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Grow Castle Mod Apk

Grow Castle MOD APK is a tower defense game where players have to save the castles from enemies’ attacks, this game has pretty much exciting gameplay, and the visuals are like the old drawing ones. Here you get a lot of heroes and other characters to enjoy, and most importantly, every character available here has unique powers and characteristics, which makes the whole game full of adventures. 

Almost everyone wants a place where he/she can spend a peaceful life, and if someone tries to annihilate the peace by attacking your peaceful area, you won’t have any other option just to retaliate, so the enemies won’t be able to do it again. This Grow Castle Game is all about retaliation and defense. So, if you want to know all about this game and the tips & tricks about it, then read this whole article. 

Grow Castle MOD APK Information:

App NameGrow Castle APK
Size44.4 MB
Requirements4.4 and up
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Money/Coins

About Grow Castle MOD APK:

It is a very interesting game and quite good for all ages of people. There is no threatening graphics involved, so children can also enjoy this one. Also, as this game consumes pretty much less memory, approx 45MB, and does not have 3D graphics, so you can easily enjoy it on your old Android phone as well. Moreover, while attacking here, you face a lot of different enemies, which appear in a group, so you have to be ready for this. 

How to Play Grow Castle Game:

Game First Look

Playing this game is quite simple, here all players have to do is unlock new heroes and upgrade them, that’s all because the heroes you unlock here will automatically attack the enemies, and players only have to watch them attacking. 

When you land on the game page the very first time, you see a simple layout where only two to three options appear on the screen, the very first one is the battle icon at the bottom right corner. And just at the top of that, you see the upgrade castle and upgrade archer icon. There are the two icons where you take the start. 

First, touch on the upgrade archer icon, and you will see the number of archers would increase just behind the castle tower, these archers attack the enemies from behind that tower. Through this icon, you can unlock a total of 20 archers at a time, and after that, these twenty archers will start upgrading one after the other whenever you touch the upgrade archer icon.

20 Archers Stand for Attack

Now, after getting enough heroes and their up-gradation, you can tough on the attack button, and the game will start. While attacking, you can see the HP bar at the top of the screen where you see how much castle’s tower defensive power is left. Moreover, you can also increase the attacking speed, the icon is available at the bottom left corner of the screen. 


Presence of Multiple Heroes:

You can’t deny the fact that to save the castle, you need heroes, and that is why this game contains a lot of them, currently, 120+ heroes are available here, and more will unlock with future updates. In those heroes, you see archers, hunters, elves, Ice Mage, lightning mage, fire mage, white mage, and others.  

One important thing to remember here is how much powerful heroes you would unlock, it would never provide you excellent results until you upgrade them to higher levels. So, when you unlock any new hero, first level up their powers and then unlock the next heroes. Getting all the initial levels heroes at the same time is not a good strategy to play this Grow Castle Game. 

Furthermore, among all of the heroes, my favorite one is Ice Mage, and the reason is simple, it will freeze the enemies for almost 6 seconds, so during that duration, you can easily attack the enemies and reduce their powers to a minimum level. By using these heroes, you can easily make your castle undefeatable. 

Replay the Attacks:

It is an awesome feature of the game where you can watch your previous attack at any speed you like. This feature will help you understand your errors, you will get the idea of which hero now you want to unlock to win. To use this feature, all you have to do is click on the replay button that is available at the bottom right corner of the screen, just next to the battle icon. 

Availability of Maps Feature:

Availability of Maps Feature

There is a whole map available where you fight with the other castles having the same army as you are. When you reach the higher level, this feature will automatically unlock, on the main game screen you will see the map icon, touch on it, and a huge area would appear. Here you can start the fight with any other castle and if you win the battle, that particular castle will provide you coins after every 60 seconds. When the first time you see the castle they have different color maps like red, black, gray, pink, etc. But after the win, these flags will turn into white, your victory color. 

MOD Features:

Unlimited Money:

To grab the victory in Grow Castle Hacked APK, you have to get heroes and unlock multiple skills, but all these things require money that in the original version you can get through attacking the enemies. However, it is also a reality that money is not enough to upgrade all the heroes at a time, that is why for your ease, here, on this APK THRONG website we provide you the MOD version of this game where unlimited money hack is available for all of you. Contrary to the original version here when you spend the money it will increase even more, so you can easily get whatever you want from the menu. 

Unlimited Gold/Crystals/Skill Points:

Here we have also provided you with unlimited Gold/Crystals/Skill Points that will help you to defeat the deadly dragons and get multiple rewards in return. 

Blocked the Irrelevant Ads:

Ads are something that ruins all our enjoyment that is why we have blocked all the ads in this MOD version, so you can enjoy the uninterrupted gameplay here. 

Grow Castle Game Image

Tips and Tricks:

This section of the article is perfect for those who want to play Grow Castle Game for the very first time. So, read all these points carefully. 

  1. Always include archers in the team, because they have higher attacking range, so you can easily annihilate the enemies from a far distance. 
  2. It is pretty much hard to defeat the bosses because, first, they are huge in size, and second they have higher defensive power, these two reasons make the level quite difficult to pass. Therefore, for this, the best strategy is to upgrade the castle because, in this way, the capacity of heroes standing on the tower would increase. 
  3. Try to unlock the Thorn Worm as fast as possible because in this way, you can easily kill a large number of enemies in one go. 
  4. Never unlock the Militia Tower and Turret in this game, these two consume a lot of money but don’t provide excellent results, so it’s better you should avoid these ones. 
  5. You can also check the battle results from this game, the icon is available at the bottom left side of the screen, where you get to know which hero performs best that you need to upgrade faster. 
Boss Attack Image

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Is Grow Castle MOD APK an offline game?

Yes, you can play this game without an internet connection. 

Is the modified version of Grow Castle Game safe for Android Phones?

Yes, it is. We have included the anti-virus scripts in this modified version which makes it pretty much safe for all Android phones. 

Final Words:

Here we are providing you the premium version of Grow Castle MOD APK, where every feature is available free of cost that you get in the in-purchased version. Also, in this article, I have explained all the MOD features that this app contains, along with the tips and tricks section, so the newbies won’t face any difficulty in playing the game.


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