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Hay Day MOD APK is a casual genre game where players enjoy real-life scenarios in the gaming world. Moreover, the best thing about this game is that it is perfect for children as well, even through this app, players learn how to socialize with neighbors, the process of plant cultivation, taking care of animals, and many other things.

Basic Information:

App NameHay Day
Requirements4.1 and up
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money, Diamonds, Seeds
Size168 MB

About Hay Day MOD APK:

The central theme of the game revolves around farming. Here you cultivate corn, wheat, and many other fruits and vegetables and stock them up until the right time to sell and earn a profit, just like every farmer does. This Hay Day game depicts the farmer’s life in complete diversity. 

The game starts with a letter that our protagonist Tommy gets from his uncle. In this letter, he mentioned that he was getting old, and that is why if he wanted to take his place and be a farmer, then come to the village and start taking care of the farm. From this point, the journey of Tommy’s becoming a farmer will begin. 


Do Trading of Goods:

To earn more profit, trading is the best option. At the start of the game, a lot of game features are locked, and you can only access them after reaching a veteran level, such as the custom decoration feature that requires level 71, as shown in the image. And this trading will help to reach a higher level a lot faster, which is why you should do it and boost your enjoyment in it. 

Reach 71 level for custom desoration items featrue

Multiple Animals in all over the Area:

This is one of the main features of this game which provides a realistic look to the game. Here almost all sorts of animals which we see in the villages are available in this game like chicken, cow, pig, sheep, goat, squirrel, retriever, hound, and many others. Here some of the animals we unlock for products like meat and milk, while the others will use for security such as dogs. 

Animals in Hay day game

Customization Options: 

It is completely upon the players how they like to design the village area, for this you will get a lot of decoration items such as different animals statues, flower gardens, trees, and even stone chairs for sitting in different areas. Moreover, in every sort of decoration item, there are a lot of different options, so you can design in whatever way you like. 

A lot of different Buildings:

To expand the farm business, players also have to place a lot of medium-level production buildings as well, such as bakeries to make food items, sugar mills, dairy farms, Yogurt Makers, etc. Furthermore, to provide attractive looks to the buildings, you can change the paints as well. Now you can understand that the gameplay here is not just limited to the cultivation of food, here you have to do a lot of other things as well. 


Completing the achievements is important because this way, players earn different badges that will help to level up the game. There are hundreds of achievements available to complete, where some of them are quite simple, like the collection of 60 animal products or delivering 30/40 truck orders, while some of the achievements are quite difficult to complete, and it would take some time as well, like sending 20/30 boat delivery. But believe me, whether the achievements are difficult or easy it will increase your enjoyment a lot. 

Multiple Achievements to complete

Attractive Graphics:

Here the graphics are pretty nice and interesting, even though you won’t see any dark graphics or night scenes in it, this game is completely made in daylight, and the makers put a huge consideration on the visibility. Having the best attractive graphics with excellent color combinations and the simulation, which is pretty close to reality takes this game everyone’s favorite, everyone likes it the most.

Mod Features of Hay Day Game:

Unlimited Money and Diamonds:

To unlock the buildings, new fields, animals, and other things money/coins and diamonds, which are the currencies in the game, would use. However, in the original version that is available on Google Play Store, you will get these gaming currencies you have to play long and trade the items. But through this cheat version, you get free unlimited money/coins and diamonds. 

Unlimited Seeds:

We have also unlocked all types of seeds in this hack version. So, you won’t have to reach a certain level to get access to all of them, every seed to cultivate the corps is available at the very start of the game. 

Tips and Tricks:

  1. If you want to send off the cargo ship, all the boxes in it must be full, or else you won’t be able to send it. 
  2. This game is quite diverse with so many features and tasks to complete, so sometimes players forget to complete some of them. That is why notifications are so much important, through them, you get to know what needs to be done. 
  3. Participating in the events would unlock new doors of enjoyment, and gameplay would become a lot more interesting. So, always try to participate in the events. 
  4. After doing some hard work, the protagonist who is performing your tasks needs some rest, so allow him and wait for a minute or two until he will again be ready to complete further tasks. 
  5. The balloons provide you with multiple prizes. However, for this, first, you have to understand the feature of balloons in this Hay Day MOD APK game. When the protagonist has a balloon in their hand, always wait for 10 to 15 seconds until the balloon completely inflates and then leave it, then you would be able to get a huge prize. Here is a simple rule, the bigger the balloon, the higher the valued prize you will get. 
  6. Putting the fences along the farm is important, just go to the setting and unlock it. 
  7. Try to unlock the animals as fast as possible because this way, a lot of other features will also unlock. 
  8. Never leave the fields without sowing the seeds longer. When you sow the seeds, it takes a little time to provide the product, so cut it after the fields are completely riped and repeat the process. 
  9. Also, whenever you find a new species of fish, never forget to visit the fishing shed to collect the prizes. 
Trade the items for money


Can we play the Hay Day MOD APK game without the internet?

As shown in the image, if you turn off the internet, the connection lost notification would appear, which means it is an online game, you can’t play it without the internet. 

Connection lost without internet

Is it possible to download Hay Day Hack APK for PC?

Yes, with the help of an emulator, you can download this game for PC, all you have to do is just download the emulator on your PC through that you can play any Android app.

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Final Words:

Hay Day Cheat APK for Android is a game where players enjoy a complete village life along with running the farming business. Here players do all sorts of things that a common farmer has done in their daily life. Moreover, as it is the updated hack version of this game, so we provide you free stuff, so you experience every sort of feature at the very start of the game.


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