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Magic Rampage MOD APK is an action genre game where players enjoy a lot of features such as fights with the enemies, exploration of secret areas, dodging obstacles, finding new deadly weapons, and many more. Moreover, players can also customize their characters, as there are multiple options available for that. I suggest you read the whole article, so you get to know the complete information about the best RPG genre game.

I have been playing it for the whole past month, and believe me, there are very few games that have such an intriguing storyline, lifelike graphics, relevant soundtrack, and a lot of other features. Also, as this game depicts the 19’s style of gameplay with advanced graphics, so this game is also perfect for those who want to experience the previous gaming style. 

Basic Information:

Game NameMagic Rampage
Requirements4.1 and up
Size126 MB
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Money/Gold

About Magic Rampage MOD APK:

This game depicts the time when a strange force intrudes the castle and does black magic, which turns all the soldiers into zombies and other deadly creatures. Moreover, they have also hidden the castle areas and buried multiple places underground. So, to find the king and get to know all about the issue and unfold the mysteries, you have to start your journey.

When you start the game, you are not the only soldier who doesn’t affect by black magic, there are others as well that help you to kill the enemies. That is why I suggest you always try to be together with other players because it helps you to overcome any deadly situation quite easily.

Game Image

Furthermore, the layout of the Magic Rampage Game is really user-friendly, no one would face any difficulty in finding an option. On the main game screen, you will see menu and shop options, the menu icon contains all important options such as Achievements, Skill Tree, Survival Mode, and others. I suggest you must explore this one. 

Also, Here every player gets three slots, so by installing only one app, you can enjoy the same levels with three different characters. This feature has other benefits as well, you can easily dedicate a slot to play with friends, family, or other random pro players.  

Magic Rampage Game Three Slots

How to Play the Magic Rampage MOD APK Game?

There is no complexity in the controls of the game. The controls of the game are pretty much simple yet intriguing, here you see a total of four main icons on the screen, two on the left-hand side and two on the right-hand side. To move the protagonist, you have to use left-hand side icons and to hit and jump, right-hand side icons would use. As there are multiple places where you need a longer Jump, press the jump icons twice, and the protagonist will jump in the air. 

Game main Page Image

Moreover, you can also pause the game at any point, the icon is available at the bottom middle of the screen. Remember that every player would get three chances/lives in every level. However, for your ease, the makers provide you with more lives in the game, which are hidden in different places which you have to explore. And if you think you have missed multiple items in any particular level, use the restart button and play the same level like a pro.

Also, keep a close eye on the enemy when you start hitting them, on the top of their head, their health bar is present, you have to hit him until the bar is completely zero, and while hitting, never stand in one place, this trick will save you from their attack. Another good trick that would help you to annihilate any zombie in no time is hitting on their head, in this way, it will be completely destroyed with only one hit.


Online Battles to Enjoy:

It is one of the best features of the game where you can play with the players from all over the world, the other person who is participating with you would be as real as you are, so you learn new fighting skills and annihilate the enemies quite easily. I suggest you must participate in online battlers because it unlocks more dungeons, provide you with unique weapons, and multiple other exciting prices that are pretty much hard to come by. 

Character Customization:

There are complete customization options available in the game, in these options, you can change the appearance & colors of the eyes, the body of the character, and on top of all, you can even select the character from multiple available here, such as Ranger, Druid, Mage, Rogue, Black Mage, Priest, and others. 

Character Customization

Keep in mind that every character available in this game has different magic power, staff attack rate, armor, speed, and jump impulse. So, to select any one of them, first check all the details, it helps you to make the right decision. However, as per my suggestion, you should go with the Paladin, and the reason is simple, it has better qualities than the others. 

Endless Adventure:

There is no end to the adventure in Magic Rampage Game, the more you go deeper into the game, the more places you are going to visit here. Moreover, here every new place is designed in a distinguished manner, players would face new deadly enemies such as ghosts, spiders, dragons, bats, and many other savage enemies. 

Multiple Sort of Weapons to Enjoy:

There are multiple weapons are available in the Magic Rampage Hack APK game, which not you use to attack but also help you disguise the opponent. In the shop menu, you can easily see the complete list of weapons displayed on the wall of the shopkeeper. Here Steel Blade,  Silver Axe, Ifrit’s Dagger, Oxymp’s Staff, and multiple others are displayed. 

Multiple Sort of Weapons to Enjoy

Moreover, if you don’t know which one is best for you to buy, just click on it and you will be able to see the complete details of that particular weapon, such as the damage rate, attacking speed, jumping impulse, the price, and also the information regarding which creature it will be more effective. So, read all the details completely and choose wisely. 

Mod Features of Magic Rampage Game:

Unlimited Money/Gold Hack:

In the original version of the Magic Rampage game, accumulation of money is not easy, that is why I have created the ease for you, providing the hack version of the original game where you can easily get huge money by selling the potions which are easily available in it. Moreover, while playing, make sure your internet connection is disabled because this mod version will only work offline. So, you can enjoy the mod version anytime and anywhere on your Android phone. 

Beginner’s Guide:

It is a pretty much important section for newbies because I have mentioned the dos and don’ts of the Magic Rampage game, so read it completely and avoid the mistakes.

  1. While playing, always brake the vas and other such items that would appear on your way because it contains multiple items such as more weapons, defense suits, and others. 
  2. There are multiple secret places available on different levels, and to your surprise, the first secret place you can easily explore is available on the very first level. 
  3. Multiple types of equipment are available to play with, but remember that not everyone can provide fruitful results. To win, you must need the weapons that have more damage rates and high durability. 
  4. You might face some difficulty in understanding all the options at the start but believe me, after going through one or two chapters, you will automatically get to know all about it. 
  5. When the first time you start playing the game, a complete tutorial appears on the screen, never skip it because it will provide you with complete information about the storyline and your first mission, which you have to solve. 
  6. On your way to the end, you would see multiple wooden boxes that block the way, and the character isn’t capable of jumping from them, so the best way is to hit them with your weapons, after two to three hits, it will easily break. 
  7. Carefully read all the notifications which will appear on the screen, these are the best tips for you. 
  8. To win, you have to fight with different types of enemies, and everyone has their own health and attacking style, so the best way is to take a distance from them and keep attacking with your weapons. 

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Final Words:

Magic Rampage MOD APK contains the best graphics, user-friendly interface, and a lot of features that make you addicted to this game. Also, in this article, I have provided you with the complete information about the game, also the beginner’s guide for newbies, so they won’t face any issues with it. So, never skip any part of it, and also share your review about the game in the comment section. 

Download Magic Rampage Mod Apk (Unlimited Money/Gold Hack)


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