Details about why are Pokemon Games so Expensive

If you are a Pokemon Games fan and find that most of the Pokemon games are so expensive then that question must pop up in your mind, Why are such games so expensive? So, here I will answer your question in a detailed manner. 

Why Pokemon Games are so Expensive



It is the biggest factor that increases the cost of any Pokemon game, especially the new ones. As you know people of all ages always wait to get the latest version of Pokemon games and when the games release in a day or two all the copies are sold. So, when demand increases automatically the price will increase. So, that is a reason for the higher price of the latest version of Pokemon games. 

Higher Production Cost:

Making such a diverse and engaging game is not a job of one version. The Game Freak developed company hires researchers, designers, and programmers, and after an immense thought process of many months, they create a single game, so hiring such a huge team required higher resources, so meeting all the expenses and also getting the profit increased the cost of the game. 


You might not know that but the manufacturing company is involved in any agreement with multiple parties, so the licensing and the tax required money. So, after spending so much on these the price will start increasing. And there is no way you can mitigate the impact of tax on such games’ prices. 

Final Words:

To provide you a brief idea about the higher price of Pokemon games I have mentioned three important reasons in this post. It is true that these are not the only reasons many others such as the cost of distributors, brand value, etc. are also involved in the higher price of Pokemon games, but for your understanding, I have only mentioned the three main reasons. Moreover, you are also able to enjoy free versions of Pokemon games as well, and that versions are called ROM Hacks that are as good as the real games. And if you want to enjoy such versions then you can visit websites like:, or the most famous Pokemon Community:

Remember: Finding a good ROM hack might be hard to get in the Pokemon Community, so prefer the website instead.

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