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Whatsapp Aero APK

WhatsApp Aero APK is the modified version of the original WhatsApp where multiple limitations which you have to face in the original one have been entirely removed. Moreover, this version also contains numerous other features which are hard to come by in any other app. Currently, there are multiple modified WhatsApp versions available in the market, such as Whatsapp Gold APK and others. And every version contains unique qualities, which provide a big relief to the users. 

We are all familiar with the famous WhatsApp app that has used to do calls, send messages, files, and audio & video clips all over the world without spending any amount on this app. The only money is used for the internet connection, which is essential for this one. However, along with multiple features, there is a certain limitation that also exists in the original version that is completely annihilated in all these mod versions. However, in this article, I am only focusing on WhatsApp Aero APK, but you can also download other modified WhatsApp versions on this APKTHRONG website as well. 

Information of Whatsapp Aero App:

App NameWhatsapp Aero
Size66.8 MB
Requirements4.1 and up

About WhatsApp Aero APK:

These apps are specially created for those who want to experience something new and unique. But that’s not all, this hack version of WhatsApp contains a user-friendly interface, so you won’t face any issues in using this application. I suggest you must read the whole article, especially the feature section of the article, so you get to know thorough information about it,  

The first and foremost feature that forces me to use this version is it is completely supportive of the original version means you can use both the versions, hacked one and the original one, on a single phone simultaneously. Furthermore, multiple Android phones allow the use of duplicate WhatsApp, this option has only limited to one more number. However, in this version, you can create as many accounts as you want, there are no such limitations. 

How to Create the Account?

As I have explained earlier, the layout is pretty much simple to the extent that a person who doesn’t know much about phones can also easily create an account on this app quite easily. The layout of account creation is exactly similar to the original WhatsApp, but if you still don’t know how to do that, just follow the step I have mentioned below. 

  1. After the successful installation of this app on your Android phone, click on the create account button. 
  2. Now the user has to enter the authentic number, and just after a second or two, the verification code you get via SMS. If your SIM is on the same phone where you create the account that no need to enter the code it will automatically enter, and the next option will appear on the screen where you enter the name. 
  3. Also, there is no need to enter the authentic name, you can enter any random name or even an emoji. 
  4. Next, click on done, and the account would successfully created. 

Feature of this Hack Version:

Multiple Themes and Colors:

Everyone knows that the original version of the app only has the fixed green color theme, you can’t change that. But in this WhatsApp Aero APK version, you can change it in any color you want. Furthermore, there are multiple other themes available in it, such as the moon, galaxy, food, exploration, and others, where every time when you open the app a new picture will appear in the background. It is the most interesting feature that forces me to download this new version of WhatsApp. 

Availability of Hundreds of Stickers:

In the original version of WhatsApp, you have to download another app for stickers, which not only consumes a lot of your phone space but for every new sticker, you have to explore it. But not now, this hack version contains built-in hundreds of stickers and GIFs without consuming a lot of extra space on your Android Phone. So, you can easily get rid of extra Apps. 

Have No Restrictions:

Many countries of the world don’t support WhatsApp calling within their premises, which makes multiple people annoyed. However, in this hack version, this issue has completely fixed. You won’t face any restrictions or limitations in this version. Just download it and enjoy free calling and texting facility in all over the world. 

Free From Software Lagging:

Software Lagging is one of the most common issues in most of the modified apps, that is why people avoid these ones. But no need to worry in the case of this modified version where we have checked it in multiple Android versions, and it worked awesome, till now, our team doesn’t face any lagging or bugs in this version. That is why I am pretty much sure you will enjoy the best experience with this version. 

Increase Image and Video Sharing Limit:

If you have ever sent a large number of images to any other person, you must have faced this issue. There is a limit of 30 images and videos at a time in the original version of the game, which is not enough for most users. However, in this modified version, this issue has completely resolved, here you can send 40+ images simultaneously. And as per the concern of videos here, you can send up to 100MB of videos. So, enjoy the modified version and never forget to share it with your friends, so they will also enjoy these awesome features of WhatsApp Aero APK. 

A Completely Secure Application:

If you have any concerns regarding your online safety, then I am telling you this app is completely safe and secure, there are tens of thousands of people are using this app on their Android phones, and till now, not a single complaint has been received, your precious private data is completely safe in it. Moreover, there is a built-in app locking feature also available, so you can easily put code or pattern in it, which makes it completely secure from other people who will use your phone in your absence. 

Can See Deleted Messages:

Mostly the other person sends the message and then changes their mind and deletes them, and there is no other way of reading them, which makes us confused yet curious to know what was present in those messages. However, this version has completely resolved this issue, here you can see the deleted messages and can even listen to the deleted voice notes. 

Hide the Online Activity:

In this Aero Whatsapp, you can hide your online activity by switching off the feature of the blue tick, double tick, and can even the single tick. Therefore, the other person doesn’t know whether you have read their messages or not.

Can Save the Status Pictures and Videos:

We all like the pictures and videos of other people’s status, but for many reasons, we feel hesitant to ask them for those; that is why this version contains the status downloading feature for everyone. So, you can easily get everyone’s status on your phone without letting them know. Moreover, you can also see the deleted status of your saved content numbers. 


The auto-reply feature helps you in multiple places, such as if you are busy with any other work, just save the busy message, so the other person doesn’t disturb you by sending the messages again and again. Moreover, if you run a business, this app will help you to send the basic details and the welcome message to all your customers, which not only saves a lot of your time but also put a positive image of your business. 

Schedule the Messages:

This app can also free the user from reminders, here you can save the messages, phones, videos, or even the voice notes and specify a certain time on them, so this app will automatically send those messages to recipients. I am pretty much sure this feature will help make you happy by saving a lot of your time. 

Have Instagram like Stores Facility:

Almost everyone has been hooked on the intriguing stores’ option of Instagram, which creates a unique, attractive look, that is why the makers of this version have included the same stories options in this version as well.  

If you describe the legality of any app on the basis of its availability on the Google Play Store, then this app is not a legal app. However, this app is pretty much safe and secure; in fact, I am personally using it on my Android phone as well, and till now, doesn’t face any issues with it. So, don’t worry about the legality of the app your data and all the other private information are pretty much safe in it. 

Final Words:

The version I am offering to you is the authentic version of WhatsApp Aero APK. Here you get multiple free features which I have explained in this article quite thoroughly. So, download this app and experience the best communication app.

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