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Horrorfield Mod Apk

If you are really bored by playing old bizarre games, try this one, Horrorfield MOD APK, a horror adventure game that would surprise you with its unique features and mind-boggling sound & graphics. Here you survive yourself from savage monsters, a psycho whose main objective is to capture you. This game is the perfect blend of teamwork, skills and also teaches you how to dodge difficult situations. 

About Horrorfield MOD APK:

Horrorfield has many things to fascinate the gamers, such as multiple monsters, horrified survivors, and its unique graphics. The game starts with four friends who saw a deserted island on their way to somewhere else. Soon after landing on the island, they realized that it was a haunted place, but unfortunately, they were stuck there. Now it’s the player’s duty to find a way out. 

To get all the essential things menu is the best option. All you have to do is just click on it. From there, you can get the information of any character and understand the dangerous levels of different monsters. And through the workshop option, you can craft many tools such as grenades, holy water, tool kit, and other valuable things. Use the energy drink in case your health is depleted after the monster attack. 


Horrorfield Mod Apk Game Image

At the start, you got to know about the whole crew. One thing to remember is you are not alone here, others are available for your help. Your first mission is to find a way out and this can only be done with the help of a door that required electricity. So, we can safely say that repairing the generator is your very first mission. However, it doesn’t as simple as it is seen whenever you got the generator the psycho vicious monster finds and captures you.

There are a total of 7 generators are appearing on the map, but you only need 5 for them to get the power back to unlock the doors. Also, the psycho here only reacts after hearing the sounds of the screams that let out due to fear. As there is no way to stop them therefore whenever you hear such sounds, prepare yourself to run before the monster arrives. 

Mod Features of Horrorfield Game:

Unlimited Coins/Money:

Coins are required to upgrade the tools and players’ performances, but you only got a bit of money in the original version, which will only help you upgrade one level or two. And for further up-gradation, you have to play a lot. That’s why to create ease for you, we are providing the latest modified version of the Horrified game with an unlimited money hack. Now you can unlock any tool you like and up-grade them to the maximum level possible. 

Scary Sound & Graphics:

Without mysterious music and dark night graphics, a horror game would never frighten anyone. That is why I am in love with Horrorfield MOD APK because here you experience all sorts of scary things that will impress you very much. Here you experience old, dilapidated buildings, bloodstains, wounds, and many other things. 

Craft Weapons and Armors:

Horrorfield Mod Apk Game Image

The workshop is the best place to craft the armor. The more savage monsters would come your way as soon the game levels up. At that stage, without grenades and powerful weapons, you wouldn’t be able to save yourself from the enemies. Therefore, to increase your excitement and enjoyment, we have already unlocked many items, and the remaining can easily be unlocked with the help of unlimited money. 

Tips & Tricks of Horrorfield MOD APK:

I understand that sometimes it is very hard for beginners to understand this game fully in a short time. Therefore, I am sharing with you my learning and finding of the game. I hope these tips are going to be useful and after reading this you wouldn’t do the same mistakes that I have done here. 

  1. Always carry the first-aid kit with you in the game because there is a high probability of attacks from monsters. 
  2. Before the starting of the game place the items in the characters’ slots. Forget to do so, you wouldn’t be able to use them while playing. 
  3. A single survivor can only carry four items so never over-burden them. 
  4. Try to upgrade the items first to increase their durability and performance. 
  5. A one-man army concept wouldn’t work here. Always try to build a strategy and focus to win as a team, not an individual. 
  6. Remember the placement of the doors through the maps but runs towards them after repairing the broken generator. 
  7. Never try to fight with the monster instead find a way out to dodge him. I understand this point shows cowardness but you have no other way because whenever the monster is near the protagonist its heart starts beating faster which drains all the energy. 
  8. Whenever the monster capture you never forget to click on the help bottom. 
  9. Also, keep in mind that there is not a single monster here but a bunch of them with unique killing styles.
  10. After being free from the cage of the monster you need a healer to increase your health. 


Yes. Horrorfield Mod Apk is an online action-horror game. The players’ main objective here is survival and finding a way out from that area.

Yes absolutely. We have thoroughly analyzed it by downloading it on cellphones before uploading it on this website. I am damn sure you wouldn’t find any issues in this modified file.

Final Words: 

Horrorfield MOD APK is an action genre game. You can also try “Raft Survival MOD APK,” which is based on the story of a person who survives on a raft. And in this article, I have explained all the basic things about it thoroughly; I hope it will help you understand the game entirely. However, if you find any difficulty downloading the modified APK file mentioned to us in the comment section, we will try to solve your issue as soon as possible.



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