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criminal case mod apk

Criminal Case MOD APK is a perfect game for the ones who love to become a detective. The game depicts a grim corrupt city full of crimes, and to make all things right player performs the role of an investigation officer who works in the police department of Grimsborough and would solve the murder cases to provide justice to the victims.

Same as other games which consist of levels here all criminal cases are the levels. In the starting players would get a complete map of the city with crime locations marks on it and their duty is to solve all of them one after the other. If you leave one culprit that would become a threat to all people of the city so to make sure every offender must be behind the bars never overlook a single glue from the crime scene. 

About Criminal Case MOD APK:

It is one of the most diverse game where you execute almost all the steps that a real detective has performed to solve the cases such as creating the autopsy reports, doing the forensic tests of clues, and multiple other tasks. Also, the presence of attractive graphics, thrilling gameplay, and excellent music would make this game a perfect one. 

In almost all the cases, players would get the basic information about it at the start, and soon after landing on the crime scene, their first duty is to collect the clues. A good thing about the game is that it provides you the information regarding every step so everything becomes easier and more user-friendly for you. 

We can also describe the game as a crime storybook because you got the know about a new case every time. It forces the player to do brainstorming that boosts their cognitive ability and makes them sharper. It is a proven truth that good games either physical or computer ones provide a huge positive impact on the growth of the Childers. 

criminal case game for android

How to Play Criminal Case Hack APK?

Keep in mind that it is not a difficult game to play. When you log in the first time most probability the game starts with the same murder case of a woman whose body was left in Junkyard Garden. The head officer appoints you as in charge of the case so you start heading towards the crime location. 

Now, the very first thing to do is take the corpse to the autopsy center and get the report done. Take the clues from the doctor and note them down. You might have to go to the crime location again to collect the evidence that was previously ignored. 

And at the end, the game will provide you a list of suspects who have similarities with the clues, now it’s your job to find the actual culprit which has all the similarities and arrest him. If you like this game then also try other games as well such as Carrom Pool MOD APK.

Features of Criminal Case MOD APK:

Unlimited Energy:

Just like money energy is also essential to solve the cases and also pretty much hard to come by. That is the reason we provide you the cheat of Unlimited energy so you don’t have to wait long enough to accumulate this one, you get it by just downloading the MOD APK file. 

Unlimited Stars:

To examine the evidence and in other such tasks, stars are used in the game. In the original version, if you manage to pass the level without taking any wrong step you might be able to get one star else most of the time players would get only half, which is not enough. However, no need to worry at all, this mod version will completely address this issue, here you would get unlimited stars hack, which will help you to solve the cases swiftly and according to your own way.

Hints Hack:

The crime scene graphics are pretty much diverse which makes it hard for the players to find the clues that is why in this hack version we provide you Hints cheat bar. So, with its help, you can easily get to know which item you want to pick along with its location.

Play with Friends:

A detective job is not a piece of cake, sometimes they are stuck in a situation where it became pretty much hard to find a way out. Therefore, in such situations, other detective friends are the ones who make things easy for you. That is the reason the game provides you the feature of playing with friends so you can easily solve the cases much more easily yet accurately. All you have to do is send the invitation to your friends just like we do in Tower Conquest MOD APK, and enjoy the game with them.

Game Image

Tips and Tricks:

All the points mentioned here are authentic ones, so never skip any of them. 

  1. Never waste your resources on buying the items for the avatar, instead try to unlock the pet dog as soon as possible because it helps you in the detention of offenders in many cases.
  2. If you have any security concerns regarding the connection of your Facebook account with the game then I am assuring you it is entirely safe and secure. Connecting the Facebook account provides you multiple benefits such as you would get free coins and can easily share the winning stats and trophies with just one click. 
  3. Never forget to explore the setting and other features of the game to get thorough information about everything. 
  4. At the bottom right side of the screen, you get the icon of a plane. In case you would not want to solve the city cases use this option, it will provide you a complete list of other games, created by the same makers, where you can perform the duties at Pacific Bay, and other locations. Therefore, we can say that there is no end to criminal case games. Also, in the future, more interesting and attractive stories games will launch on the market. 
  5. On the left side of the screen, you got the spin wheel option, which will provide multiple items totally free, never forget to test your luck on the wheel.


Can I play Criminal Case MOD APK Offline?

Yes, you can. This game supports offline features, so you can enjoy it without worrying about internet connection stability. 

Does downloading this file create issues on my phone?

No, it is a completely safe APK file. I am assuring you that you won’t find any malware issues in it. 

Final Words:

Criminal Case Hack APK for Android makes you aware of how difficult the job of our investigation department officers is. Also, it teaches us looks don’t define whether a person is a culprit or not, most of the time the one you think is the innocent prove a deadly offender. And our duty here is to make sure every offender will face the consequence of wrongdoings. 

In this article, I have almost mentioned all the necessary detail of the Criminal Case Game and tried my level best to explain every detail thoroughly. However, if you still have any confusion, mention it in the comment section. Our team will try their best to make sort out the issue.



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