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Crowd Evolution MOD APK is a casual mobile game that involves gathering a bunch of characters to form groups from different maps and then helping those groups to evolve. To progress through levels, players slide their group of characters through various scenarios while using a portal to advance through time and add years to their character’s evolution.

Basic Information:

Game NameCrowd Evolution
Size154 MB
Requirements4.4 and up
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money, Gems
DeveloperRollic Games

About Crowd Evolution MOD APK:

Crowd Evolution is a strategy game where players guide a group of people through various eras of history to use evolution to gain an advantage over enemies and increase the number of human resources. In the game, the player must make a strategic move about which game to pass through as they can either be helpful or hinder the player’s progress. By evolving and increasing their numbers, players can improve their chances of success and receive rewards when they reach a new destination. The game offers a unique blend of the evolution of forces and resource management to create an engaging and challenging gameplay experience.

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Super Challenging:

It is a continuous running game, reminiscent of the popular smartphone game subway surfers but it offers numerous challenges with computational obstacles that require players to use their mathematical knowledge. By pushing players to think quickly and perform calculations on the fly the game could be helpful to improve cognitive abilities and increase processing speed. It provides a unique combination by engaging math problems and obstacle challenges in a fun way and entertaining way.

3D Graphics:

In this present time, you can judge a game by observing the picture quality of the gameplay so the developers put special focus on the graphics of the game. This game has simplistic yet engaging 3d graphics. The game’s visuals are designed to be colorful and eye-catching with characters that are easy to distinguish and scenarios that are easy to navigate. Despite its simplistic design, the game’s graphics are still detailed enough to create an immersive experience for the player. The 3D graphics provide a unique perspective on the game’s challenges allowing players to see and interact with obstacles from different angles.

Different Characters

Furious Enemies:

As you progress through the levels of the game you will encounter enemies that stand in your way. These enemies are tasked with stopping you from proceeding to the next gate and you must have a strong and strategic move to defeat them. As you reach higher levels more powerful enemies will appear such as giants and bloodthirsty warriors. First, you have to build a huge group then you are able to defeat them. If you successfully manage to build a strong and numerous enough crowd, nothing can stop you.

Enemy’s Boss:

You can blow through those enemies to make your way more convenient but you must also be cautious because bosses stand at the end of each level they have enough power to destroy you at any moment therefore you must be prepared and try not to lose your crowd capacity because enemies will try to decrease your numbers which will make the job easy for the bosses to finish you up.

Perilous Paths:

In addition to the dangerous enemies in this game, it also has a perilous path containing deadly traps. As you progress through levels you will experience a variety of obstacles that can impede your progress or cause you to lose a member of your crowd. Therefore you must be careful and strategic in your movement ensuring that you avoid the traps and overcome the enemies to the end of each level.


Crowd Evolution offers the ability to upgrade their character in the game. To do so, players would need to earn in-game currency which can be obtained by completing levels, defeating enemies, and collecting bonuses. All items can be unlocked by downloading the modded version which offers the feature of unlimited money. This is an amazing feature by which players can progress quickly.

Game Image

Easy to Play:

One of the standout features of this game is very easy and simple to play and understand respectively. With the simple 3D graphics and the intuitive controls, the game is easy to pick up and start playing even for those new to the genre. The gameplay mechanisms are straightforward and intuitive with the focus on guiding your characters through different road maps and making strategic decisions. Additionally, the game also has a learning tutorial which ensures that the player can jump right into the action and start enjoying the game without any steep learning curve.

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MOD Features:

Ads Free:

The developer of the Crowd Evolution game knows that ads in between the game is so annoying so they have especially added an ads-free feature to their application so the player does not get disturbed by these annoying ads which cause the focus and interest of the player to lose over the game. 

Final Words:

Crowd Evolution MOD APK is a fun and challenging mobile game that incorporates elements of strategy, action, and adventure. The game’s 3D graphics and easy-to-use controls make it accessible to players of all skill levels, while the increasing difficulty level and addition of dangerous enemies and deadly traps keep things exciting and challenging. Also, remember that this game has created for children above 12 years of age.

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