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Boom Beach MOD APK is a strategy genre game and as shown in the name here all the fights happen on the beaches. Here every player builds their own beach, which they have to protect by unlocking the defensive weapons such as cannon, archer tower, and multiple others. 

The important step which decides the victory is the proper placement of each and every item, this is the reason which makes this one the best strategy game. And if you don’t know anything about it, just stick to this article in which I have explained everything comprehensively. 

About Boom Beach MOD APK:

From the availability of diverse attractive graphics to the presence of a bunch of features, this game is perfect from all aspects. Here you got ships, houses, towers, weapons, troops, own beaches, and many other things. If you have ever played Clash of Clans, you can easily see the similarities between the two, both the games have the same attacking style. 

The game starts on a small island where you landed with the help of a boat. Now your main task is to start the construction of the biggest base against the Blackguards, your enemy. On the right bottom side of the screen, there is an icon present with the hammer image on it, all the buildings, defense, support, and decoration items are available in it. 

Also, every now and then players would get the suggestions regarding next steps, so, the game, will never let you stuck at any place. Soon after the placement of the buildings, Lieutenant Hammerman from the Blackguard will start the attack, it is just an introductory one to make you aware of the system, never get upset with it.  

In Boom Beach game most of the time when players log in their bases are destroyed, never take this thing seriously. All the players are facing the same thing. Also, after the successful attack, the opponent would only be able to get a small amount from the reserves, which the player can easily recover after some time. 

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Features of the Game:

Availability of Statues:

Here four different types of statues are present in the game and every statue is further divided into three categories Idols, Guardians, and Masterpieces. These are the most important ones which determine how swiftly and correctly players would upgrade the game. For example, if players would be able to get statues, it will improve the production rate, boost up the health, and increase the damage rate of troops. So, never ignore them.  

PvP Arena:

This feature is pretty much common nowadays, and almost every game includes it. It allows the players to play the game with their friends and other players of the game. Contrary to the AI fighting modes here players can take more advantages, resources. When a player starts the battle game will match him with the one having equal level, so both have equal chances to win.   

Unlimited Diamonds and Troops Hack:

In this Boom Beach Hack Android APK, we provide the Unlimited Diamonds and Troops cheat. Same as Darkness Rises MOD APK, these hacks will help you knock the opponents out in no time and in the up-gradation of troops. Mostly owing to fewer resources, players get upset with the game and leave it in the middle but with this version, your all problem would solve. Enjoy the game and share your valuable experience with us.

Hundreds of Troops Availability:

Players can unlock multiple troops from the menu to attack the opponent bases. Here you got Rifleman, Medic, Heavy, Zooka, Tank, Warrior, and many others. I suggest you never use the same troops from any battle instead make a combination of all of them. Here you can also unlock the Rocket Choppa that can easily annihilate the building from the air and no cannon would be able to retaliate, but before using it make sure other troops would destroy all the archery towers. 

Multiple Events:

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To increase the enjoyment, makers of the game provide the feature of monthly events in which you are allowed to fight live battles. I suggest you never skip them because it would provide you with multiple premium-level items free of cost and also help you with resources. 

Tips and Tricks of Boom Beach Hack APK:

It is one of the coolest and most user-friendly game, where you can do whatever you want, even if you upgrade the wrong item you won’t face any consequences but a wastage of time. Therefore, to make things easy and swift I am going to share with you the tips and tricks, read them carefully, implement them and share the stats with all of us in the comment section.

  1. Especially for beginners, I suggest you first get the defensive status and then move towards the other ones. Also, for their placements, the best way to get the idea is from your peers.
  2. Keep in mind that you should increase your offensive power more than the defensive and the reason is that you can get more resources from the attacks on other islands than accumulate them from your own items. 
  3. The base house is the most important building among all, present on the beach, so upgrading them, to the maximum level possible, that would increase the resource capacity. 
  4. After the up-gradation of basic things, which I have described in earlier points, start upgrading the gunboat, armory, troops, and lastly the radar. Radar helps the players to get more area on the map, which provides you more opportunities to loot the resources. 
  5. At the start you would get a few slots of upgrading the items, never leave any single slot empty. 
  6. Keep in mind that the more you faster increase the HQ level, the higher your chances of getting the more powerful items. So, also put your main focus on it.
  7. There is a rule in this game that is important to know is that if one player is online the other player is not able to attack its beach.


Is there any age restriction on playing this game?

Yes, the makers of the game have designed this game for the Childers have 13 and upper age. There is a lot of fight and destruction involved and we all know that there is a causal relationship between what we watch and do in real life. At an early age, children’s brains are not strong enough to handle such devastating gameplay, so it’s better to avoid such things. 

To get the Unlimited Money cheat how much do we have to pay?

We never charge a single penny for the APK file. It is entirely free for all. 

Final Words:

Game Image

Download the Boom Beach MOD APK game and commence the adventure of exploring a new world. Here players have full authority to build their own beaches and destroy the others to seize the resources. This game is the most popular one and has been downloaded more than 6 million times on the Google Play store. From this huge figure, you can easily estimate its fan following. In this article, I have explained all the game’s nitty-gritty and shared some tips and tricks to sort all things out. However, if you still have any perplexity in any step, feel free to contact us. Also, try other simple games as well such as Ludo Star MOD APK.



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