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Although I have played a bunch of different games, the Mobile Legends Adventure MOD APK is one of the most amazing games so far. And the reason is simple it has diverse gameplay, attractive graphics, and to top it all off, hundreds of features, which can make anyone a fan of it. If you are a newbie and don’t know anything about this game, then just stick to this topic. Here I have explained each and every aspect pretty much profoundly. 

Mobile Legends Adventure (MLA) game belongs to the role-playing genre. Here you build a squad of 5 or more heroes and fight against the evil enemies who are on a mission to destroy the Land of Dawn. To seize the victory, players have to build a strong strategy plus upgrade the gear and heroes to acquire maximum advantage from them. If you like this game, then I am damn sure you would also like Plants vs Zombies 2 MOD APK, also a fighting game. 

About Mobile Legends Adventure MOD APK:

This game has a complete storyline in which someone in the past said about a prophecy that says you will lose whatever you have, and now that time is coming. The land of Dawn is now started turning into ashes, and our heroes Rafels, Layla, and Tigreal pledge they won’t let this happen. 

Tigreal is a warrior, while Rafels duty is to heal all other heroes whenever they get injured. These are the heroes players would get on the first level, and as soon as the level goes up, more and more heroes would enter into the original version of the game.

I have been playing this Mobile Legends Adventure game for quite a time now but haven’t faced any such bigger issue in it. Timely updates, stunning graphics, and a good sound system are a few of its many features. It has many other parts as well and, apart from this one, the most famous one is Mobile Legends: Bang Band. 

Mobile Legends Adventure game Image


An Endless Game: 

In this game, almost hundreds of levels and multiple missions are available to enjoy. Also, more and more levels are added into it with every new update. That is why we can safely say that there is no end to it. The more you are into the game, the more interesting and adventurous it becomes. The makers of the game try their best to provide the players the best experience possible, never letting anyone be irritated at any place. 

Unlimited Monay/Coins Hack:

Money is an essential thing in-game life as well as in real life. Players need it to upgrade the heroes, unlock the equipment & gear, and in many other things. However, in the original version, you have pretty much limited money available. To get more, you have to play a lot, which consumes your valuable time and decreases your excitement from time to time. That is why, just like Gangstar New Orleans MOD APK, we provide you the cheat of Unlimited money, so from now on you can easily get everything in the game, in short, with this hack, you became the game’s richest man. Quite funny though? But it is a reality. 

Unlimited Diamonds Cheat:

Diamonds are quite hard to come by. You need it in plenty of places, such as unlocking premium-level heroes. Also, most players owing to zero diamonds quite the game in the middle, but no need to worry now. We solve this issue by providing the unlimited diamonds hack. 

Hundreds of Characters:

As I described earlier, there are 7 types of heroes available in the game and the names of the categories are Elemental, Tech, Martial, Light, Dark, Order, and Chaos. And every category contains multiple heroes, in between, my favorite ones are Gord the light Mage, Grock the Heavy Tank, Alpha the heavy fighter, and some others. As with the mod version, getting the heroes to become a lot earlier for you, therefore, I suggest you try every hero and then pick the best out of them for building a robust team. 

Enjoy with Worldwide Players:

It is one of the most attractive features of the mod version, where you are allowed to challenge any international gamer around the world over. You could also invite your friends & even family members to fight against you. However, before doing that, train yourself first, play some modes, and understand how controls of the game work. And after the practice of a week or two, you would be able to show your fighting skills and astonish the opponent. 

Tips and Tricks:

Although I have played a bunch of different games, the Mobile Legends Adventure MOD APK is one of the most amazing games so far. The reason is that it has diverse gameplay, attractive graphics, and to top it all off, hundreds of unique features. 

  1. There are a total of 7 factions of heroes are available, So, when you start upgrading the heroes do it faction-wise. Upgrade one faction at a time and then move to the next one. Upgradation of heroes is a key to the success of the game; lacking in this part would definitely lead the player towards failure. 
  2. To get the maximum idle rewards must complete the campaigns swiftly. 
  3. After starting the game and after the fights, you would get multiple tips and suggestions regarding further steps, never miss or skip them, it will help you a lot. 
  4. I suggest you first upgrade the frontline heroes because they are the ones who provide a strong defense and also retaliate against the attack. 
  5. Keep in mind that the starting levels are pretty much easy to play, therefore you can easily overcome the opponent players with the same heroes, but when you achieve the higher level, try to pick the best heroes of every faction, keep your team changing.
  6. Only use the diamonds in premium summon, never waste them on anything else.  
  7. I always keep Rafels at the front row so she can swiftly heal the other front-row heroes and weak heroes at the last row. However, it is not a rule of thumb, try other placements as well and build your own strategies to find out which ones perfectly work for you. 
  8. Also, explore the guide section of the Mobile Legends Adventure game, where you got every sort of information regarding the upcoming updates and heroes information.
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Is it is a free version of the Mobile Legends Adventure game?

Yes, absolutely free. You don’t have to pay any amount for the modified version. We offer you all the features of the in-purchase version along with multiple hacks entirely free.  

Is the Mobile Legends Adventure MOD APK offline game?

It is an online game but some of its features are also available offline. So, you can enjoy it offline as well as online. 

Final Words:

Mobile Legends Adventure MOD APK is one of the best RPG action fighting games, where you explore a new world that contains multiple adventures. Due to the availability of hundreds of heroes, numerous missions, and multiple features no one can say no to this game. Also, in this article I have explained all the things regarding this game, I am damn sure it would help you a lot. For more games explore our website. 



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  1. I love this game! I’ve been playing it for a while now and I’ve never gotten bored. The only thing I don’t like is that it’s a bit hard to get diamonds sometimes.

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