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Age of Apes is an exciting strategy genre gaming app that was published by tap4fun. It is a pretty interesting game where instead of controlling a person as the protagonist you will enjoy playing with animals, especially monkeys. This game unlocks the door of crazy adventure which will keep you entertained and make the gameplay pretty interesting. Also, you are able to experience an animal’s life virtually in this version. 

If you see the download figures on Google Play Store then you get to know that this one has been downloaded more than 5 Million times from that single platform. So, if you include all third party downloading platforms like our website, then the estimated download figure is around 8 to 9 million. Also, the developers keep updating this version to introduce new features, and the version available on this site is the latest one having everything unlocked in it.

Basic Information:

Game NameAge of Apes
Size844 MB
Requirements5.0 and up
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money, Gems

About Age of Apes MOD APK:

The storyline is pretty interesting, the game depicts the time when there is no human left in this world. And now it becomes an Apes colony, where they can do every sort of thing. You might have heard the stories about animals ruling in your childhood from grandma or in movies. But now you can enjoy and experience it virtually by using just your Android phone. 

In the beginning, you are one of the monkeys of your clan and your role is only to bring changes and new techniques to survive. Fight for the food because it is important for survival and you have pretty short stock left. And the best way to get the food you can launch rockets on different planets and get the food. The food apes eat is bananas, so try your best to arrange it as much as you can. 

Build Communities

Apart from the arrangement of food you also have to become a leader as well. There are many other tribes of apes in this world and they are good ones. So, you have to fight for your own survival with other monkey communities as well or they will attack and eradicate you. So, start building your community of apes, also, never forget to build strong strategies in it because it is a strategy genre game, so by only robust strategies you will win the battles. 

Another interesting feature of this game is the initial tutorial where you get an explanation about everything about this game. Read all the guidelines and information that appears on the screen and avoid skipping any part of it then you will be able to understand it fully. Remember that you start with pretty small settlements where few buildings exist, however, as you move ahead your area will start expanding. 

Eat Banana To Grow


Build a Clan:

Build a clan for yourself, train your clan, and try to lead them in the best way possible. To achieve all this, you must be the dominant and strongest one in the clan so work on everything; your fighting skills, leading capabilities, training techniques, and different strategies when in war. 

Fight with Other Clans:

Once your clan has been trained and you have a complete idea about how well your group can fight. Go into the battlefield with another clan of monkeys. This would help you learn all the things which are compulsory for your survival and in case you win, you can get a reward in the form of coins or gems through which you can upgrade various things. Moreover, another benefit of fighting with other clans is that you can even steal their precious items and keep them in your possession to make the game even more exciting. 

Banana Fights

Daily Quests and Events:

To win additional rewards the feature of quests and events are available in this game, where you can play along or against with other players. This feature makes the gameplay pretty interesting and the best thing is that every day when you log in you will see new quests, so this keeps changing quests never gets you bored at any point. Keep in mind that these events offer unique challenges & rewards and it is a great way to keep players engaged in the game. 

What is the Age of Apes MOD APK?

We offer you the mod version and this is an app where players get unlimited benefits and advantages with this help they can excel in the game in no time and be ahead of other players. 

Interesting Fights

Unlimited Gems:

You can’t deny that gems are the utmost important thing in this game. Gems are the currency of the game that you can use either in time of need or to just upgrade the weapons with which you fight. Owing to these gems you are able to unlock survival kits as well. In the original version you won’t be able to get these gems for free. You have to work hard, complete the missions, and win the fights to finally have them, or if not that, then you can simply buy these gems by using real money. But this is not happening in this MOD version, you get unlimited gems without having to do anything and that too for free.


Q: Is there an offline mode for this game?

A: Yes, you can play the game offline too but playing offline would not save the progress permanently. 

Q: Is it safe to download the MOD version of Age of Apes?

A: Yes, it’s completely safe to download the MOD version of this app as far as you are downloading the app from the link that we have mentioned on this page. 

Clear Stages to conquer

Final Words:

Looking for an exciting gaming adventure that introduces a new concept to the players? Go for the Age of Apes MOD APK. This incredible game not only has introduced a whole new concept of ‘living as an animal’ but has also incorporated new and unique features which never let the game become boring. Also, try Hill Climb Racing 2 MOD APK.

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