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Among Us MOD APK game depicts the area of a spaceship where a group of astronauts is stuck and trying to find a way out to Earth. With exciting gameplay, fabulous graphics, and a bunch of missions make this game so popular among the population. The game focuses more on intelligence and strategy building rather than just fighting skills. Also, to play this game players have to participate in groups, not individually. 

Just like in a real space station, in this game, every place is available. The makes of the game have done their work quite professionally. You would get a security room, electric backup and maintenance room, Bedrooms, lobby, in fact, each and every place that is essential for a person to live. However, If you love to play space-related games then also try Spaceflight Simulator MOD APK

About Among Us MOD APK: 

The main theme of the game revolves around teamwork. We can also describe it as an educational game because it helps the players to build strong communication skills, understand the basics of team management and boost their confidence. There are majorly two teams that are participating in the game, the first one is your team where only humans exist and the other is the team of aliens, commonly known as imposters.

In this game, players have to pass numerous tasks/missions that are displayed on the upper left side of the screen. And on the other hand, the imposter’s group members infiltrate into the human group and try their best to kill everyone, one after the other. Therefore, at this point, it is best to build a strong strategy by communicating with the other members of your group. 

Different Ways to Find the Imposter:

among us mod apk Image

The interesting thing about the game is that no one knows who the enemy is, everyone looks quite the same. But no need to worry, the best way to capture the enemy is by checking everyone’s activity, players can take help from the cameras available in the game, and the one who seems suspicious to you is your target. 

Imposters are not the crew members so to hide the identity they are faking the tasks. Therefore, when the game starts, if any player from the crew is trying to complete the power divert task, that player is 100% the imposter. Try to kill him as soon as possible. Also, always be aware of the attack, imposters can appear at any place. 

Also, if the game starts with the upload task and you see someone is trying to complete the task in the admin room that is the imposter. Because at that time the file hasn’t been downloaded, so he is definitely faking the task. Try to seize him at that point. 

Keep in mind that there are five file downloaded locations present in the whole area, Communication room, Cafeteria, Weapons room, Navigation area, and Electrical room. However, to upload the file there is only one location exists and that is inside the admin room. You might find it hard to remember so many things, but believe me, after playing it a week or two everything is automatically at your fingertips.

Features of Among Us MOD APK:

Everything Unlocked:

To make things simple for you, we are providing you with the hacked version of the game. Although it is quite the same as the original version, which is available on the play store, along with many other features that are hard to find in the original version. Just like Little Big City MOD APK, we unlocked almost all the items and rooms for players in this version, so from now on, you don’t have to wait for passing the levels to unlock the things, everything is just one touch away.

Availability of Imposter Mode:

In Among Us MOD APK players can pick the role of the imposter. So, from now on you can infiltrate the other crew members and kill any member of the astronauts you like. Apart from that in this version, we have unlocked the premium level map, robust skin, and many other things that will definitely increase your interest in it. 

Hundreds of Tasks to Solve:

In this game, players got a bunch of missions to solve where some are really small like removing the garbage and swiping the card in the machine, while others are quite time-consuming, required robust strategy and proper team management to complete. I am damn sure you haven’t seen such a diverse game in your whole life. 

Behind the Wall Hack:

Although maps show the presence of other players along with their exact location, examining them is not possible through it. That is the reason we provide you the wall cheat where you can easily watch through the wall and make yourself attentive to attack the imposter before it is too late. One utmost important thing to remember is that retaliation can never be the option in this game, the one who attacks first is the winner. So, try to be the winner with the help of this hack rather than the victim. 

Tips and Tricks of Among Us Hacked APK:

If you desperately want to play this game like a pro player, this section is entirely dedicated to you. Yes, you read it right. So, read all the points carefully and try to implement all of these, I am damn sure you would get good results. 

  1. If you are a newbie keep in mind that the protagonist must kill over and over again, but soon after some experience and understanding of the game, you would be able to overcome any difficult situation that comes on your way.
  2. Never forget to take help from the admin map that is available on the upper right side of the screen. It provides you the information about every area along with the items available in it. With the help of this map, you can easily plus swiftly complete the tasks. 
  3. Apart from the presence of the item, maps also help the player to get to know the exact location of other players along with the information of who is being killed. So, in this way you can obtain the information of all the members of the game quite easily. 
  4. While attacking if you ever disturb due to the voice of the microphone there is an option present in the game to mute it temporarily, use it. 
  5. Whenever you pass the security room, beware of the electric wires. Most of the protagonists of the game kill due to unawareness of that place. 
  6. At the last corner of the security room, you get a vent, it is the best place to hide for a time being, no one can guess your presence there. So, once the other players go from that place you can safely vent out. 
  7. To overcome the delay in card swiping take the card and swipe it consecutively 3 to 4 times. 


How to get the Among Us game MOD’s features?

To get the features of the game all you have to do is install the APK file into your Android or IOS phone. Every mod feature is already available in the file. Also, our files don’t require rooting of the device you can easily get the game without doing any extra step. 

Is Among Us MOD APK is safe to download?

Yes, 100% safe. It is the most common question and almost everyone is asking about it. I am assuring you that our team has checked this version and there is no malware problem present in it. So, enjoy the game without worrying about your privacy and security. 

Final Words:

Download Among Us MOD APK for Android and enjoy the best gameplay with your friends and family. Due to its group task, if any member of the crew is weak others can protect him, it is not essential that every one of the group must be a pro player. Therefore, you can enjoy the game with anyone you like.

In this article I have mentioned almost every piece of information about the game pretty much thoroughly, however, if you still feel anything is missing here, mention it in the comment section, we will add it and update the article. Also, we encourage the participation of everyone in the game, so, be a part of our gaming community and enjoy the latest free mod versions of games and apps. 



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