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LifeAfter Mod Apk

Zombies are a fascinating subject, that is why hundreds of games have been created on it so far, and today I am sharing with all of you another best game called LifeAfter MOD APK. It depicts the time when a virus engulfs the whole world, from snowy mountains to deserts, from cities to villages, and everything is deserted. Now, everyone is on their own, players have to save themselves and the remaining humans to save humanity from extinction. 

Although it is an action genre game, where you do fights, and use the weapons to kill the zombies, here you also do multiple other tasks as well such as construction, acquiring resources, making arrangements for food, and exploring multiple places to complete the missions. There are so much fun and excitement in this game that would never let anyone board, here, you got many extra features as compared to the other games of its genre like The Walking Dead MOD APK.

About LifeAfter Mod Apk:

LifeAfter game depicts the time of doomsday when on our planet earth, no law and order is present. You see blood, dead bodies, deadly savage zombies, wracked vehicles, deserted places, and other such things which convey a horror look to players. Now at this time, a few humans are left, and others are either dead or mutated to become a zombie.  

LifeAfter Game Image

There is no end to options and features in LifeAfter MOD APK Game, here, you got vehicles to drive, helicopters to fly, and multiple other items to find a safe place. Also, all these things are there to help you, not the zombies, because these mutated creatures are brainless animals who just wanted to bite the humans and drink their blood. 

So, these items and other vehicles help you to overcome the deadly situation. Must remember that zombies are everywhere and in huge numbers, you might be able to kill dozens of them at a time, but when they appear in tens and thousands of numbers, you can’t kill all of them. So, at that time, the best way is to rescue yourself from that place. 

I suggest you never ignore building a safe shelter in this game, it is an essential place to build to save yourself and others, humans, from the attack of deadly creatures. The best part of the game is that here you construct the same house as we do in our daily life with the household resources such as a bed, study table, BBQ stand, almirah, a small workstation, wallpapers, blueprint machine, and many others. Moreover, you can design and place the items anywhere in the shelter/house. 

Construct the home


LifeAfter Hack APK Game start with the train travel where some humans are travelling towards a safe place. As it is the time of plague, so for the security of the women and children, many men, along with the weapons, are standing at the top, along with the door and other places of the train. 

They were sure zombies attacked them on their way, but they didn’t know when and where. However, when the train passed near the city, tens of thousands of zombies started jumping toward them, and even some were jumping from the wrecked roller-coaster to the top of the train. At that time, our main character appeared on the helicopter and saved the humans from the zombies. Here the actual survival starts. 


Enjoy Hundreds of Locations:

The area where you build the shelter is completely safe, but it doesn’t have enough resources on which you can survive long enough. That is why you have to visit the affected areas for the arrangement of food and other essential stuff. Here you explore a lot of places such as jungles, cities, mountains, tunnels, and even inside the houses. Moreover, all the areas are designed in such a realistic manner that it looks like you are visiting the actual world. 

Complete Multiple Tasks:

To acquire more items and unlock many other places, you have to complete the tasks. These are a complete list of tasks available in the game, which makes the whole journey quite interesting. Some of the most popular and interesting tasks are The opposite Bank, Making Highway, Rainbow Paradise, Fishing is Fun, and others. 

Customization Options:

When the first time you enter the game, you have to specify your gender, and after that customization option will appear. Here you can customize the face, hairstyle, width of the face, and even select the chin to make the protagonist more attractive. After that, just click on done and define the name, that’s all for the protagonist. 

Although the upper-defined customization options are pretty much common, almost every game provides these features, what really differentiates this LifeAfter MOD APK from others are the pet customization features, such as where you decide what kind of dog you are going to select. Moreover, for the dog, you can also unlock the collar, fur, and other options as well.

Unite against the Zombies

Ride Multiple Vehicles:

To move from one place to another, you can use multiple vehicles such as cars, bikes, bicycles, and even choppers. It is a very interesting feature where you can enjoy car and bike racing as well.  

Cook Your Own Food:

As it is a survival genre game, so you have to arrange your food as well. Currently, there are more than 50 food recipes available in LifeAfter MOD APK Game, and more will unlock in upcoming updates. Here you cook Jam, Barbecued meat, Steamed Vegetables, Grilled Mushrooms, and many others. And to get these items, all you have to do is go towards the BBQ stand, and the cooking icon will appear here, just add the ingredients, and the cooking process will start. 

