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Beach Buggy Racing Mod Apk Image

Beach Buggy Racing MOD APK aka BB Racing Game is a unique style of off-road racing game where players compete with the cars having distinctive qualities and features. Here we got colorful attractive graphics, a user-friendly interface, smooth controls, and to top it all off a pretty much easy-to-play game. That is the reason it has been downloaded more than 2 million times on Google Play Store. 

About Beach Buggy Racing MOD APK:

It is a completely customizable game, players can change the controls, sound system, and other essential features through settings. I suggest you change the controls preference to the “Touch B” setting because, by default, “Tilt” is selected in which you have to move the phone to control the car, which I don’t think is a good way of playing this game, long consecutive moving would cause shoulder pain to you. So, it is better you manually handle the car. 

Apart from that, you can also customize the graphics, such as changing the scene complexity, Shader Complexity, Water Reflection, Water Normal Map, and many other options which provide you a complete realistic graphics. Keep in mind that there are no fixed settings of graphics that I can suggest here, you have to keep it changing and select the one you think is best for you because everyone has their own choice. 

Best Graphics

Before the start of the match, players get a complete view of the track, I suggest you never skip it because, in this way, you get to know all the hurdles on the way. Also, after that, some notification would pop up on the screen, which describes the details of the challenge along with the tips, read them carefully. In Beach Buggy Racing MOD APK, you would get 6 unique gaming modes and 15 imaginative racing tracks.

Also, here you got 25 different types of power up to boost the speed and increase the winning chances of the players. These will help you to place your name on the top of the world players list if you manage to break their records, which I can say is quite easy with the mode version because you got the money hack and can easily unlock the boosters in it. 


All Cars Unlocked:

In the switch car menu, you got multiple cars with pretty much fancy names, but almost every car has somehow the same specifications, some have higher top speed as compared to others, but the acceleration power is much lower. Remember that, how costly a car you get, you have to upgrade it to the maximum level for better results. Therefore, it is better to upgrade the one you got at the beginning of the game and, after that, put your focus on other cars. 

However, in this mod version, we provide you unlimited money hack, just like Battle of Warships MOD APK, so you can easily get all the cars available on the menu. Here you can easily change the color and design of the car in any way your like, there are a complete variety of cars designs available in the game. 

Daily Challenges Mode:

This section is the best because it provides multiple new cars and a new racing challenge each time you participate in the game. Moreover, players would also get free premium-level items from this feature. Remember that there is no such restriction that you can only play this mode once a day, you can play it as many times as you can.

Before the start of the game, players would get the information regarding the challenge, read it carefully. Most probably the first time when you participate in it you got the elimination challenge where after every 15 sec the last player would eliminate from the game and the one who survives till the end would automatically become the winner.

Multiple Series to Enjoy:

In this game, players would get 7 unique series options, Easy Street, Coconut Cup, Sunshine Sprint, Chowder Bowl, Tropical Twist, Pineapple Punch, Tidal Rush, and Typhoon Trophy. And Each series are further divided into 6 unique challenges. Although players have to race in all the series, every new race contains unique yet difficult challenges to pass. 

BB racing game image

Tips and Tricks of the Game:

I always write these articles after thorough research and playing the game on my own. So, follow these points so you can avoid most of the common mistakes in this game.

  1. If you ever accidentally diverted from the main road and jumped into the river, never stop accelerating the car, you can easily reach the other corner of the lake. 
  2. Always use the spinner to test your luck. You got multiple items and coins entirely free from here. 
  3. Jumpstart is pretty much important to make sure you win. You would experience that at the start all the competitor’s cars jump in the air and leave your car far behind and with all your best efforts you can’t beat them. Therefore, learning the basics of jumpstart is essential. 
  4. To do jumpstart you have to tap the powerup button, available in blue color at the right middle edge of the screen, just before the start of the countdown. 
  5. To increase the visibility of the screen, uncheck two options. Go to the setting → Graphics → Advanced Settings → then Uncheck “Lense Splash Fx’ and “Boost Blur Fx”. So, when your car passes through water, no water splash appears on the screen, and you won’t face the screen blur issue after the power boost. 
  6. Always try to take the powerup, which appears while racing. It will help you to easily leave the opponent’s car behind your car. 
  7. Never forget to upgrade the acceleration, top speed, handling, and strength of the car. 
  8. Also, with every new update, you got a bunch of new options, so explore every feature of the game to get to know more about it.

Final Words:

BB Racing MOD APK is the best racing game due to its unique gameplay and multiple attractive features. In this article, I have explained all about it quite thoroughly, which would definitely help you to play this game like a pro. However, in case of any problem regarding the downloading of the file and any other issue with the game, feel free to contact us at any time. Also, I recommend you play other games as well such as Archero MOD APK.



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