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How to install Download Bitlife: Life Simulator Mod APK (Unlimited Money, God Mode, Unlocked Bitizenship) Latest Version APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Download Bitlife: Life Simulator Mod APK (Unlimited Money, God Mode, Unlocked Bitizenship) Latest Version APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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How about a game where you experience success, failure, adventure, and all other sorts of feelings that a person feels in the whole life. If it sounds interesting Bitlife Mod Apk is the game that you are looking for. From the cradle to the grave, players enjoy each and every stage of life, such as happiness, achievements, financial issues, breakups, and others.

It’s a text-based Simulation genre game where you take the decision, and that would describe your character’s fate. If you love to enjoy another life where you solve the issues and make your character’s life better, then I am damn sure you would love this Bitlife life simulator Mod Apk game. In this topic, I will explain every point of this game thoroughly and also share some tips and tricks for newbies. Just stick to it and you would surely come to know a lot about bitlife.  

About Bitlife life simulator Mod apk:

As some of its features are paid, a partially free game was released in 2018 and on number 3 on Google Play Store. After choosing the gender of the child, the game starts. Although the game is totally based on text, believe me, you would really enjoy it because it’s like a year-wise story. You come to know all about your character, its parents, profession, and others directly or indirectly linked to your character. But don’t worry you are not a stalker here. It’s just a game that teachers you about life-changing experiences, how a person makes it through the difficult challenges in life.  

Live Life According To Your Desire!

All you have to do is just click on the year button, start the game, and then read the text on the screen. If there is any choice pop-up on the screen, choose the best you seem for the child. Your decisions decide whether he would be a smart man or an annoyed person. You get to know its health status, happiness, brain smartness, and its looks through a bar just down the screen while playing. And this status bar keeps changing from time to time, showing how a person faces life’s difficulties by using his brain and sacrificing his precious time. And how the age factor keeps changing the looks from the very beautiful to much older person. 

Try to complete the whole life journey of the character. In this way, you can get more stories and come to know about interesting characters. However, completing a whole life is not compulsory, although, it gives you an edge if you feel stuck or wouldn’t find the character interesting anymore. Just quit and start with a new one. 

Bitlife Brings Childhood Memories:

Bitlife game brings childhood memories. All the cute things a child does in childhood, such as asking for money from parents, demanding toys, playing with cats, and requesting more chocolates, are shown here. Now you have come to realize why your parents did not fulfil those all wishes. Also, when we are just on the verge of adulthood, our body’s hormones are changing. In those times, your choice decides how your character will spend its coming life. 

Money is an essential parameter of life. In the original version, you got limited resources which are either passed on through your father or you have earned it. Here is a piece of advice accumulate as many resources as possible to be and use them when it’s essential. Never waste your money on expensive food, try to make the character’s life much simple. 

Teaches you the craft to live better:

Most of the time when we do things that someone has already done, we learn from it and present our work in a better way. But life is something that we adventure on our own. We learn from our failure and after a huge struggle, we get success. What if we have a life for experiments and learn from them and make our life better. Unfortunately, it is not possible in real life but possible in this game. 

Bitlife life simulator game is perfect for the growth of your mind because here you stumbled upon so many difficulties and by solving them, step by step, you come to realize how you can make your own life better. You learn about good communication, get more eye-catchy vocab, understand our parents’ issues, and realized that owing to one bad decision we can regret our whole life. 

Unlimited Money:

Same as Super Mechs Mod Apk, in this modified version we provide this unlimited Money cheat. So, you don’t have to request your father for money or to borrow a loan. You could make your character’s life free from financial issues. 

Block Ads:

We understand your insecurity towards advertisements. That’s why you block all the ads and unlock all the in-purchase features in this latest version of the bitlife mod apk. 

Free Time Machine:

The time machine is the coolest feature of bitlife. As you know through this you can move back in time to undo your bad decisions, however, you can get only this feature after paying money. But not here, in this version you can use not only the time machine but many other paid features without paying a single penny. 

Tips and tricks:

  1. If you don’t want to complicate your character, then neither choose any pet nor make friends. Keep this game within the family.  
  2. If ever you have chosen to study abroad here. Select a tax-free country to save your accumulated money.
  3. Always choose a decent character. Skip the bad or ugly character until you find a decent one. 
  4. To save your money, try to choose the male gender. Preferring a girl is far more expensive. 
  5. Also, when your character grows old, pass on its wealth to its children to keep this game moving on. 
  6. For marriage find a rich partner. That helps you a lot to gather more resources.
  7. Try to do running, jogging, and other healthy activities and avoid wasting money in the gym. 

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If parents thought that their child is mature enough to play such a game they should allow them. There is no such violence in this game. And according to experts, this game is suited for 12 years and above children. 

On the play store, you can install and enjoy this game free of cost. However, you can also buy its VIP version for more features.

It’s up to you. If you really have enough money you can buy its premium features. However, in this mod version, we provide all those features totally free and without any security issue.


I am damn sure you would love this simulation genre learning cum entertaining game. I have explained each and every point in it. If you still feel confused and don’t know how to solve the issue you can leave a comment. We will try our best to solve your issues regarding Bitlife Life Simulator Mod Apk.  



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