How to Make Sticks in Minecraft – A Complete Step By Step Guide:

Sticks in Minecraft

We all know that Minecraft is one of the most diverse games where you got a bunch of items to craft and has a complete storyline. That is the reason it is a quite popular game. Also, in this game, players build a whole new place and collect resources for that, and among them, the utmost important one is sticks, which are used to craft almost every item in Minecraft Game

Essential Item for Crafting of Sticks:

You can create sticks with more than 20 different recipes, and there are multiple types of sticks that you can craft in this game. However, for crafting any stick, in the Minecraft game, one essential item is wood, which you can get through trees. 

Keep in mind that, in the Minecraft game, crafting the first stick is a little time-consuming because our hero has to do everything manually, but as soon he gets his first stick and builds items from them, the process of crafting becomes pretty much swift and easy. 

How to Make Sticks in Minecraft – Step by Step Guide:

  1. For crafting any item, whether it is a stick or any other, the essential thing is the accumulation of raw material. And in the case of sticks, wood is the essential raw material. Therefore, first, you have to go near the trees and start hitting them, it might take some time, but eventually, you will be able to get a huge amount of wooden blocks. 
Tree in Minecraft game

2. After that, go to the crafting menu, where at the start of the game, players would only get a 2×2 grid, which is enough for creating small items but for huge items, you should build a crafting table. However, for simple sticks, this space is enough. 

Crafting table

3. And After that, pick the wooden blocks, which you have collected by cutting off trees and placing them vertically in the crafting grid, and that’s it, you will get your sticks. 

4. In this way, you can get as many sticks as you want.

Usage of Sticks:

As I mentioned earlier, sticks would use almost in the crafting of every item. You can use it for creating the Activator Rail, Arrows, Bows, Campfire, Fishing Rod, Ladder, and in multiple other places. All you have to do is understand the proper way of creating them. That is why I have mentioned some of the important recipes where the usage of sticks is essential.

Store Hoe: 

It is an important item, which helps you to till the grassland. And to craft this one, you need 2 blocks of cobbler store or Black stone with 2 sticks. Also, make sure you have a crafting table for it. 

Crafting Table Image

Stone Shovel:

It is also an important item in this game, and to create this one, you need 1 block of any sort of stone with 2 wooden sticks.

Wood Fence: 

To increase the security of farms, houses, and other places, fences would use. You can also place a fence across the area of your animals so they wouldn’t lost in the game. And to acquire it you should have the same color of 4 planks and 2 sticks.


If you ever have played the Minecraft game, you know that here you explore multiple mines where not a speck of light would reach. Therefore, to see in the darkness torch is essential, and it is pretty much simple to make. All you need is one coal block and one stick. You can create as many torches as you can because coal is one of the easily available items in this game. 


Swords are also pretty much important for the security of the hero. And there are multiple categories of swords you can create, such as stone swords, diamonds sword, and others, all you need is 2 blocks of stones with one stick.

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