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Dead Trigger Mod Apk

Dead Trigger MOD APK is an action genre shooting game where players kill the zombies for the survival of humanity. This game depicts the era of the zombie virus that engulfs the whole world; everyone is either affected by the virus or dies from hunger. It seems like there is no way out, every zombie is thirsty for human blood. 

At a time when the world is utterly in a state of chaos, government and security officials are nowhere to help the people. Therefore, it is completely on us to save humanity from extinction in such grim situations. In this game, players have the full authority to kill any zombie in any way they like. 

About Dead Trigger MOD APK:

We all know that zombies don’t exist in the real world, they are just fictional characters, but this subject always fascinates us, and we all love to listen to zombie stories and watch films on this subject. That is why the makers decided to create a game where you have the free hand to kill anyone for survival. 

The game consists of different missions, and before the start of every mission, players would get complete information. The main aim here is to clean the area from the deadly creatures, that is why here you got the map of a complete area, and the location set on it is the exact location where you will next go and kill all the enemies of humanity.


I have played this game, and according to my experience, it is one of the best games that depicts this subject quite professionally. Also, the controls work really smoothly. On the right side of the screen, you get the hidden icon to move the protagonist forward or backward but to change the direction, you have to touch any part of the screen and move it in any way you like. 

The best part of the game is that, after completion of every level, you would get surprises such as more robust weapons and other essential things that will not only boost your interest in the game but also make players able to kill the mob of zombies in one go. 


Explore the City:

Players are allowed to visit every part of the city, it is also important to collect the weapons and find other survivors. Keep in mind that you are not alone in the game, same as you, many humans are also there waiting for help, and the main issue is that they can’t trust anyone. So, first, you have to acquire their trust by saving them from the deadly creatures. 

Multiple Weapons:

Dead Trigger Mod Apk Weapon Image

One thing that makes you superior against the zombie is weapons, it is a proven truth that you can’t win by fistfights. And the reason is that viruses remove their brainpower, they can’t understand things, and makes them even more powerful. Also, they move in groups which are impossible for one person to fight with them. 

Therefore, to make things easy here you got a complete variety of weapons such as Alien Gun, Submachine Gun Project 90, Shotguns RMGT 870, Minigun, and many others. In the original version, you have to pass a certain level to get these but not in this MOD version, just like Nova Legacy, we have unlocked all the guns so you can pick any deadly one from the very start of the game. 

Cool Realistic Graphics:

The game depicts the roads and builds pretty much professionally, its seems like watching an animated movie. The 3D dark graphics, bloody scenes and gun shooting sparks, and other such things would definitely stick the user to the screen. Also, in this MOD version, you won’t face any restrictions, so you are allowed to move everywhere. 

Multiple Other Items:

Apart from weapons, maps, and other such things, the game provides multiple other items as well which help the user to overcome the deadly situation easily. These items include Medkit, which helps to revive the health bar to the maximum level, Slow Time gadget, which shows down the zombie attack so you can easily annihilate all of them.

Players can also use the speed boosters to maximize the power and throw the grenades, in case of available bullets are not enough for all the enemies. I suggest you, before using any grenades first use the bait buzzer to gather all the zombies in one place. 

Tips and Tricks of Dead Trigger MOD APK:

I am writing these tips after taking interviews with the world’s top players of this game. These are authentic workable tips and tricks, so read them carefully. 

  1. In this game, never stand in one place, instead keep moving, because the zombies are everywhere, on your front and back. That is why if you stand in one place for a long time they will attack you in a horde, which would become difficult for you to handle. 
  2. Never forget to buy the bandage after every attack, it will help to heal the power back to maximum level. 
  3. To get ideas of zombie locations take help from the area zone icon available at the top right side of the screen. Here red dots show the location of enemies and yellow signs show the protection in it. 
  4. I suggest you always avoid going near the enemies, instead find a safe place against the wall so the enemies only appear from the front area, which would be easy for you to handle.
  5. Never skip the description and other notifications that appear on the screen, it will provide you the information regarding every particular mission along with tips. So, read them carefully.  
  6. There is a casino option available in the main menu, never forget to test your luck on it. Here you can get most of the paid items entirely free. 
  7. Try every weapon available on the menu, and pick the one that you think is working best for you. Everyone has different choices, it is not essential that if some weapon works for anyone, it will definitely work for you.  
  8. Also, never forget to sign up with cloud storage to save the progress. It makes the backup, so you would be able to resume the game in case of a device change. 
Game Image


Can we play Dead Trigger Zombie Shooter MOD APK Offline?

Yes, it is an offline game, therefore, you can enjoy it anywhere and anytime without worrying about the internet connection. 

Can we enjoy the Dead Trigger Game on PC?

Yes, you can, with the help of any of the emulators like Bluestack. 

Final Words:

Dead Trigger MOD APK is an intense FPS action shooting game with a lot of features and realistic graphics. Also, with the help of this MOD version, where we have removed almost all the restrictions in it, you can enjoy the game to your fullest. 

In this article, I have added authentic and useful information that will help you to play this game like a professional player. Some players might find this game a little bit difficult but believe me after a little practice you would be able to handle every sort of difficult situation.

Also, if you find any difficulty regarding this game or any other available on our website, you can contact us any time. Try other genre games as well such as Criminal Case MOD APK.



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