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Last Day On Earth Mod Apk

A survival genre game where players experience a bunch of multiple features such as killing, crafting, cooking, and to top it all surviving & helping others. Last Day On Earth MOD APK depicts the post-pandemic world where a virus engulfs the world over. Owing to this, humans mutate to become savage monsters, aka zombies. 

If you are an action game lover, you have listened to this game. It is famous not only in kids but adults also addicted to this game. The reason for this is its unique features, up-to-the-mark graphics, and other things that distinguish this game from others available in the market. Just like the Undead Slayer game, it is also quite popular.

Features of Last Day On Earth MOD APK:

Due to its popularity, we provide this cheated version of Last Day On Earth with almost all premium features unlocked. One thing to keep in mind is that the dead army is more powerful, and they are countless. Many times here, you have to fight with a mob. So, these cheats help you a lot to overcome all the difficult situations. And you will not die in the survival time. Down below, I explain entirely all the features of this modified version. Enjoy the game and tell us your experience in the comment section. We would love to know about it.

One Hit Kill

Last Day On Earth Mod Apk

One hit kill is a premium feature. As mentioned in the name, with this feature, players kill the horde of zombies with only one hit. You just have to switch on this feature, and you would experience a God-mode-like feeling. Any zombie comes your way, and just kill them and clear your path. 

Infinite Weapons Durability

One annoying thing is the limit of every weapon in the original version. On the contrary, here we unlock 100pc durability so you can enjoy the action to your fullest. So, if there is no limit on weapons, players can save their energy and avoid zombie attacks by not providing them the chance to attack you first. This also helps to keep the health maximum. 

Free Craft Mode Menu

Last Day On Earth Mod

Free crafting and building are also available here. In this version, we unlocked all the crafting menus. Players don’t have to wait long for unlocking these items, therefore, Freely build whatever they want to develop. Apart from this, there are also multiple hacks available in this Last Day on Earth Survival MOD APK.

Instant Global Map walk

The global map is the feature where you watch all the gaming world. To move from one place to another, you can use a car, or if the vehicle is unavailable, you have to run for that place. Which is quite irritating. This problem is solved here. You can move from any place on the Global map in an instant. Quite interesting. Isn’t it? 


Boosters help you to fight against zombies. That’s why you must increase your strength and become more powerful. And boosters help you in this regard. Boosters increase your power against zombies 200 present. You have to buy a booster through gold/coins. Just like Zombie Hunter MOD APK in this modded version, you have unlimited money, so no need to worry about buying as many boosters as you want.


This game depicts 2027 time, about future. When humanity is on the verge of distinct. And you are the few humans that are left in this world of Last Day On Earth MOD APK. Most of the population became zombies, and the remaining humans have to save themselves from them and arrange food, shelter, and other basic amenities on their own. 

Game Image

I have been playing this game since its release. There are multiple features in this game that glue the user. And one of them is its graphics that are so natural and genuine that anyone tastes the pleasure of the real world. And you can feel the vulnerability to yourself when you have to arrange every single job for survival. 

Food, shelter, clothes, and water are the basic stuff for survival. In this game, you would arrange every single thing for your survival. To get clothes, you have two options. The first one is you steal clothes from the dead or other humans. And the 2nd one is to stitch for yourself, but this would happen in the 18th level when you got a sewing table. 

At that time, only one rule applied: the rule of the jungle, kill others or be killed. Be a true survivor. Cold, hunger, and thrust killed you before the pandemic attack. So, be ready and arrange the essential commodities. This game is after the apocalyptic world so that nothing would be found as simple as in today’s world. If we differentiate this game from PUBG, there are many other challenges in this game. In PUBG, you just found weapons and fought with humans. Here you first secure yourself and also fight but with mutated devils. 

Game Image

When the apocalypse comes, keep your eyes and ears open and be ready for any bad situation. Only trust in yourself. Be a one-man army. You have to read the craft of using more deadly weapons. And always be ready to kill anyone. Everyone wants to confiscate your resources in this game, so be alert. You have to find an abandoned bunker or build walls/buildings, shelters, and trap to safeguard yourselves. For food, you can hunt animals same as in the era of the stone age. Also, put your hold on areas to make force people work for you, built radio walkie-talkie to communicate with other survival humans. Make yourself a strong one that your enemies will frighten to cross your way. This is the only technique to sustain in the Last Day On Earth MOD APK game. 

This game uses artificial intelligence, and this is the only free game available for this high level. The virtual world of this game seems so natural that you would feel like living in it. Prepare your weapons to attack with the hoard of savage zombies. As we know dead army has more power and strength as compared to humans. In this regard, you need to boost your strength. Overcome this hostile environment with proper strategy and planning. You are not the only human left in this world. There are others; talk to them and explain your strategies to save them from becoming one of them.

My opinion:

I personally love zombie genre games and always play this game in my spare time. The best thing about this game is its super crisp graphics and fatal environment. In this game, your every decision either keep you away from danger or annihilate humanity. This is cool, isn’t it?. A swarm of zombies tries to mutate you, but you have to fight until the last power you have.

And here comes the modded version where you never die, and your power is always 100 pc available. Also, try other popular action games as well such as Hero Hunter, I am damn sure you would love its intriguing features.

No, Our team personally checked this mod apk and insure that this would never cause any trouble for you.

No. We don’t charge a penny for any modified version. You can get any modified version free of cost through this website.

For Aluminum, you have to unlock the melting furnace. Which helps you to craft aluminum.

Yes. The extraordinary game is also available on android, ios, PC, and Mac. You can better experience with mouse and on bid screen. 


The primary thing in this game is to know the craft of survival. This game is a true gem, and I tried my best to provide you with all the valuable information to learn as much as you can. I have a firm belief you would love this game. Our team has checked this version, there will be no security problem for you and we tried our best to provide you with the latest android version of Last Day On Earth Survival Game. This modded version works the same as the original one with more features for your ease, which increases more pleasure.

If you find any issues regarding this Last Day On Earth Survival MOD APK, do let us know in the comment section. Mentioning email is compulsory, and we will content you when we resolve your issue. For more modded versions, you can explore your site.



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