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Neo Monsters Mod Apk

Neo Monsters MOD APK is one of the best monster battle RPG games where players create the teams to fight for triumph. If you are a lover of role-playing genre games, I am pretty sure you would love this Neo Monster game because of the presence of attractive graphics, 100+ online missions, weekly events, PvP battles, and a lot of other features. 

About Neo Monsters MOD APK:

It belongs to the role-playing genre, and the gameplay is similar to the pokemon games; here, with the help of the partner monsters, you capture the other available monsters. When you start playing the game, first you have to specify the gender, and next, you get four choices of monsters to select the one to make your partner. Here you see the monster of earth, fire, storm, and water. It is completely up to you which one you select but as I suggest you go with the monster of earth. And after that setting, the actual game would start. 


This game depicts a historical event where different worlds existed, and the Empire of Verosia ruled all. Everything was good, and the people of the area had a peaceful life, but suddenly something strange happened, a lot of monsters appeared in the world. However, instead of being afraid, humans train them for fights in the arena. 

When the first time you landed on the Neo Monsters Game, the match was just about to begin, and your uncle Hector was ready to win the fight and make history. Moreover, you would also see the arena full of people and hear the sound of shouting, laughing, and clapping. Neo Monsters MOD APK depicts interesting lifelike graphics and a good soundtrack, which you would definitely like. 

Explore A massive World

How to play Neo Monsters MOD APK:

Playing this game is quite easy, same as other Pokémon games like Pokemon Go MOD APK, here, you capture different monsters and add them to your team. You also have to train them, unlock more skills for them, upgrade them and try your best to make them the best monsters ever. As players are playing the role of dragon master, so it’s your duty to train the monster as best as you can so they perform and win all the missions in the arena. 

Moreover, you can also play with the other players and even the AI players as well, and each time you win the battle, the power of the monsters increases. The PvP battles are the best because they always match you with the players having the same power level, which means both the players get equal chances to win. 

And to fight in the arena, both the players line up their monsters, and the health bar appears at the bottom of each monster. First, you have to analyze the powers and strength of the other monsters and start the attack, focus on the ones having lower power and then gradually move towards the other monsters. And when you think their power is not enough to retaliate, you click on the capture button, and it will include it in your collection. It is the best and most simple way to capture a monster into your team. 

Main game Screen


Team Fights:

In Neo Monsters MOD APK, players build a team of up to 16 monsters and fight with them in the arena. As you play Finnegan Ranch, the nephew of the greatest trainer Hector Finnegan, whose story every player watches at the start of the game. Therefore, you also have to show yourself a great trainer of all time, just like your uncle. This feature makes the whole game quite interesting. 

Data Transfer:

This feature is pretty much relaxing for those who have changed their Android phone. These options allow you to transfer the previous data of Neo Monsters Game from your previous phone to your new phone. Pretty much interesting, though?

On the main screen of the game, just at the bottom right side, the data transfer tab is available. All you have to do is click on that and enter your previous game transfer number, and that’s it, you don’t have to verify the account nor do the “login with the Gmail account” step, only with one data transfer code all the data would transfer. 

Also, keep in mind that never share your data transfer code with any other player or friend, else you would lose all your game data, it is a pretty much confidential number. 

Mod Features of Neo Monsters Game:

Increase the Capturing Power:

In this mod version of the Neo Monsters game, we have increased the capturing power, so every player doesn’t face any issues to include any sort of monster in the game. If you have ever played the original version of the game, you have seen that all the monsters are pretty much powerful, and after multiple tries, you would only be able to capture only one or two. However, with this mod version, you can easily grab any monster you like quite easily. 

Unlimited Money Hack:

To upgrade the monsters and unlock items from the shop, this hack feature would always help you. With this unlimited money hack, you can easily get the items your like in no time. 

Tips and Tricks:

I can safely say that this section is the core of the whole article because, especially for newbies, here, I have mentioned Neo Monsters Legendary tricks that would help them play the game like a pro player. So, thoroughly read all the points that have been mentioned below.

  • When the first time you start that game, a whole story would start, where our main protagonist was a child and after the span of 10 years he/she is now a fully grown person. I suggest you never skip that part of the game to understand what is happening in the world of Verosia, which has changed everything.
  • As there are hundreds of monsters available, always try to capture the ones having more star ratings because these are the only ones having high potential.
  • If multiple monsters would appear on the screen, try to get the one having low defensive power.
  • Keep in mind that you will get only one chance to capture any monster; once you fail, you won’t be able to capture it again. 
  • Also, if in unfortunate circumstances, you would miss all the monsters, then immediately click on the skip option available at the bottom right side of the screen.
Monsters Attack Image
  • Try to play with all the monsters to get to know about their potential and if you consider anyone is not up to your standards, edit the list and delete that specific monster. 
  • Moreover, you can also add training sessions, unlock secret skills and take other such steps in the monsters menu, the options in just at the bottom of the screen.
Monsters Menu Image
  • Also, here the very new world you unlock, or any new step you take, multiple instructions would appear on the screen; read them completely, it makes the whole game much easy to understand. 


Does Neo Monsters Game available offline?

Here you can enjoy the fights and capture of monsters offline but to shop the items, hatch the other monsters, and for some other features, the internet is essential. 

Which are the best monsters in the Neo Monsters MOD APK game?

There are thousands of monsters available in this mod version of the game, and all of them are categorized on the basis of the stars they have. There are a total of 6 stars available in any monster, and the monsters that have all the stars are Legendary ones and quite hard to come by. 

thousands of monsters

Final Words:

Neo Monsters MOD APK is the best RPG game where you see intriguing graphics, attractive gameplay, and, most importantly, a lot of features, which I have explained in this article. I suggest you must play this game and also enjoy the others available on our website.


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