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Dungeon Quest MOD APK is an exciting RPG game where players do fights with different creatures, such as wizards, powerful bosses, and others. Here you get many tools, a lot of spells, resources to craft the items, and different areas to explore, in short, we can say that is game is full of adventure. Also, we provide the mod version, so by downloading it from this website and you will be able to grab unlimited money and free shopping hack.

Basic Information:

App NameDungeon Quest
DeveloperShiny Box LLC
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Money, Free Shopping
Requirements4.0 and up
Size42.3 MB

About Dungeon Quest Hack APK:

The main aim of the players in this game is to find the treasure chests in the dungeons, and on the way, you will face a lot of challenges, such as fighting with deadly enemies & boss monsters, different traps, and many more. Also, at every new level of the dungeon, you will face a unique challenge. Moreover, players also have to open new paths, and that would only be possible with the keys that you will get after winning the fights. That is why we prepared for every sort of challenge and kept upgrading all the items. 


Gears and Skills:

To get the list of all the gears and skills that you have unlocked so far, just go to the inventory. At the start of the game, players would only have one simple wooden sword that they have to upgrade along with unlocking other gears. And as far as the concern of abilities, we can say that at the start every player has the fire ability, that helps you to overcome the initial level dangers, but to face-off with other players heroes, you need more abilities. 

Skills Menu

However, in the Dungeon Quest game, only three skills are available, all you have to do is upgrade them after the completion of every level. At the end of every level, you will get some points, to use them, you just go to the skills menu and upgrade the skills. The main skills are Physical Power, Spell Power, and Stemina, as you can also watch in the image. Each skill is important here, physical power boosts the damage rate of your sword, Spell Power is used for increasing the lightning power rate, while the Stemina is for regaining the health bar. 

Private Lobby:

Private lobby

It is a pretty interesting feature where players can create their own gaming world, and join solo or with friends, it’s also up to them. You can select the location, difficulty level, and number of players you want to join. Also, remember one thing, if all of your friends are in the initial level of the game then must select the easy difficulty mode because level one players can also join it. While on the other hand medium mode required level 6, the hard mode required level 12, and if you select the Insane mode, then all the players must have reached level 20 in the game to join. 

Choose your Own Heroes:

Heroes Image

There are three categories of hero are available in the game, and every one of them has its unique characteristics. These three categories are Wizard, Warrior, and Rogue. If you want a brutal, close-range fighter then select the Warrior, Wizard is used for spell casting, and for quick attack select Rogue. 

Mod Features of Dungeon Quest Game:

  1. Unlimited Money
  2. Free Shopping
  3. Ads-free mode
  4. Smooth Interface
  5. No tagging or disturbance while playing. 


  1. To increase the health and defensive power of the heroes must equip the armor suit. 
  2. Every time when you level up the stamina, the health goes up to 5 points, while with the help of different gears, the HP bar goes up by 50 or even 100 points. Therefore, to increase the HP, focus more on the gears rather than stamina. 
  3. Remember that players won’t be able to upgrade the tools until they unequip them first. This way, tools will appear in the inventory from there, you can level them up. 
  4. Must create the DQ account in this game, you will get multiple rewards, and the game data will also be saved. Moreover, to chat with other people and for notifications DQ account is essential. 
  5. You can customize multiple options in this game, such as Showing or hiding the enemy HP bar, Sorting different heroes & tools, etc. For this, just go to the settings menu and customize it according to your comfort. 
  6. Moreover, you can also customize the controls as well, such as switching on or off the screen, shaking while attacking, Mute the sound, and others. 
  7. To increase the damage rate, healing ability, and the power of the weapons, keep updating them. 
  8. As you reach the higher levels of the game the quantity of the rewards would also increase. 
  9. While attacking the enemies, keep attacking and also move backward simultaneously because here enemies will only attack when you stand in a particular position, by changing the position help you dodge the opponent’s attacks. 
  10. Always keep an eye on the stats that will appear on the top left side of the screen and take further steps accordingly. For example, if the health bar is close to being empty, first heal the hero and then move for further attacks. 

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Is dungeon quest an online game or an offline one?

It is an offline game, which makes it quite popular. Apart from the offline availability, it also consumes very little space in the memory.

Can we play this game on IOS, or is it just for Android?

There is no device restriction in this game, you can enjoy it on IOS, Android, or any other platform. 

Final Words:

This role-playing game: Dungeon Quest MOD APK, contains a lot of adventures for the players and excellent gameplay. Moreover, this game also has diverse gameplay, numerous challenges, and, top of all, the best graphics. 


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