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Dragon Village Mod Apk

How would you feel if I told you about a game where you behave like a wizard and rise as many dragons as you want. I am damn sure if you are a lover of Game of Thrones, you are very excited about it. Although there are many games on the dragon here, I am telling you about Dragon Village MOD APK. A simulation genre game where players behave like the mother/father of dragons. 

The game starts with a dragon egg, and soon after its hatching, the next step is to build a habitat for them, provide them with a suitable environment. If you think about one or two dragons, you are wrong here; you got hundreds of dragons’ eggs of different categories. All you have to do is unlock them with the help of gems. 

About Dragon Village MOD APK:

Dragon Village Game Image

Dragon Village game starts with the dragon’s eggs and the player’s duty here to train them for the fight in the arena. The reason for the training is simple we wanted to save the habitat from enemy attacks and seize the gems and money from them. However, when you hatch more mini dragons, those big trained dragons are the ones that provide them security.

With the help of this mod version of Dragon Village, which contains unlimited Money and gems cheats would help you to upgrade the dragons faster and provide you with a better gaming experience. There are multiple other games are also available on this website, such as Dragon City MOD APK, Pokemon Go MOD APK, and many others; explore and get the best out of them. 

Apart from the hacks of the modified version, players would get multiple other items from the fights as well. You got more unique dragon eggs, gems, and multiple other things whenever you won the fight. Therefore, to make sure the winning try to enter the fight arena with the upgraded dragons.  


Dragon Village Mod Apk Image

Just after landing on the game page players got suggestions and information through notifications about the game and what to do next. However, on the menu bar, multiple options are present such as habitats, buildings, resources, and dragons. I suggest you enter all of the options and unlock the ones which seem more interesting to you.

Among the dragons, my favorite ones are “Fire Magic” and “Lava”. And in habitats, I always love to select “Nature” and “Water” options. Try to match the properties of the dragon and the habitat, which looks not only nice but also seems more appropriate. For example, for fire dragons select the fire habitat and so on.  

Tips and Tricks:

If you are a beginner and don’t know much about Dragon village then here I am sharing with you some utmost important tips and tricks that would definitely be going to help you to understand this game better. 

  1. The game provides you with a better experience after the full updates of the dragon. Therefore the best practice is to unlock one dragon at a time and update it fully and then move to the next one. 
  2. Before unlocking any habitat, make sure that you have enough resources left for unlocking dragons also to avoid leaving the habitat deserted. 
  3. For the fight always select the combination of two dragons to introduce diversity in the fight because in this way you are combining the unique properties of two different dragons, which in return increase your winning probability. 
  4. Never waste your gems in the early hatching of eggs instead wait for the proper time and use those gems to upgrade them faster. 
  5. Never forget to claim the daily rewards.
Dragon Village Mod- ApkThrong

Mod Features:

  • Get Unlimited Gems
  • Free Unlimited Money
  • Availability of Unlimited Food 

Game Features:

A Pretty Diverse Game:

In dragon village, players got a bunch of unique features which diversify the game. To increase the adventure players can combine two unique dragons to create a hybrid one, which contains the power of both dragons. To get all the information about the dragons, just click on them in the menu option and you got their hp, hit, and updated level. 

Exceptional Graphics:

The game depicts such professional realistic graphics that would definitely seem like the real world of dragons. Also, here you got a pretty nice color combination and exceptional 2D graphics. Also, I am playing this game for quite a time now and haven’t faced any issues or lagging yet. So, enjoy the game without worrying about anything. 


Yes, this modified version of the dragon village is 100% safe to use on any Android device. In this file or any other file that is uploaded on our website, you wouldn’t find any threatening things.

There are 100+ different types of dragons available in dragon village, including cute little ones and big savage ones.

All the mod apk files on this website are entirely free of cost; you wouldn’t have to pay any amount for anything.

Dragon game image

Final Words:

As the name suggests Dragon village is a dragon game where you got eggs, hatch them and look after the dragon until they became savage ones. And once they are fully grown enjoy the fight with other wizards’ dragons. Dragon village is one of the best games for simulation genre lovers due to its 2D graphics and a bunch of different features, which I have explained earlier.

I hope you would enjoy it and if you have any issue regarding the downloading of the Dragon Village MOD APK file, mention us in the comment section, and for more free MOD APKs visit our website.


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