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evocreo mod apk

In the Evocreo MOD APK game players capture a creature named Creo with the aim of his training for fights with other monsters Creo to save the World of Zenith. The player’s role is just like a master here. 

It belongs to the role-playing genre and is pretty much similar to the Pokemon Go game. If you have ever played Pokemon, then this game become very easy for you. Just like that game, players here throw the Links to capture the other Creos. 


The story of the Creo is the first thing that emerges on the screen after you start playing the game. And after that, some questions appear, which are compulsory to answer, such as defining gender, mentioning a name, and some others. One distinguished option that we haven’t seen in any other game is entering the sister’s name. The reason is that the game portrays the full historic background of the player so you have to read the conversation carefully and act according to them. 

evocreo game

And after all the setting you are now able to land on the World of Zenith. The term Evoker is used for players in this game. If you don’t know what it is then I am telling you the Evokers are the ones who control Creo. So, the main theme here is the fight between Evokers and Creo, that is why the game name is EvoCreo. 

To find the next destination is quite straightforward here. All players have to do is just simply follow the error sign that appears on the bottom. Keep in mind that all the evokers that train the Creo are not doing it for good cause. They wanted to seize their powers, however, our main mission here is only to retain the peace throughout the World of Zenith. 

And for peace, you have to fight with the other Evokers with simple rules, every creo takes equal chances to throw the Link, and one which has more high catch rate and better Hp would surely win the fight.

Features of Evocreo MOD APK:

Exploration of New Worlds:

In Evocreo MOD APK players explore and travel to hundreds of different locations, which include dark forests, oceans, fields, and mountains. At every place, you will get to know about different people and stumble upon a distinct story. In those people, some will challenge you to fight, which you have to accept and others either provide you resources or some pieces of advice. This is the beauty of the game which never lets you feel bored at any place. 

Hundreds of Monsters:

evocreo game

In this game, more than one hundred unique species of monstres are present which you can also call Creo. First, upgrade your main Creo and then start exploring each and every place in search of others, and once you start getting never forget to upgrade them also, to level up the game faster. Each Creo has its unique ability and power levels such as fire Creo, Water Creo, Dinosaurs, Dear, Pokemons, and many others are available, therefore after capturing all of them the choice is yours which one to select for the fight. 

PvP Battles:


PvP options are one of the best that would allow you to send the challenge to any Evokers present in the game and there is no restriction to it you can also send it to your friends. Here you can get the title of the master of Evokers after becoming the best player in it. 

Enjoy with friends:

If you want to participate in the tournaments with your friends just connect the game account with your social media platforms and start inviting them. Teaming up to build a community of your own would surely boost your enjoyment of the game. And increase your chances of capturing the more powerful Creo. 

Tips  & Tricks of Evocreo:

As a global game with many players, competition emerges, and becoming a pro player is sometimes seems challenging. If you are also having the same thought and don’t really know how to manage all the things in the game then don’t worry at all. I am sharing with you some cool tips & tricks and suggestions also that would definitely help all of you comprehensively in this game. 

  1. My first and the most important tip is that improve your grip on the controls of the game, no need to copy anyone’s style here else watch the videos of other players, and create your own unique style that would definitely help you to become a professional player. 
  2. At the start, players have the choice to select one Creo out of three available. Although you can select any one of them, but my suggestion is that try to select the one which contains agility and intelligence. 
  3. In this game where you go your selected Creo follows you the same, which means two characters with one control. 
  4. Map option is also available in this game so if you are stuck at any place and don’t know the way out, take help from it. 
  5. Never miss visiting your mom or any other person. Every character is available to provide you with some item. Therefore, if you skip the meeting you aren’t able to acquire that thing. 
  6. To read the tutorial and understand other things, click on the battery sign, which appears on the top right side of the screen. 


Yes, the Evocreo game is available offline. However to enjoy the game with your friends and participation in team challenges internet connection is required.

Yes, 100% safe. This game is totally safe and secure for both Android and IOS platforms. Just download and install the Apk file and enjoy the epic experience of this monstrous game.

As I described earlier this game belongs to the role-playing genre and players have the free hand to do whatever they wanted. However, it would be very easy to play once you upgrade the Creo to the maximum level possible.

Final Words:

Evocreo MOD APK is one of those role-playing games that contains anime graphics and cool gameplay. Also, no software lagging and catchy sounds not only make this game a global sensation but also increase the demand for such games. Apart from this also try other gamers as well, that are available free of cost on this website, which includes Prison Escape MOD APK, Hero Hunter MOD APK, and many others. 

It is the latest version of this game and we always update once the new version enters the market. However, if you still have any confusion about Evocreo MOD APK features or face any issue regarding the downloading of APK files, contact us at any time. We are always available for you. 



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