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darkness rises mod apk feature Image

As you all know, fighting RPG games are one of the most played and popular categories nowadays, and if you are also a fan of such games, then the Darkness Rises MOD APK would definitely prove to be a gem for you. It has numerous features that stick the player to the screen, such as cool graphics, multiple characters aka heroes, a realistic soundtrack, innovative gameplay, and many others, which I have explained in this article, so stick to it to get the authentic valuable information. 

The game depicts the time when darkness is prevailing all over the world and brings the savage and ferocious monsters who have only one aim to destroy everything coming their way. At this problematic time, players have only two ways to go. The first is to retaliate until the last drop of blood is left in their bodies and the second is to run, which is cowardness. I am damn sure you choose the first option and make yourself ready against the horde of monsters. Also, try other RPG games, such as the most famous Mobile Legends Adventure MOD APK

About Darkness Rises MOD APK:

darkness rises mod Image

In this game, players clear the levels, one after the other, from the enemies but also try to kill all of them as soon as possible. Here the faster you finish any of the levels, the higher your chances of getting more rewards from the game. You can check the time available at the top right side of the screen. 

Also, the graphics and animations available in this game are very hard to get in any android game. If you have ever played the Xbox 5 games you can easily see the similarities in the graphics and controls. 

Keep in mind that, this game has so many features that it takes you weeks to get to know all of them. And every update would introduce more features and levels into the game, so we can safely say that there is no end of pleasure in it. 

Every mission or mode further consists of multiple small levels, so most of the time when players pass the levels they would get unique gears that they use until that mission successfully completed. Therefore, never find those gears in the inventory, they are the temporary ones. 

Never forget to level up the heroes, players would get more skills, power boosts, agility by doing that. After clearing every mission I just go to the menu and level my heroes to the maximum level possible, so the next level will become more interesting for me. 

How to play?

darkness rises mod game Image

Playing this game might challenging for newbies but soon after the understanding of the controls, everything becomes a piece of cake for you. At the left bottom side of the screen, players got the joystick icon for movement on the hero. And to attack and power boost all the icons are on your left bottom side. I suggest you read the full description of every control, available in the menu, to get to know about them all quite thoroughly.  


Character’s Customization:

Character Customization image

Looking presentable not only attracts attention in-game life but also in real life. Here you got more options than any of the fighting roleplaying games. You can change the characters’ costumes, unlock more gear from them, change their looks in many ways, and multiple other things that make you astonished. 

Multiple Modes to Play:

There are multiple modes are available for players to enjoy the game such as PvP mode, PvE mode, story mode, and others. The difference between the PvE and PvP mode is that in PvP mode players fight against real-life players and show them their cool moves. In this game, anyone can invite other people to fight against you. 

And on the contrary in PvE mode players fight against the monsters and other deadly creatures. However, if I have to choose the mode I always prefer to go with the story mode, which is like chapters of a book, further divided on multiple missions. It contains a lot of adventure and lots of action fights that entertain at every point. 

Multiple Characters:

There are seven different categories of heroes present in the game and their names are Warriors, Wizards, Berserker, Assassin, Archer, Witch, and Guardian. I have mentioned them on the basis of their power, Wizards are more powerful as compared to warriors and Berserker is more robust and deadly than a wizard, and so on. Guardians are the strongest ones among them, also, much more difficult to come by. 

Unlimited Money and Gems Hack:

To make things easy for you we provide you with the hack version of the game where you got unlimited money, just like Board Kings MOD APK, and gems. So, from now on you don’t have to wait long enough to come by costly yet attentive items from the inventory, everything becomes easily accessible for you. Also, to get these cheats you don’t have to root your device not do any other things, just download it and enjoy.  

Game image

Beginner’s Guide of Darkness Rises MOD APK:

The points mentioned below are the authentic ones, I personally follow them while playing and I also suggest you read and memorize them so in the future it will help you to play this game more accurately and would make you able to overcome any dire situation.  

  1. If you are a newbie start the game by exploring the inventory and never forget to unlock chests, by this way you would get multiple gear items for the characters of the game.
  2. Although at the start you would get multiple gears to equip, pick ones having the highest power, to compare the power the one having the highest have power number is written in green color, its means that particular gear is the strongest them all. 
  3. Also, try the co-op mode, where you create a team with any player and start the fight. You would mostly get the character more powerful than yours so that it will provide you a cover shield in most difficult places. 
  4. Try to get the guardian character as soon as possible because no one can easily knock you out due to its highest powers. 
  5. Never stand in one place to wait for your enemies to come, instead, explore every nook and cranny and take action immediately whenever you saw the opponent. Keep in mind that the faster you attack first, the higher your winning chances. 
  6. The makers of the game unlock multiple events, every now and then, and if you login in at that specific time you would get multiple chests and more unique items. And to get the information on when that particular event is going to happen read the notifications.  
  7. And at last, never get disappointed, you might find some missions pretty much difficult but after two or three times you can pass them.


Are we allowed to play the Darkness Rises game on PC?

Yes, you are. Playing this game is pretty much easy on PC with the help emulator and the one I am using is Bluestack. 

Is the Darkness Rises MOD APK safe for cell phones?

All the APK files available on our website are completely safe for download on every platform. You don’t have to worry and make yourself happy with the best mod version of the game.

Can we play Darkness Rises MOD APK without an internet connection?

No, you can’t play this game offline. Here to play with and against multiple players around the world, which can’t be possible without the internet connection. 

Final Words:

Darkness Rises MOD APK is one of the most diverse games, therefore, to make things easy for you I have mentioned the guidelines of professional players in the Beginner’s Guide section. However, if you know more important tips regarding this game, which I haven’t mentioned, write them down in the comment section, we would definitely add them. Also, you can contact us for any query regarding this game or any other, available on our website. 



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