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Asphalt Nitro Mod Apk

Asphalt Nitro MOD APK is a car racing game where players experience realistic graphics, professional gameplay, easily customizable controls, VIP weekly challenges, multiple events, a world ranking chart, and a bunch of other features which make you a fan of this game. For more information, just stick to the article. 

About Asphalt Nitro MOD APK:

It is a quite popular free-to-play game among children and consumes very little space on your Android phone. I have been playing this game for quite a time now, and as per my experience, there is no software lagging issue present in it. All the controls run pretty much smoothly. 

Furthermore, here you got 8 different unique modes to play, which increase the enjoyment and unlock multiple new missions in it. 

Game Image

Classic Mode: 

It is a usual racing mode where you compete against the other players, and the one who crosses the final line first becomes the winner of the game. Here you complete different laps, most probability two, but it will keep changing. 

Versus Mode:

The racing style of this mode is also the same as the classic mode, but with a little twist. Here, you play against only one player. So, in this mode, you either win or lose, there is no 2nd or 3rd prize available in it. 

Elimination Mode:

As shown in the name here, the countdown begins at the start, and after a certain time, 10 to 60 sec, the one who is, at last, would automatically eliminate from the race. And the one who survives till every other car has been eliminated would seize the winning title. 

Knockdown Mode:

Just like the other races, here players compete with each other in a specific time frame, but the winner is decided on the basis of know downs; the one player who has maximum times knock the other cars down would become the winner. 

Infected Mode:

In this mode, infected time starts for 5 or 10 sec, and at that time, the car speed would become more higher and pretty much difficult to control for newbies. Players would mostly play this mode feature in events. Also, in this mode version, you got unlimited nitro. 

Gate Drift Mode:

Here players drift through the blue gates to get the higher scores. This game mode is perfect for drifting lovers. 

Catch Mode:

Catch Mode

In this mode, players drive a cop car and just happen in any police thief race, you have to stop them at any cost. At the top of every car, health bar is present, you have to hit and crash their cars to eliminate them, also be aware of the mine dropped by the opponents. 

Escape Mode:

In escape mode, you only play alone, there is no other opponent present. In this mode, you have a certain time limit to pass the checkpoints, and more bonus time is added after passing every checkpoint. If you would manage to pass all of them within a dedicated timeframe, you will be the winner. 


Availability of Different Locations:

This feature played a massive impact on the popularity of the game. Apart from the others where all the tracks and maps are imaginary designed, players would enjoy real-world locations such as Italy, Brazil, China, Water Barrier, and others in this game. 

Also, changing the location is pretty much simple here, on the main screen you got a wheel symbol just touch on it, and the location option will appear. Apart from that, you can also get to know all the stats about yourself, such as total playtime, last played date, and the number of cars you own. 

Asphalt Nitro Unlimited Money and Tokens Hack:

Every now and then, some special offers would pop up on the screen, I suggest you should avoid them because it demands real money to unlock things. However, you also don’t have to avail such features which demand money because in this mode version you got unlimited of it, just like Super Mario Run MOD APK

The unlimited money and tokens hack are the money saver features of this mod version, with its help you can easily unlock luxury licensed cars, such as the Ferrari LaFerrari, Lamborghini Veneno like many others, and can also easily upgrade them to the max level. 

A Complete Customizable Game:

In this game, you would get all the customizable features which are available in any Xbox game. Although English is an international language, most of the places in the world people don’t familiar with it. That is why the makers of the game provide you a complete list of languages so you can easily select your native one. 

Changing the Music, Volume, SFX, Engine, and most importantly, the speed unit would definitely make the user experience better and force you to stick to it. To get to know more about the game and its features, I suggest you to explore every option in the menu. Also, In the controls menu, by default, the streaming sensitivity is 50%, never forget to take the bar to 70% for better results. 

All Cars Unlocked Hack:

All the cars in this game are divided into D, C, B, A, and S classes. And each class contains multiple vehicles of almost every brand present in the real world. Among all of them, my favorite one is the Class S category Mercedez-Benz Silver Lightning, which in the original version cost you around 3 lack game money but not in the mod version where we have already unlocked this car and many others. Moreover, the remaining ones you can easily get through unlimited money cheat. So, enjoy the game without being irritated by the accumulation of money. 

Play with Friends:

Before using this option, I suggest you take some experience by playing a mission or two, so you can easily make sure you win against your friends and boast the results by sharing on your social media account. Also, sending the invitation to your friends would provide you with free rewards and unlock a bunch of new missions to increase your interest here. 

If you don’t know how to use this feature, then just follow these steps: Go to the Profile section, available at the top left corner of the main game screen → , then click on social, the last option on the bottom menu. Here you can easily connect the Facebook account with the game account.  

Tips and Tricks:

All the tips I have shared in this section of the article are authentic ones. I always play the game by myself and grab the guidelines from the expert players before writing this article to make sure our visitors get authentic and genuine information from here. Moreover, these tips will help you to dodge the most common mistakes of the game, which unintentionally most players do, and slow down the level-up speed of the game. 

  1. My first tip to all of you is that never play this game with horizon tilt because it will cause neck pain and reduce your focus on the game. So, to switch off the option, go to the settings menu → Controls → and disable the horizon tilt option, available at the bottom of the screen. 
  2. While racing, some blue bottles would appear on the screen, never forget to grab them, these are the nitro bottles. It will increase the speed of the car instantly, so you can easily leave behind the others.
  3. Apart from the nitro bottles, at the top of the screen a nitro bar is also present that automatically increases. Always use it before it reaches the maximum value else, the nitro would get wasted.
  4. At the start of the game, every player has to describe their gender and enter the correct age. Also, never forget to allow the push notification and some other permissions, so you get to know all about it timely. 
  5. The basic tutorial is pretty important to avail, here you got to know all about the controls and other essential information about it. 
  6. Never forget to connect the game to the social media account to acquire the gifts, also it will save your performance so you can easily resume it anytime.


Asphalt Nitro game is online or offline Game?

If a partially online game, players can race and enjoy some basic features of it without the internet connection. 

Does the game safe from malware issues?

Yes, it is entirely safe from any sort of threatening issue. Our team personally check all the APK file before uploading them on the website, so, without any being worried, enjoy the best racing experience on your Android phone. 

Final Words:

Asphalt series always counted on the top whenever we talk about the best car racing game, you have listened about Asphalt 8 game and other of its series, but this Asphalt Nitro Hack APK is on the top due to its unique features, which I have thoroughly explained in this article, and modern car collection. As it is the mod version of the game, so it makes things easily accessible for you, which is very hard to come by in the original version. Also, in case of any issue regarding this game, mention it in the comment section.



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