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Extreme Car Driving Simulator Mod Apk

If you are a fan of the Fast and Furious series and wanted to race like a hero then Extreme Car Driving Simulator MOD APK is the game you are looking for. This game has plenty of features such as realistic graphics, actual car collection, lifelike car crashes, and others. Although this game was first released in 2014 and since then the graph of its popularity has only gone up owing to its timely updates.

About Extreme Car Driving Simulator MOD APK:

Watching and doing car racing is one of the most popular yet old times habits of many. Currently, there are multiple tracks and locations in the world where such races are happening every year and people from far-distant areas and even from different countries come to enjoy watching them. 

However, it is also a reality that doing this can’t be possible for many, that is the reason games such as Extreme Car Driving Simulator MOD APK appear like a speck in the dark. It has a massive fan following which anybody can estimate by the figure of 100 millions+ downloads on the Google Store. People love to enjoy such games to kill their boredom. 

I am playing this game for quite a time now and one thing that really attracts me the most or I can say the jaw-dropping feature is the design of the cars, which are as real as we watch in our daily life. Also, contrary to other games like Asphalt Nitro MOD APK, where racing is the main theme, Extreme Car Driving Simulator focuses mainly on driving skills. 

Also, in every mode there are 4 different levels are present, which we can also describe as the locations of the game and that are airport, beach, city, and off-road. Therefore, we can describe it as a 4-in-1 game. Moreover, all the locations are designed with proper attention to detail.

Extreme Car Driving (


Playing this game is pretty much simple, on the right bottom corner of the main screen you got the acceleration paddle and breaks icon and to change the direction steering wheel icon is present just the opposite side of the other icons. This game depicts a real city in a very natural manner, you watch the high-rise buildings, parking lots, flying planes, and bridges like all other things which we watched in our daily lives.

Also, players experienced the changing of days and nights, and to see in the darkness car light icon is available on the left vertical side of the screen. Here you can also change the driving view at any angle you like. Therefore, this game would never let you bored at any time, the more you into it, the new unique places coming on your way. 


Dream Car Collection:

Dream Car Collection

If you are a lover of car racing games then it is obvious that you have the instilled feeling of collecting the modern cars. And what if I tell you in this game you are allowed to collect a bunch of them? I’m damn sure this statement makes you pretty much excited. In Extreme Car Driving MOD APK you got almost every vehicle category such as modern speedy luxury cars, big jeeps, and multiple others. Moreover, on top of that, in this game, we provide you with the all cars unlocked hack so you can enjoy any car you like at the very beginning of the game. 

Extreme Car Driving Simulator Game Unlimited Money Hack:

To upgrade the acceleration, break, and other components of the car money is required, which is pretty much hard to accumulate if you play the original version of the game. And that is why after the consideration of this issue we have tried and managed to provide the unlimited money hack to all of you so from now on you won’t face any difficulty in this game. 

Different Modes to play:

In the Extreme Car Driving Simulator game, players enjoy the unique yet interesting modes. The first and very basic one is traffic mode, which is already unlocked for the new players, here you have to follow all the traffic rules and in this mode, your car passed different levels, which I have explained in the upper section of this article. 

The second mode is checkpoint mode, where you race with the players having specifications to your level, it is the best part of the game. This game provides equal opportunities to every player for winning. To increase the winning chances in this mode never forget to upgrade the car and do a lot of practice to become a professional in the controls of the game. 

The third and last one is no traffic or free mode, where you are allowed to explore every part of the city, intrude on the builders, break any rule, and also hit any car without the fear of the cops. Also, keep in mind that you have to drive 50KM to unlock this mode and 100Km to unlock the checkpoint mode.  

Customization of Cars:

Customization of Cars:

Customization features of the car are really very cool in this game. Here you can change the complete look of the car from head to toe and it is in your hand whether you design it in a quirky way or select a decent one. You can change the skin, unlock any design of rims, and even change the color of the body and rims also. 

Tips and Tricks:

This section is entirely dedicated to newbies, here I have described the information about how to level up faster, the dos and don’ts of the game, and the information on the most important things to upgrade first. 

  1. The controls of the game are easily customizable. To change the direction of the car if you find the usage of buttons hard then try the wheel option, which is easy to handle plus you would enjoy the real driving experience with it. 
  2. Although ultra and high-quality graphics provide you a unique experience of playing the game, also keep in mind that it will consume additional storage space on your phone. So, in case you have any old Android version phone then select the graphic quality to medium option. 
  3. Signing in through the Gmail account would autosave the performance plus unlock additional features. So, never forget to avail this opportunity.
  4. Keep in mind that hearing loud music long time can damage your hearing. We all know the famous adage “Prevention is better than cure”. Therefore, must tune the sound effects of the game. I recommend you select the Effects, Music, and Menus Volume to 40%. 
  5. To create ease and make the user more comfortable with the features the makers of the game also introduce the language changing option, available in the settings menu. 
  6. Every now and then multiple limited-time offers would appear on the screen, never avail them because these offers demand real money in return for new cars. Also, in this mod version, we provide you with multiple hacks which is enough to unlock anything you like, so skipping the offers is not bad at all.  
  7. Also, here you got the daily rewards section which provides you multiple prizes such as Gold, Car parts, and other essential things by watching small ads.  

Final Words:

Extreme Car Driving Simulator Hack Version provides a bunch of features with a unique gaming style. In this article, I have almost converted all the aspects of the game quite thoroughly plus provide you tips and tricks so you won’t face any issues while playing. Also, if you like this game then I am damn sure you would also like Super Hero Mod Apk. Enjoy the game and share your valuable review with us. I am looking forward to it.



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