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If you find it fascinating to see fire-spitting dragons and build a habitat for them, then I’m damn sure that you would love this Dragon City MOD APK. It is a Simulation genre game, and the player behaves like a dragon master. Train the dragons for the fight and cultivating food for them is the central theme here. 

It is pretty fascinating to see dragons of multiple categories. Players experience fire-spitting dragons and the most charming and cute ones like the Ice Cream dragon, which throws ice cream on the opponent. You look after the baby dragons until they become fully grown savages and then unlock a new baby dragon, and the game moves on. 


In the beginning, up-gradation speed is breakneck, but it would be time-consuming over time. Apart from this, the accumulation of gems and unlocking most features also cause a bit of annoyance. To overcome this, someone created this Dragon City modded version. Where all the important hacks of Dragon City are available for download. With the moded version, you don’t need to gather the orbs and wait. Just download this dragon city APK, and you got almost everything unlimited.

For further detail, read this topic where I have explained each and every feature quite precisely.

Unlimited Dragons

The central theme of this game revolves around dragons and their fight, and if most of the dragons are locked what does it feel like? Or if you have to pay money for gems to unlock dragons?

A bit annoying, I know that. That’s why, just like Dragon Mania Legends MOD APK, here we are providing you with the best dragon city hack for android & IOS version free of cost, where you got more than 500, level one, unlocked dragon. 

Unlimited Money and Gems

Gems and Money are the basic necessity here as every up-gradation requires them. However, in the original version, you have to pay for them. We provide you with this modified version to overcome this scenario where we unlock all the gems and money totally free for you. So, you can enjoy this game without our worrying.  

Dragon City APK Unlimited Everything

Apart from dragons and money, there are multiple other premium features & hacks unlocked in Dragon City MOD APK, like food hacks, habitats, buildings, eggs, islands, and other advanced features.

 Players can create a team for tournaments and win exciting prizes, and you can also meet different people in this game. 

No Security Issues

If you have any concerns regarding your privacy, then no need to worry about it. Our team always makes sure after a thorough assessment of any modified version before uploading. We have checked, and I personally downloaded and used this modified version. On this website, we would never upload any spammy mod version that nullifies our credibility. So, enjoy this game to your fullest. 

Inspiring Graphics

How good the game would be if the graphics were not up-to-the-mark that would never be successful. Just like AFK Arena MOD APK, the makers of this game give every attention to detail in its illustrations. You would also experience a fantastic color combination and aesthetic buildings designs. According to my experience, I have not felt any color combination odd or weird yet. 


Dragon city game picture

An online Social Point game that firstly had launched on Facebook almost seven years ago, in 2012, and by gaining popularity and high rating released in the IOS version in 2013, followed by on android. If you are a game lover, indeed, you heard about this Dragon City MOD APK. At the start, you get all the basic instructions about rules and how to bread a dragon. You got the eggs to hatch them for getting dragons. Dragon hatching speed can b increased with the help of gems. 

The journey of this starts on floating islands. Therefore, designing is entirely on your own. You got buildings, dragon eggs, and multiple other items from the shop. Soon after unlocking them, do up-gradation to a minimum of 2 to 3 levels up. Also, start cultivation of vegetables for dragon food on the farm. Whether it’s a dragon, any building, or a farmhouse, each unlocks item needs up-gradation and can only be done with coins and gems.

Lacking coins will definitely halt the game, which is not a positive sign. If you have got this situation in the original version, you have to buy the coins from money to move the game further. To overcome this scenario here, we present the modified version. Read the further descriptions of this version in the “Feature” column. 

Dragon City Mod Apk

Here you experience multiple categories of dragons like wax dragons, fire exalted dragons, war titan dragons, pure dragons, and many more. Every dragon has its own features and skills, and the variety of dragons makes this game more exciting and astonishing. However, the most exciting part of this game is looking after dragons until they are fully grown.  Turning cute little babies into savage monsters is quite fascinating. 

Another exciting feature is its habitats. There are multiple habitats available here, and habits are just like the atmosphere of the island. You are not playing with one or two dragons. There are dozens of dragons, and they require a complete fledge habitat, food, and other things. You build a dragon city here, and if your habitat complies with the features of the dragon, that increases the beauty. Like for fire-spitting dragons, you should unlock a fire habitat and so on. 

Therefore, as this is an online game, never forget to connect it with any of your social media accounts like Facebook. Only then you can continue the game where you left. However, you can also combine with your friends or with other anonymous people to make alliances for tournaments. Chat with them and make a solid team to win and get rewards.  

Just like crafting, you can also combine two or three different feature dragons to create more savage hybrid dragons. Furthermore, every new up-gradation brings more dragons, habitats, and multiple new features. It is prudent to create as many dragons city as it is possible to be.  Because this is the only way you would never lose any war

Dragon City Mod Apk

Tips and tricks to play Dragon City MOD APK:

As a beginner, it is challenging to understand this game properly. There are so many features and an unlimited list of dragons, farms, habitats, and fights. So, a little bit of confusion is standard, and no need to worry about this. I will tell you all the essential beginner tips and tricks that you would move forward in this game quite fast than your friends. So, are you ready to astonish your friends:

  1. The first and foremost tip is to always divert your attention in building the gold farm. 
  2. The terra habitat can also help you in this regard. Unlock terra habitat as much as you can. And don’t forget to upgrade them.
  3. Then the next step is unlocking the terra dragons in those habitats. The presence of terra dragons in terra habitat would behave like a gold mine, and you would acquire more gold very much faster. 
  4. Although the unlocking of terra dragons requires coins, I have a surprising trick for you if you don’t want to waste your accumulated resources on it. You can breed two terra dragons to get a free terra dragon egg, and only you have to do is a little wait for the hatching process. 
  5. For more resources to win must engage yourself in the tournaments. There is another benefit of it as this is an online social game you would definitely find some good friends here. 
  6. And the last tip is that daily give little time to this game. Collect gold and complete the goals.

Yes, We have checked this modified version thoroughly and made sure that we provide you with the best and safest version available in the market.

Yes. This modified version is just the same as the original, with more exciting and eye-catchy features. I believe that you would love this game. 


I have tried my best to provide you with all the valuable information here in this article. Dragon City MOD APK is my best time pass these days due to its attractive features and cute baby dragons. I am damn sure that you would love its features and quality of graphics. Its updates also increase its attractiveness owing to the introduction of new features. Our team would follow the original version and timely update this cheated Dragon City MOD APK version. So, you would enjoy this game uninterpreted. 

If you experience any difficulty in downloading or regarding playing this game, do let us know. We tried our best to solve your issues. 



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