zenonia 5 MOD APK, it is an offline game, no internet connection is required. Due to its offline availability, you won’t face the issue of advertisement. Enjoy the game with full relaxation. 

Final Words:

Plants vs Zombies 2 MOD APK is a fighting game not for humans but of zombies and plants. Here you got diverse gameplay, attractive graphics, a number of levels to explore, and multiple other features that would never let you bored. Also, in this article, I have mentioned all the tips and tricks plus suggestions for helping you become a professional player. I don’t think after reading this article any confusion left, but still, if you have any queries, mention them in the comment section. 



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