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Are you looking for free unlimited money and gold in Clear Vision 4 MOD APK then I must say you landed at the right website. We offer you the modified version of the original Clear Vision Four game which is more user-oriented and if you want to know about every feature of this app then read the whole article. We have gathered all the information after a thorough analysis and try our best to provide you with the complete information. However, if anything, is unfortunately,  missed you can ask freely in the comments section. So, let’s get started.

Basic Information:

Game NameClear Vision 4 APK
Size95 MB
Requirements2.3 and up
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money and Gold, Fully Unlocked

About Clear Vision 4 MOD APK – Brutal Sniper:

It is an action-packed, thrilling sniper adventure game which is why clear vision is pretty important. This game has become a fan favorite since its release and that is why it has been downloaded more than 1 million times on Google Play Store. It offers players an exciting and engaging gameplay experience. With the realistic graphics, a wide range of weapons, and challenging missions I am sure you will enjoy this game a lot. 

Aim and Shoot

Also, the gameplay is pretty simple to understand. On the main menu, you can select any type of mission which you want to play, and you get all the information at the very start. Now all you have to do is select a weapon, mostly the snipper, and start aiming your target. And once you get a clear sight immediately shoot the bullet and your mission is completed. It is as simple as I have said, moreover, after the completion of every mission you will get numerous rewards as well. 

Keep in mind that the main protagonist “Tyler” is pretty infamous in this game. And what he does is clearly upon you, as you control him all over the game. Mostly he will kill bad people, who have either made innocent people hostage or are murderers. And our protagonist is trying to make the world a peaceful one for other innocent humans. Moreover, he will also do settlements between the big mafias as well, which makes the gameplay more exciting. 


Customize and Upgrade the Weapons:

It is a shooting game which is why without weapons no one can complete a single mission in it. Therefore, players can choose a wide range of weapons, especially sniper rifles and assault rifles. Also, for better performance, you can also upgrade the weapons by adding scopes, silencers, and other attachments to improve their accuracy, range, and firepower. Upgradation is also important for winning as well because there are multiple missions involved where common weapons won’t show good results. 

Customize and Upgrade the Weapons

Multiple Missions:

  1. Classic Mob Missions:

Almost every player starts the game with this mode, here the player takes on the role of a hitman who is hired by the mafia to eliminate various targets. All the missions are set in a different location, and the player must use their skills to targets the enemies without being detected by opponents. It is a pretty challenging mode that requires strategic thinking and planning, only then you are able to complete the missions. 

  1. Secret Spec Ops:

It is another interesting gaming mode where our main protagonist is a secret agent who will target enemies at multiple different locations. This mode contains a lot of small missions and each one of them is important, which means you can’t reach the next level without completing the previous one. 

Exciting Missions
  1. “Wanted” bounty hunting:

In this mode, players hunt down fugitives for bounties. Just like the upper two modes, this one is also pretty challenging as well as exciting. To eliminate the target first you have to find a safe spot to point and once you find the right spot kill it immediately.

  1. Hostage Situation:

I personally like this mode to enjoy because here our main protagonist will save the hostages held captive by their captors. To complete this mode you have to build a proper strategy. First, try to take out all the captors, and after that enter the building. If you start a direct attack you will lose the challenge because there will be a complete group of enemies and you are alone. 

Explore Lots of Locations:

In this game, every mission takes place at a different location. All the locations are designed perfectly and provide you with a look just like you watch in movies. Also, to play at any location first you have to understand the surroundings and safe location, so if the opponent retaliates you are able to save yourself. 

Endless Sniper Action:

In the free mode, you are able to enjoy endless sniper action. This mode provides you with a lot of enjoyment as well as rewards, where premium items are available for you. There is no limit to enemies in this mode, so you can eliminate anyone you like and enjoy the gameplay. 

MOD Features:

Unlimited Money and Gold:

Both the game currencies are used to unlock different deadly weapons, in the upgradation and to unlock multiple other game-related items. Therefore, to provide you with an exciting unforgettable experience of the Clear Vision 4 Hack APK game, we include unlimited money and gold hack in it. So, download this latest updated version and enjoy the best free money feature. 

Fully Unlocked:

Although the makers have said that 90% of the players won’t spend any amount on this game, however, if you want to enjoy the premium missions then you have to. However, if you download this version there is no need to spend money for enjoying the premium missions, we have unlocked every single one of them. 

Amazing Game


Is this game good for children?

Absolutely Not. Must remember that this game is for people at least 18 years of age, the makers are not recommending it to children. So, I suggest parents never download this game to their children’s tablets or Android phones. For children’s Speed Legends MOD APK is the best game.

Final Words:

Clear Vision 4 MOD APK is more than just point and shoot, every mission has a complete storyline that seems like you are watching a movie and you are able to make every single decision. Innovative gameplay, hilarious animations, customization options, multiple challenges, and many other features will keep you engaged and you will enjoy it pretty much.


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