Keep in mind that you can cook 5 recipes simultaneously, and every recipe has a different cooking time, some take 10 to 12 sec to cook properly, while the others consume more time. However, for more information, go to the recipes tab, which is available just at the bottom of the cooking tab. 

Meeting with other Humans:

explore new places

It is a reality that humans are very few in number, and they are hidden in different areas. In this game, you can consider every other human as your friend, and you have to come together to fight against the hordes, either in groups or alone. However, when you explore new places to gather resources or complete missions, other humans will help you a lot. Everyone who meets with you provides a valuable guide related to that specific area, so read it carefully and start your journey. 

Mod Features of LifeAfter Game:

All Weapons Unlocked:

The power of a single zombie is far more than humans which is why to save themselves, weapons are essential. Here you got hundreds of different powerful weapons which you have ever seen in movies or any other game, every new weapon is available for your use, such as SMGs, Assault Rifles, Snipers, Hand Weapons such as Big knife, Saw Blade, and others. 

Moreover, as it is the modified version of LifeAfter, here we provide you with the hack of every weapon unlocked. Just download this file and get any weapon of your choice in this game, and use them against the zombie to kill as many as your like. 

Free Unlimited Money Hack:

To update the weapons, items of the house, and many other places, money would use, that is why we provide you with unlimited money cheat in this mod version of the LifeAfter game. 

Availability of Free Tools:

There are multiple tools used in this game for crafting the items like the torch, iron axe, fishing road, and others. Crafting is pretty much important here because, for survival, you need multiple items, which can only be possible via crafting. However, first, you have to arrange the resources and other raw materials for it, which is really a tough job. That is why we have unlocked multiple free tools for your use in this updated version of the LifeAfter Game. 

Mutation of Humans into Zombies

Tips and Tricks:

To make you a noob to a pro player, I have included this tips and tricks section in this article. So, read it completely and must remember these points.  

  1. Never forget to claim the rewards on a daily basis. These rewards keep updating, so once you ignore them, you won’t be able to acquire the previous one. 
  2. Training staff is also pretty much important to win the game, so unlock them. 
  3. Try to upgrade the weapons, crafts, and other stuff which you have gathered from the game as fast as you can. 
  4. To get the idea and other information about the tasks go to the mailbox, here, all the essential information is available. 
  5. If you are new to this game, I suggest you take start with gathering valuable resources such as food, wood, and others. 
  6. Although there are hundreds of items available to provide an attractive look to the house, I suggest you avoid unlocking and wasting your resources on them, there will provide you no benefit.
  7. If you find the names which are mentioned on the boxes and other items pretty much hard to remember then edit them and write the ones which you find easy to memorize. For this, just click on the box, and the list of items it contains will appear on the screen, on the top of these lists, the name and setting icon will appear, click on that icon, edit the name, and then save the settings. 
  8. Before going to any new place, always analyze the area from the map. It is available at the top right corner of the screen.  
  9. Although you can play solo and with friends in this mod version, I suggest you first play solo and after getting knowledge about the controls, then team up with your friends.

Drawbacks of LifeAfter Game:

Although it is a pretty much interesting game with a lot of features, it is also a reality that it consumes a lot of your cellphone space. When the first time you enter the game, regarding the resolution, two options will appear where you have to select one. 

The first option is Standard which consumes more than 2GB of memory, while the other is High-Resolution which consumes 3GB+ memory. That is why if you have an old version of the android phone, you might not be able to play this game. 

Game Image


Is LifeAfter an Offline Game?

Just like Ultimate Car Driving Simulator MOD APK, you can enjoy this LifeAfter MOD APK offline.

How do I fish in LifeAfter Game Android?

For fishing, first, you have to craft the Wooden Fishing Rod. After that, use the bait, which you can get from the hook icon, available at the bottom of the screen. Now just throw the thread into the water and wait for the fish to take the bait. This way, you can capture the fish in LifeAfter Game.

Final Words:

LifeAfter MOD APK For Android is the best zombie genre game, which offers pretty realistic graphics, intriguing sound effects, a good storyline, and a lot of other features as well. Before writing this article, I played this game and believed me I enjoyed it a lot. In this article, I have explained all the details, so you won’t face any issues with it. I suggest you try other interesting games as well, such as My Mini Mart MOD APK.


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