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Family Island Mod Apk

Family Island MOD APK is a casual genre game which means there is no age limit available on it, everyone can enjoy this game. It contains a lot of adventures, such as exploring the wild territories to find hidden objects, constructing your city in any way you like, and many others. Moreover, this game contains pretty much attractive graphics and hundreds of challenges to solve, which makes it a perfect choice for everyone. I am pretty much sure that once you download this game, you will addicited to it, just like me.

This game depicts the ancient time in the modern world, just like our forefathers have done all the work with their hands, the same is happening in this game. Here you won’t see any technology or machine work, in fact, each and every member of the family is doing their work from morning till night. So, if you want to show your children how things have managed in such cases, download this game on their cellphones.

Family Island MOD APK Information:

App NameFamily Island MOD APK
Size232 MB
Requirements5.0 and up
DeveloperMelsoft Games Ltd
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Energy & Resources

About Family Island MOD APK:

The game starts with a complete storyline, a complete family talking to each other about their journey on this island. They had faced a lot of difficulty on the previous island, and now all they wanted was a safe place to live. According to them, this island, where they are currently present, is far bigger than their previous one, which was destroyed due to volcanic activity, and everyone who was living there had to leave it at midnight. 

After that information, the actual game starts, here they see a small house, so the first task here is to collect the grass and some sticks to make this house a bigger one. For this tap on the screen where you see the grass and it will automatically add to the inventory. Remember that, after every work, the energy level would down, so to restore it you need food that you can also get through the bushes present on the island. The bushes contain a lot of berries, which are enough to restore the energy level. 

Moreover, the makers of Family Island give thorough consideration to the detailing of this game, here every time you touch on any islander, you will see a different reaction, some would get irritated, some would start jumping, while other would be happy, and laughing. And if you leave them alone for a longer time all of them will start dancing. Quite funny though? Also, you can enjoy touching the islanders as much as you like, it doesn’t affect the gameplay. 

Game Image


Pretty Simple To Play:

Playing this Family Island MOD APK is not difficult at all, in fact, a child of class five can even enjoy this game. Here you get complete information regarding any task, and almost every task is to collect the item and place it in any other location. However, in case you don’t know where to collect any item, a hand will appear on the screen where that particular item is present. 

Moreover, the chit-chat between the islanders makes this whole game a lot more interesting, just like in any real family here you experience laughing, caring for one another, distribution of tasks, and enjoyment together.

Multiple Decoration Items to Enjoy:

Family Island game has a ton of decoration items to make the island more attractive. In these items, you see water fountains, cherry trees, Twisty-Turny trees, and many others. These items would provide you with a lot of other benefits as well, such as the fruits trees provide you food, so you can easily meet the food demand to boost the energy. 

Moreover, as you know that the items available at the shop are limited but this game has a lot of others as well, which you see by participating in the events on different islands, moreover, you can also drag them to your home island. For this, all you have to do is click on that icon, and after that, a new pop-up icon will appear on the left side of the screen, click on that and add the item to your list of items.

Collect the items from event islands to home island

Harvest Your Favourite Food:

Imagine if you live on a deserted island where you have to survive for a longer period of time. In such a case, for living, you have to arrange all the basic things for yourself. The same is happening in Family Island Hack APK, here you take all sorts of steps that are essential for your survival. 

And among all the items the utmost important one is food because without it you won’t have enough energy to do any other work. That is why to feed the islanders, you have to build a food farm here and harvest the items in it, such as carrots, tomatoes, and others. Moreover, on your farm, you also bring the hens, cows, and other domestic animals that will provide milk, eggs, and meat.

Farm Image

Explore New Islands:

Family Island Game also offers a lot of events where you explore new islands, but before doing to that, you also have to find the route and arrange the boats. Also, every new island introduces more items and unlocks a new way of enjoying the game. Moreover, as those islands are fully developed, so you can take the idea from their decorations and designs and change your home island to make it even more beautiful. 

Explore new islands

Mod Features of Family Island MOD APK:

Unlimited Energy Hack:

Energy is pretty much important to playing this game. On the top of the screen, you can see the blue energy bar, which shows how much energy is left. This energy is used to do every sort of work like cutting down trees, removing bushes, collecting useful materials, and others. You can easily see how much energy would use for doing any particular work, for example, touch on any tress and on top of that you can see the energy that uses for this work. 

Family Island Image

However, in the original version, you either have to feed the islanders to increase the energy or have to wait 2 minutes to increase one point in the energy. And according to me, both the options are pretty much time-consuming, that is why for your ease, we provide you the mod version where unlimited energy hack is included. So, download the cheat version of Family Island Game and enjoy the game. 

Unlimited Resources:

As I have explained earlier resources are pretty much important for survival that is why we also have included the unlimited resource cheat in this version, so you won’t face any restrictions, unlimited everything is available for everyone. Moreover, in those resources, you would also get the unlimited rubies hack as well. 

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Tips and Tricks:

If you are new to this Family Island game, read this whole section carefully, here I provide the tips and tricks that will help you to play the game in a more correct way.

  1. Keep in mind that here the energy level is connected with the house size. The bigger your house has, the more energy level you get. 
  2. Never skip the description of any task, that would appear on the screen. 
  3. You can easily turn off the music and sound effect through the setting, so no need to mute the phone, just mute the game and enjoy. 
  4. Try to upgrade the capacity of storage space as fast as possible. And if after the up-gradation you still won’t find any more space for new items just do crafting, it will save a lot of space. 
  5. If you are dragging any item from the menu and placing it in any area of the island but don’t find a correct space due to the presence of islanders, just drag that item over them, and they will vanish from that place, and you get the whole clean area to find the perfect place.
  6. There are multiple useful items hidden in the bushes and under the stones, so try to explore every part of the island. 
  7. In Family Island Game, you can change your profile name as well, just click on the profile icon, available at the top left corner of the screen, and edit the name from here. Remember that the name you place here will show in the world ranking when you reach the higher levels. 
  8. Here every single item is worthy, and you need it at some point, no matter you minimal it might be seen.
  9. Never waste the rear resources to reduce the up-gradation time or any other place. 

Final Words:

Family Island MOD APK is the best game where players enjoy new gameplay along with pretty much attractive graphics. Moreover, if you are a newbie, then read this complete article because I have explained all the information regarding the Family Island game here, and in case you do not understand any point, you can contact us at any time, our team will try their best to provide you best information.


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