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Bleach Brave Souls MOD APK is an anime action fight game and is also quite popular with over 60 million downloads worldwide, and this figure keeps increasing. Almost everyone knows about the best Manga – Bleach anime series, and the makers have created this game just according to that, the same graphics, characters, fight style, along with many other features.

Basic Information:

App NameBleach Brave Souls APK
Requirements4.4 and up
Size133 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money, Spirit Orbs, God Mode

About Bleach Brave Souls MOD APK:

As it is a Japanese game so you will see a lot of Japanese gacha characters in it. Also, the storyline of the game is also very interesting, the main character has the habit of talking with the ghosts, and he keeps doing it until one day he talks to an evil ghost who starts torturing his own family. 

Now after watching all this, he has decided to face off with these evil ghosts to save the innocent souls that they have captured. Here to play the game, just click on the quest option, available at the right bottom side of the screen, as you can also see in the image. 

game Main screen

In the quest menu, you select the mission, and the game voyage will begin. Mainly here, all the missions are quite simple and can easily be over in a couple of minutes. Also, to play the game, you will use both of your hands, to fight, you uses your right hand and press the different icon available on the right bottom side, while to move the characters, you use your left hand. 


A Lot of Characters:

For participating in any mission, players have the choice to select three different characters. And at any moment in the game, you can replace any one of them with the other. As every new character has different features, such as some using the sword to kill, some using the bow and arrows, and others having their own qualities. 

With the help of game money, you can get anyone from them and take them to the fight. For newbies, my suggestion is to take start with the character having a bow and arrows because you can easily overcome the ghosts and other evil creatures without going near to them, so the chances of losing the match will mitigate a lot. 

Also, you will come across a lot of other characters whose qualities are not according to the levels which are required for the fight, so simply remove them from the menu. As you know that there is a limit of three players for every mission, so losing the normal characters and keeping the best one is the best strategy to win the game. 

Many Quests to Complete:

Quests are like missions in Bleach Brave Souls cheat APK, and there are many in this game. By completing the quests, you can get a lot of free rewards and can unlock new levels quite easily. As in these quests, you play with the AI players, so you learn a lot about the fighting style and features of the characters. So, when you participate in the online 3v3 arena fights, you will be ready to face off the real experienced players. Moreover, while fighting in these quests, players will experience the same epic fighting moves that are available in the anime series. 

Epic Fight Moves

Mod Features:

Unlimited Money:

The best benefit of downloading this Bleach Brave Souls Hack APK on Android is you will get the unlimited money hack, so you can unlock and get experience the features of every kind of character from the very start. 

God Mode:

The on-hit kill and god mode feature has also been included in this Bleach Brave Souls game because of the player’s demand. Many players face a lot of difficulties in killing the bosses in this game, so this issue is solved in this updated mod version. Simply participate in the battle and fight with the enemies, you can annihilate them with only one hit and no worry of counter-attack, if accidentally you face any, the health bar will always be at its maximum level. 

Some Drawbacks of the Game:

  1. A bit complicated layout with a lot of options, which complexes the newbies. 
  2. While playing, every now and then, a story will appear on the screen. Although all these stores are good but watching them over and over again is quite annoying. 

Tips and Tricks:

  • When you start playing the game the very first time, you have to select a server from three different options, All Asia, Global, and Japan. Select any of it wisely because you can’t change it later. 
  • You can enjoy almost the same gameplay on all these servers, the main difference is the language. There are two languages on the global server, English and French, in the Japan server, only Japanese is available, while on the All Asia Server, you can select English, Thai, Korean, and Chinese. So, it is completely up to you which one you would like to select. 
Three Different Server Options
  • There are mainly three different types of banners are existed in the game and every banner contains 6 different characters. All of these banners are good, so try each and everyone and select the banner you are comfortable with. 
  • The name you select in the game can only change once a day, remember that. Also, try to select a name that doesn’t contain any offensive words because there are many other players who play alongside you, so it’s bad to use any weird words in the name. 
  • Before the start of the game, a whole storyline will appear, just like an anime movie. I suggest you not skip it because it is quite interesting. 
  • Defeating the boss enemy is a little tough in the game. The best strategy to win is to hit and run, hit the boss with your sword from behind, and then run in any other direction.
  • Remember, never stand in one place longer, it will lead you to lose the fight.  
  • In this game, your fight timing is also considered for ranking in the world’s best players list. Therefore, if you want to rank yourself, try to knock out the opponent in the minimum required time. 

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Final Words:

Download Bleach Brave Souls MOD APK on your Android cell phone and enjoy the same anime gameplay in it. If you are a Bleach series fan, I am sure you would also love this game as well, and with the mod features like unlimited money and god mode, which I have also explained in this article as well makes the whole game a lot more interesting.


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