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Bowmasters MOD APK is a fun-loving action shooting game where players throw arrows and other such weapons toward the opponent who is standing just at the front. There are multiple features of the Bowmasters game that keep you entertained both offline and online. Here you get 60+ characters and weapons, enjoyable gameplay, stunning eye-catchy graphical effects, a good soundtrack, and a lot of other features. 

Moreover, as it is the mod version of the game so here we provide you with free multiple items, which are impossible to get in the original version of Bowmasters game. Also, if you are a newbie must read the whole article to get the complete information about it, and for more games and apps, visit our APK THRONG website. 

About Bowmasters MOD APK:

As it is a shooting game, the best shot that provides you with excellent results is the headshot. Both the players are standing at a far distance, which is also mentioned on the screen, will get equal chances, first, start with you, and then the other player throws the arrow. And the one whose health reach point zero first becomes the loser of the match. 

If you have ever played the Angry Birds game, you can easily relate the graphics and gameplay of both the games. However, in the earlier defined game, you can easily see your target and protagonist in one frame, here this isn’t possible. Moreover, the attacking style and controls of both the games are the same, all you have to do is touch the weapons which our protagonist is carrying and start pointing toward the opponent. And when you think your angle is right just throw the weapon. Also, Keep in mind that you can’t change the location of the protagonist.

Many Modes to Enjoy

Features Of The Game:

Online PvP Battles:

On the main game screen, this option is present, here you can participate in the battles with the players having the same characters, upgraded levels, and most important same weapons, so both of them get equal chances. Here every chance is important to win, once you miss the opportunity, your opponent will grab it and win the match. 


This feature is pretty much important because it provides you with multiple free stuff and unlocks more unique weapons to win, so always participate in this mode of the Bowmasters Cheat APK. 

Bowmasters game image

Enjoy with Friends:

Bowmasters allows you to invite your friends into the game and start the match against them. I suggest you only participate in this mode after getting some experience to easily defeat your friends and boast your arrow-throwing skills. 

Apple Shooting Competition:

This option will automatically unlock after the successful win of 10 matches. Here your opponent carries multiple small and big fruits on its head. And contrary to other modes of the game, here, your opponent stands near to you, so you can easily shoot just at the fruits, not the opponent. Also, keep in mind that you can only miss the target only three times after that, the match will be over. 

Multiple Weapons:

Just like the availability of multiple characters, there are 40+ different weapons also available. Remember that each weapon has different characteristics, which is why you will get excellent results by unlocking them. Here you see bow arrows, cute gaming consoles, fruits, Thor’s Mjolnir and many others.

Mod Features of Bowmasters Game:

Bowmasters Free All Characters Unlocked:

All Characters Unlocked

There is no scarcity of characters in the game, on every new level, you got a different character with a unique appearance and capabilities, such as instead of bows some throw cards, javelins, chairs, and other unique items. Moreover, from cute little human avatars to animals like sharks are also available in this game. 

As it is the mod version of the game so instead of the original version where getting all the characters might need some time, here, you would get it at the very start. So, download this Bowmasters Hack Version and get any character your like.

Ads Free Mod:

In the original version, if you play offline, no ads would appear but to claim the daily rewards and enjoy other features, you have to play it online, where longer, irrelevant and unnecessary ads keep irritating all the players of Bowmasters Game. I know it is a major issue that is why we have blocked all the ads in this mod version of Bowmasters Game by inserting the ad blocker scripts in it. Now, whether you pay online or offline, no ad would appear on the screen.

Unlimited Coins and Gems:

To upgrade the players in the Bowmasters game, you need both coins and gems. It is also a reality that you can easily get coins in the original version, but gems are pretty much hard to grab. But no need to worry now, I provide unlimited coins/money and gems hack, so you can easily upgrade the basic and premium characters in no time. Moreover, this mode version is totally free, so, hurry up and click on the download button to get the APK file.

Bowmasters game during fight image

Tips and Tricks:

As we all know, this game is all about getting the best shot, so for your easiness, I have mentioned some of the most workable points, so read and must share your views about them.

  1. The daily rewards are available at the bottom left side of the screen. Here you get the complete chart for the next 15 days. Keep in mind that you have to claim the reward on a daily basis or else you will miss it, moreover, an internet connection is also essential for this.
  2. It is the best feature of the game that at the end of every level, you get the chest, in which the player would get free coins and one free spin. So, through spin, you can get more coins, any premium character, Gems, and other such items, it is completely on your luck.
  3. The layout of this game is really super user-friendly, in the settings menu, you get all the essential items such as changing language, sounds, music, and even the notification icon is also available. So, in case you disturb by the persistent sounds of notification, just switch it off from there, and all is good to go.
  4. One weapon that doesn’t provide you with good results is the firecracker, whenever you throw it on opponents it will burst in the middle, putting no harm to others. So, it’s better to avoid this one, I personally never win a single battle with this one. 
  5. If you are completely new to this game, then I suggest you start playing with the simple mode where the opponent is an AI player, not a real character, and the reason is that the AI player is not a good shooter in this game, you can easily win and grab the prizes.


Bowmasters MOD APK is the online or offline game?

It has both features, you can enjoy the game offline as well as online. 

Describe the cost of Bowmasters App?

Nothing, it is totally free for everyone. 

Final Words:

Bowmasters MOD APK is one of the best shooting games because of its plenty of interesting features and attractive gameplay. Here players enjoy the 1 to 3 minutes match where we throw different weapons at each other. So, download this game and enjoy the best shooting experience. 


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